This hiccup has me concerned.....

This hiccup has me concerned.....

I recently posted a thread about FOB issues. We had to take the car into service today because of numerous 'nuisance' issues which I will mention first - and one serious problem that the service center couldn't resolve. First the minor.

FOB isn't seen by the car. Car is slow to unlock. often when sitting in the car with the FOB the car says 'no fob present', even though the doors eventually unlocked. The auto-present stopped working.

TuneIn has stopped working, despite multiple soft resets.

Still getting wet under the FWD's when opened in the rain but to a poorly designed seal.

The front right proximity sensor keeps detecting objects when no objects are nearby. We've cleaned it off and it still repeats. SC could not duplicate.

Tire pressures give inconsistent warnings. let's say it's a cold morning. 3 tires show 38psi, 1 shows 37psi. The 37 shows amber. Ok, maybe 38 is the cutoff. pump up the 37 to 40 psi (because it's cold outside and i don't want to go to 45) and that one stays amber. hmmmm. so i adjust all the tires using a digital pressure gauge to make sure they are all at 40. Then the car shows 2 at 40 in white, one at 38 in white and one at 38 in amber with the low pressure warning. I get that it might not be the most accurate pressure sensing system - but if that's the case, loosen the software to allow for the 'slush' in the readings and not constantly ding the panel and flash warning symbols and text at you. and if two tires show the same pressure, but one is white and one is amber - which one is broken? Service center had no good explanation. just pumped them all up to 45 psi inside where it was warm and said good to go. I have my doubts. I'd almost rather have them disable the warnings if possible and i'll just monitor the pressures using my own equipment.

but now for the big one.

I don't know how to post an image on this forum - but while driving today on the highway the entire center display went blank and the collision alarm sounded without any car immediately in front of the X. I wasn't with my wife but she quickly took a picture to document it. We've had experiences were the service center said they believed us - but you could tell they didn't. So we now document. The car didn't stop or shut down and continued to drive - and she was able to pull over, call me and reboot.

But to have the dashboard go dark while doing 50mph is NOT good.

the SC didn't know what to do about that -but because of the picture which was timestamped they sent it off to the engineers to troubleshoot. In the meantime, their fix was to reinstall the software and tell us we're good to go.

This is of course 4 days before we drive 1600 miles round trip for thanksgiving vacation!

bob | 13 november 2017

for what it's worth... I agree with the SvC that this sounds like something corrupt in the operating system. It would be a valid concern if there is a hardware issue that is causing the software corruption. For instance a bad stick of RAM or bad flash memory in the system. The good news is a lot of this can be diagnosed remotely via the log files. I'd be on the phone with the SvC center to follow up if engineering in Palo Alto has given them any feedback. I'd also program the Roadside assistance number into your cell phone. Good Luck with the trip!

Redmiata98 | 14 november 2017

You will have to get used to software bugs. Thankfully, you will not have to return to the service center each time for fixes due to the over the air updates. Believe me when I say that the software guys DO test the updates before they are sent out. The main problem is that there are so many configuration variations and driver use differences, not to mention physical atmospheric differences to work with. Eventualy, the particular bug is squashed in an updaet and everything is back to normal. It is part of the price we pay for getting the most recent and best options on our vehicles. The engineers are eager to share their work but are tempered by the environment that their software must operate in.
For instance, there was a known problem with an update that deadlined the consistent use of Homelink. The workaround was to use your garage remote. The issue was not a safety or performance issue and it has been solved. Another time, my touchscreen would randomly go into a reboot cycle for 3 or 4 times and then operate normally for a day or so. While concerning and inconvenient, this was not a safety issue and was fixed in the next update. I made sure that I shared the anomally with the Tesla help line sonthry could monitor the problem. It helps to actually call them.
Your problem of the dash going dark with the crash warning is a potential safety issue which probably was solved with the reflash, only time will tell. I hope it was.
Did the screen just go dark, give the crash warning, reboot and then come back on? What model do you have? These details are helpful in sharing the irregularity with other forum members so that they can also provide input. This also helps the engineers know if it is an isolated one of a kind, applies to the whole fleet or only particular models.
Welcome to the Tesla grin, forum and comradere. You will not regret having made your purchase once you get past the initial interface. Enjoy your first long trip and know that the Tesla help line is only as far as your phone. There are many things that they can do remotely to help solve problems or explain the excentricities.

Starlifter | 14 november 2017


We've had our Model X just shy of one year, and really enjoy the car. The software issues you mention are something we've been prepared for and generally just roll with it. The nuisances are just that - minor, sometimes a bit irritating - but nothing to get in a twist over. The screen going dark however is concerning because as you said, it's a safety issue. I'm hopeful as well the fresh software install corrects it and that the engineers in freemont discover what caused it if it was beyond a corrupt OS. As for your questions,

Model X purchased Nov 2016, took Delivery mid Dec.

This happened with my wife alone driving so it's second hand, but it is her car and she's pretty savvy with it.
She said the screen just went black, then the crash warning went off. She pulled into the next parking lot and rebooted and was able to continue her trip that morning.

This will be our second long road trip. Last spring we did Pittsburgh - Wash DC - Boston - Buffalo - Pittsburgh. It was terrific. We're looking forward to the holiday. Now C'mon Beckley and get that SC up and running!

Solarman004 | 14 november 2017

@Starlifter, I don't know if this is the same as your case, but in 15 months, we have had 2 instances of the center console going dark while driving. We never had the collision warning go off which would be very disconcerting.
In one case the screen rebooted on its own. In the other, we did a thumbwheel reset while driving.
One thing we do, and I can't prove this helps, is after every new software/firmware update, I do a thumbwheel reset. We haven't had any issues for months now.

Starlifter | 14 november 2017


reset while driving? glad it worked! that's a good idea about a reset after every software update. thx!

Solarman004 | 14 november 2017

Yes, the thumb wheel reset will work while driving.

Model - X | 14 november 2017

The sensors detecting without anything being present is an issue since day one. The screen going blank is also something that happens randomly but has always been an issue. | 15 november 2017

@OP - Sorry for your problems. I can only add that the center console reboot (i.e. black screen) while driving is not a safety concern. You can even manually reboot the screen while driving. It does not affect steering, braking, motor power or other vehicle dynamics. They are all handled in a separate computer than is quite robust. Critical safety systems have mechanical backup (brakes and steering) - so if you lost all power (similar to a ICE car having an engine failure), the car can be steered and stopped.

Others have reported TuneIn problems, and it is assumed to be a software issue. New version at some point should fix it (unknown when).

To post a picture, you have to host it somewhere, and then include a link to the image. You can't upload it to this forum. Not sure a black center screen is all that useful though.

Redmiata98 | 15 november 2017

If the collision warning went off as part of the dash reboot, wouldn’t the brakes be also activated? If so, it might be a safety issue depending on traffic and intervals of vehicles.

joemar10 | 15 november 2017

Model X 100D delivered September 27th 2017. I was in Richmond yesterday doing some work for my daughter's company. It's about 90 miles from home and my other purpose for being there was to attend a meeting at the Tesla store pertaining to the VADA lawsuit pending in Virginia. After using the nav. system extensively, it all of a sudden stopped taking voice commands. The icon would pop up and immediately go away and the list of available commands would come up. I pulled over rebooted, and it fixed it. A few minutes later I started getting an electronic sounding warbling noise. I found that if that pushed the phone hang up control this noise would stop, only to start again about 30 seconds later. I had my phone plugged in charging and thought that may have something to do with it. After unplugging it the noise persisted. I rebooted again and it seemed to fix it for a while, but the same problem came back. Luckily I was able to use my phone GPS for the last couple of stops. I was heading to the Tesla store early anyway to try to top off my charge for my trip back home after the meeting. While they were moving one of their test drive cars from one of the chargers, I mentioned the problem I was having to the service rep. She immediately went in the back and talked to a technician. He came out and told me they had had a service cancellation and to pull my car in. He said he had heard of the problem on a few cars and didn't know if there was a fix yet. Anyway he did whatever technicians do to log it. This vehicle has 1100 miles on it. While it was there he did what was equivalent to a service call. Topped off the wiper fluid checked the tire pressure. Etc. He even scheduled me for the latest update which I downloaded this afternoon. I drove the car about 70 miles this morning and use the GPS several times. The problem has not come back. Tesla Rocks!!!

Starlifter | 15 november 2017

Appreciate all the other insight. As I read through my initial post I want to make sure of no confusion in my description. I'm talking about the center console going dark - not the display behind the steering wheel with the speedometer etc. The large display in the middle that has the map and controls. I wasn't sure if my initial post was clear or specific enough and I don't want to give anyone a false impression of what went wrong.

I did some more research into the collision alarm sounding. I think it was coincidental to the center console going dark. It happened again tonight while I was with my wife in the car and while there was a car in front of us - it was several lengths ahead and not slowing down. I'd be guessing as to the cause, so I won't. but it happened without anything going dark on the screens.

Uncle Paul | 17 november 2017

Recommended tire pressure for the X with 20" tires is 44 lbs. You were inflating to less than 90% of recommended.
Best to fill to 44lbs when cold.

Both my Mercedes and Tesla tend to throw a pressure warning the first time the ambient temps drop below normal. Usually I was running a couple lbs low, and the cold weather caused it to drop below the warning settings.

It is the Federal Government that is all over not allowing vehicles on the road with low pressures. Most service stations are mandated to check and top off tire pressures every time a vehicle comes into their shops. Not just tire stores, but also if you are in for an oil change. They are now also mandating that all vehicles come standard with automated tire pressure measuring.

Don't know much about your other stuff, but the couple times the display seemed flukey, I pressed both steering wheel buttons, and the display reset itself and self repaired. Think if you do that with the brake depressed at the same time it will refresh at an even deeper level.

This is for the center display.