16 stall!!! supercharger in Manchester, CT

16 stall!!! supercharger in Manchester, CT

Just learned from one of our club members (Tesla Owners - Connecticut) and saw it with my own eyes, there is a 16, yes 16 stall supercharger site currently being built in Manchester CT. It is right off RT 84 and is a real easy on and off. This has not been listed on Tesla SC page as a future site nor was it on the site.
As for the lack of it being on Tesla's SC plans, there may be a reason. Currently there is an 8 stall site in West Hartford, yet they indicate that there will be another site in West Hartford. One of our Tesla Owners Club members reach out to Tesla and they said it was on their plan to be online by the end of 2017. So if they planned on having another site in West Hartford and then it would make no sense to add this one in Manchester, which is only 18 miles from West Hartford. So, I suspect they misplaced the gray dot. With this location, and the soon to be finished site in Danbury, RT 84 will be completely covered in CT for those traveling to MA. Danbury to West Hartford, 54 miles. West Hartford to Manchester, 15 miles and Manchester to Auburn, MA site 50 miles.
As for what is near by food wise. There are 2 burger places, Five Guys and Artisnal Burgers as well as a noodle place within a 2 min walk. Within a 5 min walk there is a Taco Bell and Boston Market. For those needing a serious nap, there is a Hampton Inn Suites.

sbeggs | 1 oktober 2017

Excellent post, for Supercharger Tips and Reviews!

Lubdub | 1 oktober 2017

check out It is on there already

jordanrichard | 2 oktober 2017

Lubdub, it wasn't there before I posted this. That member of ours even checked that site first before reaching out to Tesla directly and then me. It came as a complete shock to see it because there was no indication whatsoever that one was even planned for this location. Also if you look at the information on it lists it being 14 stalls, which is incorrect. I emailed the POC for the site informing them that I counted 11 charging stalls complete and 5 others awaiting the stalls themselves to be installed. Also there are 8 charger cabinets on site which confirms that there will be 16 charging stalls.

jordanrichard | 6 oktober 2017

UPDATE: Oct 6th

The site is done except for one small detail and that is the missing transformer. All the stalls are in place as well as the signage which simply says Tesla Vehicle Charging Only. What a sight it is to see 16 new chargers.

I will now being stopping by the site on a daily basis, looking for the trnsformer to be in place.

massimob30 | 6 oktober 2017

Great news. I drove by a 20 stall in Oxnard and it's a sight to behold. Same in Burbank too, it's like an ocean of free supercharging. A beautiful one at that.

scottperry | 6 december 2017

Anyone know when this will open? I just moved here and could really use this one to be open!

reed_lewis | 7 december 2017

@ scottperry - Do you not have charging in your garage?

jordanrichard | 7 december 2017

I check on this site everyday and still the lights are literal out. All of the stalls still have covers on them that have a large "T" and the words "Coming Soon". The transformer has been in place of over 2 weeks. No clue as to what the hold up is.

scottperry, where abouts are you located?

I head up the official Tesla Owners Club for CT, simply named Tesla Owners Connecticut. If you would like to join/be on the email list, email me at

scottperry | 18 december 2017

It's open!!!!

jordanrichard | 18 december 2017

Yes and no.

Officially it is not but functionally it is. I spoke with (xxxxx) extensively as he did his checks of the whole site. The power was finally turned on Friday by Eversource (local utility), but then (xxxx) had to do a series of checks and found that #5 was acting up to the point that he had to turn it off. This happened on Sat. The voltage coming off the grid while is technically within specs for Tesla, they are on the high side of what Tesla likes. So at some point Eversource will have to come back out to dial things down a bit.

While there I helped him test the stalls via using my car and his car to see how some of the stalls were charging.

Until it shows up on the car’s Nav, it is to officially open. Should you have any charging issues like erratic charging, don’t call Tesla about it. Nothing will happen to your car because it will protect itself. Now with that said, I have seen 3 cars charge there with no apparent issues and (xxxx) was able to get #5 working.

jordanrichard | 18 december 2017

I meant “until it shows up on the car’s nav, it is not officially open”

Tarla's Driver | 19 december 2017

If you really need to know if you can charge at a site that is not officially open yet, call Roadside Assistance, and they can tell you what they see on their end.

jordanrichard | 20 december 2017

Manchester is now officially open.

alexlchan | 20 december 2017

That's great, but when is Danbury goiing to open?