Top Speed and Acceleration

Top Speed and Acceleration

Hi. I have been a Tesla fan ever since the first roadster came out. Ever since then I have been researching many electric car companies. The most impressive of which is the Rimac's first all-electric $1M supercar the Concept One. Which uses a two-speed double-clutch gearbox. This enables it to have top speed and acceleration.

So my question is would Tesla consider using one in its new Roadster?

(Go to youtube and add this code to the end of the URL to see the video. It should automatically skip ahead to 11:14 in the video)

Let me know what you think. :)

lph | 19 november 2017

The new roadster does not need a two speed gearbox with 7000+ ft lbs torque.
It can be geared for 250+ mph and still have enough torque at the wheels to fry the tires at almost any speed below 150mph.