Worth buying an inventory 'marketing' MX?

Worth buying an inventory 'marketing' MX?

I am a MS owner for 4+years and now looking to get a MX for my wife. Havent been to the forum for a while (my bad :( ), so pardon me if this is a FAQ.

We know exactly what custom options we want. Sales person said they have one in inventory that was used for 'marketing purposes'. Not sure what that means - perhaps a loaner vehicle or demo? anyone know?

He is offering $13K less!! He is nice and I am sure is trying to help us get the car quicker. But aside from the $13K (phew!), is it worth it or too good to be true? Anything I need to check up on? What is the current VIN for MX these days? Perhaps that will tell me how old it was?

any advice?

Thx in advance!

MelaniaFromBrentwood | 11 december 2017

Probably used it at the Semi and Roadster unveiling to do hundreds of high speed launches down the runway of Hawthorne Airport! That said, under warranty. Go for it!!

patswin | 12 december 2017

I went with an inventory mx and have been extremely pleased with it. Besides the discount, getting in two weeks was great ( that was hard enough ). I’m also assuming that if there were any issues with the car that they were identified and fixed before delivery as I had zero issues with it.

avesraggiana | 12 december 2017

Caveat Emptor.

Please take a moment to read the very recent post about a new owner who reluctantly took delivery of an inventory vehicle with known defects which were not corrected, and for which he did not receive a discount.

avesraggiana | 12 december 2017

The title of the Model X forum post is as follows:

"New delivery of TESLA Model X with repair requiring body repair, paint, new glass and trim."

keiki | 12 december 2017

I leased a MX last May. Fully loaded and no defects Exactly the color, battery, interior, etc. that were on my list. 2 week delivery was actually less than 7 days. Very Happy and will try to do it again for next Tesla.
My recommendation is to go over it with delivery specialist and love your new and discounted MX.
p.s. Mined had about 900 miles on it.

keiki | 12 december 2017

Also, it had NO issues with body and wheels. Looked and ran like new. Over $5000 discount.

elvnga | 12 december 2017

Getting an inventory car may make the difference on getting the tax incentive (I have not kept up with the news on that) if it goes away Jan1.

I saved 7,500 on my Model X with under 400 miles on it. Got it in three and a half weeks and was delivered to my office. Then they came to my house to orient me to the car and to detail it.

The only difference between the car I got and the one I would have designed at the time was an upgraded charger. Easily worth the savings. A few months later, I might have sprung for a seven seater after they had the option to fold down.

The service was fantastic and I would not hesitate to do it again. Well that is if I did not blow my car budget for the next decade or two on this one.

kenny | 12 december 2017

I ordered an inventory MX and take delivery on 12/14. Original delivery was delayed because they found an issue and replaced a pump. So far, the service I’m receiving is fantastic. Will let you know Thursday on delivery but I expect no issues.

kenny | 12 december 2017

BTW, my understanding is that the discount is a fixed formula: 1% per month since built + $1 per mile. You can guesstimate the model. My Vin has SN 60xxx I think they are at 72xxx for custom orders.

paul | 12 december 2017

I got an ex-demo MX.

- Cheaper (pretty good discount)
- Well kitted and almost exactly the car I wanted
- New car warranty (i.e. the 8 year warranty started from 0).
- Most of the minor flaws had been worked out.
- There were still a few minor flaws (tow bar didn't work, no air from one vent, left wiper fluid blocked...)
- The car had been driven *hard*. The long term average showed 500Wh/km (!) when I first took it for a test drive.

NomoDinos | 12 december 2017

arrow - I'm taking delivery of an inventory MX in a couple weeks, also turning in my MS coming off lease. Like Elvnga mentioned, I wanted to get the tax credit, and they also took around 10k off the price.

I have a couple friends and a colleague who bought inventory cars for convenience, and they have had no problems or complaints at all.

Gregg2353 | 14 december 2017

I just picked mine up yesterday. It has about 3,000 miles on it with an $11,000 discount. It is just like new. Everything works fine as far as I can tell and I also got some features that I probably would not have ordered, like the full leather seats, and the premium interior. I'm really glad it has them now. I would definitely recommend buying an inventory model!

I have wanted a Tesla since the roadster came out, but had to wait until now. I'm in my sixties and I am as excited about this car as I was when I bought my first car almost 50 years ago! This car is better than I expected. It is like driving the future! I couldn't be happier.

LTO2 | 14 december 2017

@Gregg2353: Feelin’ you, Good Sir.

In my early seventies, and took delivery of my Model X in July. Quite an experience. Told my wife just today how much I enjoy the X (as does she). I have no desire, whatsoever, to own and drive another ICE vehicle.

Welcome aboard...!

Triggerplz | 14 december 2017

@LT02 Young man I can relate to what you saying, Enjoy!!

Model - X | 14 december 2017

Inventory discounts have nothing to do with damage, they are computer generated due to the amount in time in service and mileage. You may get an additional discount for scratches and whatnot but that comes after the fact.

EGSF | 15 december 2017

I picked up my dealer demo/loaner MX P100DL with just under 5,000 miles on it. I got it in under 2 weeks. Dealer discount was $41,600 on a car with an MSRP of $173K. Obsdian Black, 22" Carbon Turbine Wheels with 6 seat tan leather seats. Lease payment ended up slightly less than a new 75D.

bbbrownjam | 15 december 2017

Vins for late October/ November orders are around 78000. I recently saw one that went over 80000.