White Seats

White Seats

I just ordered a 75D Model X (trading in my P85D model S).. I ordered them with white seats but I have a few days I could change it. My gf expressed concerns that it would show scratches easily etc. For anyone that has the white seats what is your experience? Would you do it again?

Tropopause | 23 august 2017

I don't think it matters anymore now that all the premium seats use the same polyuerethane fabrics. Just a matter a color differences.

ken | 23 august 2017

i have white seat for 14 months, 66k miles, love it and will ordering white seat again in M3, i have sharpee mark on it and it clean out easily. i was surprise too.

cmbarclay | 23 august 2017

I am doing it again with my M3 they are the best.

cica3838 | 23 august 2017

Will do it again.

JA_AutoSpa | 31 august 2017

Having a protective coating applied to the leather will prevent against stains and dye transfer, perfect for lighter colored interiors.

somone_named_mike | 22 oktober 2017

I'm in the same predicament. Just ordered an X with the white seats with carbon fiber and on the fence to change it to black. After we ordered, we checked out the X in the showroom and it had marks which were clear to see. I'd hate to own this X and have to deal with any marks or stains that can't be removed. Any long time owners with white seat have any good/bad experience?

Peanut01 | 22 oktober 2017

For some reason, the white seats seem a lot softer than the black vegan premium seats.

tommyalexandersb | 23 oktober 2017

Picked up my 90D, white seats about 9 months ago. I baby my car, but it hasn’t stopped passengers from getting stains on them, and my pants stain the driver seat over weeks of driving. Fortunately almost all stains have been easy to remove with just water and a white microfiber rag. The toughest stain I had was a yellow sap or something that wouldn’t come out, not even with the degreaser spray I keep in the trunk for emergency spills. For a last resort o used bleach on a damp cloth, the stains came right out, then I wiped off the bleached areas with water and there was no damage to the seats.

Bottom line, I live my white seats, but I would never take a dog in my car or anything that could tear the seats, and I don’t even like children sitting in my car.

nrelia | 24 oktober 2017

I have white seats in my 100 D Model X and have put 11.5K miles on it. Would absolutely go with nothing but white. Bored of black/beige interiors. White looks so pure and cool. Does not get hot. Has held up extremely well and looks just as did on day one. personally for me a no brainier and one of my favorite things amongst many

Madatgascar | 24 oktober 2017

We’re in for 18 months and over 25,000 miles on white seats and they still look great. Blood, pen, dirt and various drinks have mopped up with no problems and the white seats get more compliments than any other aspect of the car. I’m definitely waiting for the white interior on Model 3.

lecompte | 24 oktober 2017

Do the (no longer available) ventilated/perforated white premium seats differ in durability vs. the now offered non-ventilated premium white seats?

thomamike | 25 oktober 2017

I own a construction company, out all day in and out of the car and the white looks like the day I got the car. My previous car, not named brand but was an X6, got dirty the first week and never could get it clean, mu blue jeans left blue on the white. No such problem in the Model X. :)

mzero | 25 oktober 2017

The left ‘cheek’ of my driver seat is a big dull. Seems like jeans have been rubbing similarly to Bjorn’s X as seen here at ~0:35 mark, but it’s not as bad. I’m a little worried that it will become worse over time.

Would you use Mr Clean Magic Eraser for this?

henrylata6 | 25 oktober 2017

My X has the white seats, which I luckily switched to on the seventh day after ordering. I have no regrets and now that they are all made of the same super soft and durable material, it is just a matter of preference. If you have kids, I’d opt for black or tan.

dwulff | 26 oktober 2017

My white seats still look brand new (10,000 miles, 3 children, 6 seat model X). Best car ever!

stever | 13 november 2017

White seats seem good, they are amazing looking - But I'm allergic to them (and cream also) - Unable to enjoy my X P100D and selling/trading - have been trying to get Tesla to swap vehicles since 2nd week of ownership..

I'd recommend an overnight test drive before you sign on the line, in case you are allergic - But it seems to be just me - Others don't seem to experience it (I have no known allergies, so it's very odd).

inconel | 14 november 2017

Are you going to the textile black seats?
I believe all the other seats are of the same vegan material.

Model - X | 14 november 2017

They are so bright and not as comfortable as the black seats.

tommyalexandersb | 16 november 2017

My detailer and XPEL guy also applied a coat to protect my seats. You can find him here if you’re anywhere near Santa Barbara or LA. And his Instagram is @colbernsdetailing. I highly recommend him for seat and paint protection!