Getting service in Vermont

Getting service in Vermont

Hi all. So my only trepidation about owning a tesla is the distance to a service center. I suppose we are a while away from telling the car to go by itself, so will owning this car be realistic? As it stands, the closest dealer for my Audi is in MA, about 1.5 hours away. This is a hassle. If tesla will only be in big population centers, I can see Boston and NYC. How does this currently work?


ReD eXiLe ms us | 24 september 2017

Hmmm... 1-1/2 hours is maybe 90 miles, 120 miles? There are Tesla owners who have reported their nearest Service Center was 400 miles away and had no problems with getting service. Typically, Tesla would send someone to them. Early on, someone said Tesla actually flew a technician in to look at their cars. There was once a completely free Tesla Ranger Service for warranty concerns. A new Roving Service has since been implemented that takes care of cars in a given regional area on a regular basis.

Tesla is currently involved in a Federal Suit against Regulators and Officials of the Great State of Michigan that when decided in their favor next year should allow them to greatly expand their Sales and Service presence throughout the United States.

Don't worry about it.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 24 september 2017
Tâm | 24 september 2017


It is not as convenient but people have been doing it.

It's illegal for Tesla to give test drives in Michigan so about 400 Michigan owners do that for them.

Central Valley California's nearest Tesla Store/Service is about 200 miles away in all directions and there are quite a few of Tesla owners there already.

Tesla does cover free tow to up 500 miles during warranty period (I assume the distance is for legal states like California, but it should cover more for illegal states like Michigan...)