Yellow band along borders of touchscreen

Yellow band along borders of touchscreen

I got my car in January of this year and the main screen has developed a yellow band along the top and two sides that is visible in the daytime but not in night mode. It is very uniform in width. Rebooting did not make a difference.

A web search does not show any reports of this and I'm wondering if any of the owners here have had this happen to their cars.


triccobene | 20 december 2018

Seems to be very mixed messages from Tesla on this one. The yellow band showed up on my May 2017 90D last week, and I called service about it. They were not aware that some service centers were telling people that the touchscreen couldn't be replaced until a permanent fix was found, and scheduled the mobile team to come out and replace mine in January. I'd hate to have it done again if the replacement has the same issue, but they didn't seem to know anything about owners with multiple replacements, so they couldn't tell me if a better solution would be forthcoming.

mac_slvr60 | 20 december 2018

I scheduled (about a month ago) to have my screen replaced for the second time for this issue - at the Burbank, CA service center. In line with what some others were told, I received a call the other day from service to confirm my appointment and inform me that Tesla is developing a new screen so that this issue doesn't recur. They actually canceled the replacement this time and said to hang tight until the new units are ready (estimated to be summer of next year - we'll see). As long as it properly resolves the issue, I'm happy to wait since the banding does not affect functionality. I did ask if it will be a problem if my car is out of warranty by the time the new screens are ready. The rep (not very confidently) said it shouldn't be a problem - that's my only real concern with the issue.

BPSoCal | 20 december 2018

@mac - I'd prefer that in writing from someone at Tesla - initiate the issue online to get an email trail going.

bbdzet | 7 januar 2019

Dec. 2016 delivered MS
Screen showing yellow strips down the sides this weekend.

venkatbitla1 | 7 januar 2019

SC replaced MCU twice on my 2017 S..

Scoobydoo_nz | 16 januar 2019

New Zealand New model S P100D 2017 with Yellow banding on the screen here. I've been waiting 4+ months for a new screen and now they tell me that it's a fault with all units and replacement units will also fail. They say I have to wait until they have a permanent fix as replacing now will likely end up with the same fault down the track.

If this is correct then that means all screens will fail in this way?

triccobene | 17 januar 2019

@Scoobydoo_nz, I was told something similar. The yellow banding showed up on my May 2017 MS 90D in December, and I called service to schedule an appointment. I specifically told them that there were reports about the banding reoccurring with replacements, but they said they didn't know anything about that and scheduled the mobile team to come out to replace it. They came last week, and the first thing the tech told me was that he can replace it, but it will happen again. He said a solution has been identified, but not rolled out yet, and he didn't have any information on the timing. There was no point in having him replace the current screen with one that would have the same problem, so he said he will leave the issue open, and I should be contacted when the new screens are available.

Passion2Fly | 9 februar 2019

I just got the yellow band on my 2018 S75D. Darn...

thomaslee731 | 12 februar 2019

I last my two weeks ago on my 2017 Dec S75D =(

darylsmith | 13 februar 2019

I have the exact same issue on my 2017 Tesla Model X 100d

darylsmith | 13 februar 2019

I have the exact same issue on my 2017 Tesla Model X 100d

mrjedistud | 13 februar 2019

I have a 2013 MS. My touchscreen developed bubbles in it so they replaced it summer of 2017. Since then I recently had the yellow borders develop. My original screen was 4 years old and did not have this problem. The new screen is 1.5 years old and had the yellow. I think its a bad batch. Tesla told me that they are aware of this issue and suggested I wait till a permanent solution is found. If I replace now, I'll just get another yellow screen in a year. I asked my SC if it was he adhesive (which was sited as the problem on certain forums) and they told me its hardware and software. I can't believe that software would cause this.

elwin.boes | 12 marts 2019

More interesting is when the new design will be available? My car is just 7 months old and it has those yellow bands. SeC cant answer the question. And the screen seems to get worse.

Craig1965 | 12 marts 2019

I talked to Tesla today. The screens were made with glue around the borders that when exposed to humidity/water will turn yellow and give you that picture frame. They are currently getting a new screen manufacturer or part and will be replacing screens when the defect is gone. No sense in getting a new screen now, it will do the same thing. Estimates are spring/summer.

Tropopause | 12 marts 2019

Still waiting.

BPSoCal | 12 marts 2019

I was told at the service center they’re not replacing them because the screens they have also yellow. We all have to wait until they manufacture new screens I guess...

Kapi_Dhwaja | 17 marts 2019

I bought a CPO 2016 90D and the delivery specialist did indicate that the yellow banding is a known issue at Tesla and they are providing a fix. The fix is essentially to replace the cluster screen. I honestly can’t notice it and it isn’t a big deal for me.

garyjtate | 17 marts 2019

Sun reflection? | 17 marts 2019

@garyjtate - Nope - likely a yellowing of an adhesive arround the display from UV. My guess it's the supplier's issue (LG?) and Tesla is waiting for the supplier to fix the design. Display testing may take a while to confirm it's really fixed (or not) before Tesla rolls out replacements. The yellowing doesn't affect actual use - just slightly annoying.

jim.brewer | 10 april 2019

I made a service center appointment after this issue appeared on my 10-month old Model S. They cancelled my appointment and sent me a text message that replacement screens won't be available until summer. They didn't say anything about following up with me once the screens are available, so I guess the onus is on me to make another appointment come 'summer'.

plugzin | 10 april 2019

Jim, your assessment is pretty much on the mark. If you are close to warranty expiration, make sure Tesla documents the problem now, so you can still qualify for no cost fix later.

GEMs | 11 april 2019

Known problem. I had my screen replaced once but problem came back about a month later. Engineers are working on a fix. They will not replace main screen for this problem until they find a solution.

Viridian | 19 april 2019

I also received the same message many have been getting lately. The rep said that it's a known issue:

"Tesla is aware of the yellow borders of the touchscreen and are working on a fix for this issue. At this time, there is no released fix for this..."

Just gotta wait. It doesn't affect anything but aesthetics so no big deal to me.

cmichael | 21 april 2019

@Viridian "It doesn't affect anything but aesthetics so no big deal to me." I have to disagree. If anyone affected with the yellow band screen wants to sell or trade their S or X, it is going to have a negative financial effect. If you were buying a S or X with an affected screen, wouldn't you want a discount?

Plus it's kind of embarrassing to have the yellow band on the main screen even if you do not want to sell or trade when you have family or friends in the vehicle, knowing you cannot due anything but wait, in my case over a year.


bbdzet | 24 april 2019

Seems to be the same story everywhere.
Was told six months ago that they will contact me when they have a replacement fix?
Maybe six more months?
Maybe six more years?

dougk71 | 24 april 2019

I and many others have this issue. If you like yellow borders this is what Microsoft would call a free feature. To the majority it is a bug and needs fixing. Maybe an upgrade to HW3.0 will fix it?

SoCal Buzz | 24 april 2019

My local Ranger contact said he heard that new screens were just starting to come in. So hopefully a solution is close. | 24 april 2019

@dougk71 - Bugs are normally associated with software. This is a problem in the screen made by LG, not a software issue. Also upgrade to HW3 changes the AP processor - nothing to do with the MCU or display. I sense a lot of confusion over MCU and HW (in others as well as you). I wrote this up a week ago to explain what these do and the various versions:

I hope it helps.

dougk71 | 24 april 2019

I have a Dec 2018 100D ver 2019.12 software and it has just developed the yellow border. Bugs are usually associated with software but as you probably know the first bug was a real dead bug that messed up hardware not software. I suspected HW3.0 might not work with HW2.5 screens so HW3 would involve a screen swap but thank you , now I know the old screen works with the latest HW3

Rogerfor | 24 april 2019

I have a 2018 MS100D purchased 9/2018 and it just developed a yellow band along the sides and bottom edge of the touchscreen , will contact service center for a remedy.

garyjtate | 25 april 2019

Thanks for the info on hardware/processors. Bookmarked

garyjtate | 25 april 2019

“This is a known issue, we are working on a resolution that is expected sometime this summer. At this time we are not replacing the screens as the issue will likely reoccur.“

From Tesla support

egonzo21 | 25 april 2019

2013 60, 2nd MCU just saw the dreaded yellow I'll be waiting as well..... Question, is it beneficial to notify the SC/support that this is an issue with your car? Or just wait?


egonzo21 | 25 april 2019

I called service center just said to make an appt that they are currently ordering the new replacement screens. Just FYI.

diamonds2 | 25 april 2019

I guy over at TMC forum says that he's had a yellow border screen replacement installed this week. He posted a partial scan of his receipt. It shows a part number of: SX-MCU SUB-ASY (1084333-00-C)

farhinaki | 29 april 2019

I got a 2018 Model S in Jan 2019 and it has the same yellow band around the screen. My car seems to have a whole lot of issues - from screen freezing and going black to rear camera screen going blank most days. I have contacted Tesla service over and over and have gotten no resolution to my issues. I don't know how you guys get things fixed, but my experience with Tesla Service has been terrible. Feels like they want to sell you a car and then don't want to fix the problems | 29 april 2019

@farhinaki - Others with similar problems have said v12.1 seems to solve most/all issues you are reporting, except yellow band. Starting to roll out now, but it could be 3-6 weeks before everyone gets this update (I haven't gotten it myself yet). Service really can't fix a software issue -it has to come from corporate via a download we all get.

Fix is reported to be coming this summer from the display vendor LG (it's not software). They will have to replace the display once new parts arrive.

dougk71 | 29 april 2019

S100D 2018 SW 12. has yellow border. Called service to get my name on the list for notification when replacement is available.

thomaslee731 | 9 maj 2019

a youtuber just posted a video on how they replaced the screen with yellow border. the fix is here (finally)

egonzo21 | 10 maj 2019

It indeed appears the fix is in.....................the Mobile Service Team reached out to me letting me know the new screens are in stock and they will be coming by to replace mine on Sunday due to the yellow border.

Tropopause | 10 maj 2019

Glad to hear the fix is in. I let my SvC know about this and hope they can fix my yellow screen since my car is in for a new MCU now.

bds23scr | 10 maj 2019

My screen on 4 month old late 2018 Model S has the issue. Service center says Tesla are looking for a replacement screen.

BCCA | 10 maj 2019

Members at Tesla Motors Club are reporting Tesla is now not replacing yellowing screens for free under warranty. They will replace if you pay or if your screen is broken. Tesla claims a software fix is in the works.

diamonds2 | 10 maj 2019

@BCCA: Yup I saw that, I'm not happy if it's true. On the other hand, a number of TMC posters have stated that they have recently received the replacements that they were promised.

BCCA | 10 maj 2019

@diamonds2: I am not happy with this too. I was at the service center in Jan to fix yellowing screen. I was told at that time that a new screen was being worked on and they would replace my screen when the new screen becomes available. Hope that is still true.

Chunky Jr. | 15 maj 2019

I just had a mobile service done to replace my 12v battery, and immediately after the service my touch screen developed the dreaded yellow border. I don't think it is a coincidence. I have read on TMC that exposing the MCU to sunlight/heat can cause this. perhaps the mobile service in my driveway allowed too much direct sunlight onto the back of MCU

Chunky Jr. | 15 maj 2019

The mobile service also updated my firmware to the latest, so not sure if the firmware could have caused the yellow band

GEMs | 15 maj 2019

Known issue. Fix has been found. My screen was just replaced because it had same issue with yelloe band. | 15 maj 2019

@Chunky - The yellow band develops slowly over many months/years. Your service did nothing to change this, but often it is unnoticed until pointed out or looked for, then it "appears". It was there before service. I also suspect it is UV related, but it has never been verified by Tesla.

schmitt1 | 15 maj 2019

I am happy to report that Tesla replaced the MCU on my MS (June 2017 build) on 5/13/19. I had noticed the yellow band early this year and appreciate the many comments on the forum. I reported the yellow band when I scheduled my car for its 25K mile service with the SC.

The SC staff advised that Tesla is "currently planning on releasing a screen revision in early summer that will take care of this issue. We recommend waiting until that revision comes out to replace the screen instead of replacing now with the same revision as this issue can just happen again. Tesla notes this repair line as a documentation so we can replace the screen at a later date under warranty."

The SC followed up a few weeks later and arranged for a mobile service tech to come to my home to replace the MCU which was completed in about an hour. Part number listed on the service report was SX-MCU SUB-ASY, SHIP. OGS DSPLY(1084333-00-C). No charge since it was covered under warranty.

Very satisfied with the MCU replacement and the SC follow up. Grin on as well.