Poor customer service

Poor customer service

Has anyone else experienced this?: I am a Tesla loyalist and a proud owner of a Model X 100D. I wanted to explore the possibility of placing solar panels on my roof along with a power wall. Back in July I walked into my local (Dallas, TX) Tesla show room and consulted with the solar sales representative. I placed my $500 deposit and scheduled the home inspection, which took place in August. Everyone involved, sales rep and inspector, kept saying how ideal my home would be for this energy solution. It is now the middle of October and no one from Tesla/Solar City has reached back out to me to share the final plans of the project. I have communicated to all parties and nothing, not even a call, text or email. I have since voiced my concerns to the executive team stating my frustration, but again only an email stating that they are investigating the situation. All I want at this point is to have my $500 refunded as I expected that I would have received a follow-up consultation to discuss the final plan for my house. Just curious to know if this is just an isolated situation or if this is standard operating procedure when dealing with the solar division.

rainbowchildren... | 17 oktober 2017

i have had 2 powerwalls for over 4 months now and they still cant get things working correctly, not only that they have changed the story on how these things work from pre-installation to now and are still changing the narrative!
if you really want this TOY, make sure you get everything in writing (how your system will charge and discharge on different modes)
Another thing i dont like is how the want to control your system, we should be able to use it the way we want to and they should just monitor and repair. Instead they are controlling everything from how you charge and discharge and even the percentage of how much battery they will use.
i will keep you posted on changes but for now my system discharges on back up mode and they changed the setting from last week that i cant even fully charge my batteries now....

quann415 | 18 oktober 2017

Let me first say that I fully support Tesla and their mission/vision. My wife and I have two Model S's. I've had my Powerwall2 installed in May of this year. The battery was working properly for the first two months and then the cooling pump started to fail and the battery was replaced. Now, with the new battery, I cannot change the reservation level like I was able to with the original battery. The reservation level always stops at 60% no matter what level I try changing it to. I've opened a ticket with Powerwall support and the whole experience has been really a joke and is totally ludicrous. It has been 3 weeks and still not resolved. They're telling me that the configuration file is not being read so that's why the changes weren't being made. The issue has been escalated to the "software" engineering team. I'm in the industry working in IT and I can't imagine why its taking so long to fix a seemingly simple issue. I mean my old battery was working just fine and the replacement battery is just a simple swap. There are 3 main components to the Powerwall system...the battery, the gateway, and the software revision. Can't they just compare the setup with another working customer and come up with a delta? Up to this point, I've been bounced around from one support person to another and now apparently I have a "supervisor" working on my case. I've emailed him twice within the last week to get a status update and SILENCE. Not even a courtesy reply. I guess he has nothing new to say besides "the software team is working on it". This whole support experience has been an eye opener. I guess once they get your money, you're just dust in the wind to them. Perhaps this is SolarCity level of service and not truly Tesla. We've never had support issues with both of our cars. Elon, if you or your people are watching this forum, please help.

izorpo | 18 oktober 2017

Deposits for both out houses the day the started taking them.

Now I can't get a responce to any emails. Phone calls are no better. Sometimes they can't find a record of us even with an order number. Sometimes they stick me in a never ending phone tree of "on holds". Sometimes they actually hang up on me. Tesla bounces me to Solarcity, Solarcity bounces me back to Tesla.

While I would very much like to get roofs and double power walls on both of our properties I am very close to simply filing with my cc to recover the down payment.

Truly horrific CS. Not surprisingly this has completely soured us on switching over to Tesla cars as well.

nwfan | 30 oktober 2017

@Johntbarnett, I'm down the road in FTW. Started my solar adventure in Aug. Was assigned a Energy Consulant based out of Las Vegas. I did get designs finished an approved, oncor interconnect agreement, building permit,
switched to solar electric provider. Moved some money around to pay for project. Called for scheduling install,
and earliest Dec 27th, Which is not acceptable to me. On family vacation and asked for earlier install date,
Was told by at least 4 SC executives not possible. Often heard quoted to me all battery resources sent to PR.

I asked SC if my project started before Maria hit the island? Answer Yes. I then asked don't you take care of your customers 1st? Dead silence on the phone, Decided to go with a local installer, should have my system installed in about 1 week. I also drive a Tesla Model S. SC loss a 50k deal by not working with me,