Automatic Wipers Released?!

Automatic Wipers Released?!

Did I dream this or did I see someone post something on Facebook that there’s been an update today enabling automatic wipers in AP2+ cars? I can’t find it now and unsure if it were somehow fake news...

Just seems odd that they wouldn’t have simply included in one of the recent releases (hohoho etc)

Ohmster | 1 januar 2018

Hoping new year, major new features and improvements. Holiday fluff behind us. :)

S75 & X75D AP2.5 17.50.2. Grin on!

avesraggiana | 1 januar 2018

We may never know in Southern California. It hasn’t rained here in almost a year.

Flash | 1 januar 2018

I know I’m going to get slammed for this, since the automatic are high on everyone’s list and I get it, it was a promised feature that was missing.

While I’ve only driven in the rain a couple of times since delivery, I don’t miss the automatic wipers from my A6 and I think they worked well. The difference is the design and placement of the stalks. I think I’ve read on this forum the MS ones were made by Mercedes.

The wiper stalk on my Audi was on the right and were enabled by pushing the stalk up. In order to do a manual sweep, you had to push the stalk down. Disengaging the wipers.

With the MS, the stalk is on the left - the hand, at least for me, that is almost always on the wheel. Also, they are engaged with a twist and the manual sweep is done by pushing the button on the end. So having the wipers on and doing a manual sweep is not mutually exclusive.

This enables me to do a manual sweep periodically when the timed wiper delays aren’t quite fast enough but the next level is too fast. Which is something I needed to do periodically even with rain sensing wipers on my A6.

TLDR; I don’t think automatic wipers are a huge deal.

luckyj | 1 januar 2018
Anthony J. Parisio | 1 januar 2018

This is a happy start to the new year!

james | 1 januar 2018

It’s a huge (scratch that, ‘big’) deal as this will be the first car to do it without a rain sensor but also more importantly for me, it just seems embarrassing that a car that’s this expensive wouldn’t have them. I personally really like them :) each to their own though (you can use the ‘off’ option and I’ll use the ‘on’ ... assuming they’re any good hahaha)

Flash | 1 januar 2018

Oh, I’ll still use them when it thaws out. Just the stalk design makes them less important.

Ohmster | 1 januar 2018

Oh, my! How sweet. My wife’s bday gift (X) is in the garage. She hasn’t seen it yet. Now I don’t have to explain how her 6 figure car doesn’t have rain sensing wipers. Welcome 2018!

S75 & X75D AP2.5 17.50.2. Grin on!

kerryglittle | 1 januar 2018

I have automatic wipers in my AP1. Which is before AP2. Why in the world wouldn't they be on a newer version? Seems if its just a software thing it shouldn't be a problem carrying it over. Maybe I'm missing something here. :-/

SO | 1 januar 2018

AP1 has a dedicated rain sensor.

AP2 relies on cameras.

Flash | 1 januar 2018

@kerry in what some might view as an act of hubris, they decided not to put the rain sensor (I think it is an IR sensor) in the AP2 cars. They figured they could use the camera to detect rain. Turns out, writing the rain detection software was harder than they thought.

kerryglittle | 1 januar 2018

Ok thanks guys. I figured there was a logical explanation. I just didn't know the answer. Mine work great if that doesn't make people angry. LOL. With auto high beams and auto wipers and auto pilot I barely need to do anything. :-)

reed_lewis | 1 januar 2018

It saddens me when people post things like: "Well I do not need auto wipers, so why would anyone else??":

Just because you live where it never rains, does not mean that others experience that.

Here in awful New England, auto wipers are pretty much required and used all the time.

blacktape242 | 1 januar 2018

I don't think id want them coming on whilst in the car would that work

GHammer | 1 januar 2018

@aortner. You can still turn them off completely.

Flash | 1 januar 2018

It saddens me to see someone put words into another persons mouth and make up facts about another persons experiences.

I’m not sure where in New England you’re from so I just picked Boston as representative. From the usclimatedata, numbers are annual:

Boston avg rainfall: 43.56 inches
Columbus avg rainfall: 56.11 inches

Now, who has more rainfall? I guess the more than a foot of additional rain qualifies as living where it never rains.

Like I said, I understand why people want a promised feature. My comment was just that the stalks are so well designed that rain sensing wipers are not as necessary. And in my last 20 years experience with rain sensors, they are only a little bit better than intermittent and still require a manual sweep periodically.

reed_lewis | 1 januar 2018

@Flash - You may not think that auto wipers are useful, and while it may rain more or less in quantity where you are, there are many people who have auto wipers on other cars and find the totally useful.

While it may not always rain heavily, it does mist a lot, and when the weather warms up, wetness is 'kicked up' from the road and onto the windshield. A wipe every 30 or 45 seconds is adequate to clean it off, but the car should do it for me.

There are many features which to some people seem useless. Seat heaters to those in Arizona might seem useless, but here in New England, we swear by them. The heated windshield is also a great feature that we use all the time. In Arizona, not so much.

Bottom line, do not think that everyone shares your opinion on needed features.

TranzNDance | 1 januar 2018

I think that one doesn't need to have heavy rain to appreciate auto windshield wipers. In drought ridden Northern California, I tend to forget how to turn on the wipers.

wlhnlh | 1 januar 2018

Just got my update 2017.50.3 The long awaited auto-wipers are here and it is much appreciated from my perspective....

EVRider | 1 januar 2018

Anything else noteworthy in 2017.50.3?

reed_lewis | 1 januar 2018

Would love to get it here. But it will probably a long time before I get it. I always seem to be at the end of the update queue.

GHammer | 1 januar 2018

Do they work?

wlhnlh | 1 januar 2018

Nothing else notable that I can find and have not had time to test the wipers. New release notes simply talk about the auto wipers and reference the 'enhanced' easy entry where the seat and wheel adjusts after the release of the drivers seat belt.

TeslaKU | 1 januar 2018

Looks like AP2 now has the auto-wipers. Too bad it is freezing in most parts of the country, so a true sample of test feedback will take a while for us to see how well they work.

Thank you Tesla for not making me wait over a month for this update!

Asterix187 | 1 januar 2018

I live in England, not New England, and I can categorically say that we do need to use our windscreen wipers!

Infact, if the car could also detect smeared dirt on the screen and auto spray some more water on that would be great.

gowansd | 2 januar 2018

Out of curiosity, has anyone with an AP1 car received 50.3? That would be a tell as to whether there's anything else in the update, yes?

I have an AP1 car but have not received the update. Doesn't mean I won't, however...

inconel | 2 januar 2018

There could be bug fixes in 50.3, even for AP1 cars

avesraggiana | 2 januar 2018

Hey!!! The brand new auto wipers feature works, even here in bright and sunny Southern California where there’s not a cloud in the sky, and where, until a fortnight ago, we were on track to not seeing any rain for over two hundred days!

For no reason at all, my wiper blades took one full sweep of my windscreen, just as I was passing through a ray of sunlight and descending a darkening ramp into an underground car park.

Yay for me! And yay for Tesla, for getting the wipers to auto work even when they don’t need to!

Made in CA | 2 januar 2018

We have two AP1 2015 Model S's and neither has gotten the 2017.50.3 update. Just 2017.50.2.

JAD | 2 januar 2018

According to the firmware tracker

Looks like only AP2 cars get 50.3.

blacktape242 | 2 januar 2018

I received a software update this morning, but the install failed....ill just have to wait until its sent again to see whats in it.

TessyFla | 2 januar 2018

I got the new update last night, went through light then moderate rain and it worked well. Much improved. Also streaming has improved, no sticking. I’m very happy

Anthony J. Parisio | 3 januar 2018

Thanks, I just got my update but can't try it for a week.

Can anyone else confirm streaming issue is resolved?

PagemakersS75P3 | 3 januar 2018

Just installed 50.3 on my HW2 S.

True to form a few minutes after installing it started to rain (Manchester UK). I jumped in the car and drove for about 15 mins. It was light rain.

Pleased to report it seemed to work well. I prefer the less sensitive of ther 2 settings.

A point to note is sometimes it single wipes and sometimes it double wipes for what would be the same amount of rain. It almost goes 1, 2, 1, 2, 1 and so on. I didn’t rain hard enough to get them on continuously.

I don’t think the double wipe was really required, but apart from that no complaints.

reed_lewis | 3 januar 2018

I got the update on Jan 1, and have not been able to test it yet. With the weather here at 0 degrees F, it is too cold to rain.

But I look forward to being able to use it in the spring when it gets warmer.

Bighorn | 3 januar 2018

Snow should probably trigger it.

DRFLGD | 3 januar 2018

Will be installing it at 7:30 tonight. Can't wait.

Made in CA | 3 januar 2018

@Anthony - I think the streaming issue was resolved with 50.2. Both of our Model S's are on 50.2 and the streaming problems we were having prior to 50.2 are gone.

Ohmster | 3 januar 2018

I do not see how this is ‘incredible’....

Overdue and welcome? Certainly.

Bighorn | 3 januar 2018

Streaming was good initially on 50.2 but I had a lot of loading issues in FL. I think NKYTA suggested it may be geographic. Also may be how many users are sharing bandwidth because it fails when caching can’t keep up.

Bighorn | 3 januar 2018

A reboot also seemed to help with streaming.

EVRider | 3 januar 2018

I still have streaming issues with 50.2. Some days it works without errors, most days not so much. | 3 januar 2018

I'm convinced now that streaming issues are AT&T related, not Tesla software. Seems anyone that has a streaming problem has zero issues when connected via WiFi - although to be fair, few spend much time streaming on WiFi. I wonder if AT&T is throttling the network in some areas with low data capacity. I also don't remember anyone from Europe complaining about loading, but that's hard to judge as most don't state where they are from.

As a test in California, I've been streaming for the last 7 days, without a single loading error (maybe 12-14 hours of driving time). For me, the cellular signal has been mostly 2 bars, with some 4-5 bars and occasional 1 bar. Using 50.1 for this test, although prior .42 worked fine previous to this. I also tend to skip every third song or so after it's loaded (30 seconds or so) to force more loads.

steveg1701 | 3 januar 2018

I think the streaming problem got worse with 50.2

Really getting more and more irritated over this

Boonedocks | 3 januar 2018

Have one on 50.2 and one in 50.3. Both are still having streaming issues in Atlanta. One has Slacker Paid Premium tue other Tesla Slacker only. Both are black flawless in our garage on WiFi.

Agree w/TeslaTap’s assessment

jerrykham | 3 januar 2018

I was able to test the auto wipers this afternoon on a rainy day in the CA Bay Area. Now, I've never had a feature like this before on any of my previous cars. Before getting the Model S in late September this year I didn't even know any cars had this feature - my prior car was a 2005 Camry that I drove for 12 years.

I was very impressed with the auto wipers. My drive varied through no rain, mist kicked up by cars ahead of me, very light rain, light rain, to medium rain. In all of those the auto wipers did well. Sometimes 1 swipe, sometimes 2, stretches where it didn't need to do anything, to sometimes on near continuous. Well done Tesla!

stevenbshapiro | 3 januar 2018

I got the update, but nothing is different for me. The wipers started once i switched into automatic and kept going (no rain). ANyone else have this issue? I've tried rebooting.

roninhuy | 3 januar 2018

Nice feature, but not a big deal. What we need is to utilize on board cameras as dash cam.

miller.90 | 3 januar 2018

It was mentioned that the rain-sending wipers should also work in snow. I can confirm that to be true.
I still cannot fathom why it would take 15 months (!!) to program the wipers. I understand that it's trucker than programming for a dedicated rain sensor. My intuition tells me that the increased difficulty would justify a flat of a couple of weeks. But 15 months? Gimme a break. So curses on the software dudes for taking so long, but congratulations for finally coming through. The BETA status of the feature means that it's not fully baked, but it works pretty well.
I was also glad to see the addition of the Easy Entry feature. Like the rain-sensing wipers, this functionality has been around for years, even on mid-level cars, but unlike the wipers, i don't believe it was a feature that was promised beforehand. It's much appreciated by is big, tall, senior citizens.

TranzNDance | 3 januar 2018

I got the update installed this morning in time for a rainy day, and tried it for the evening commute. There wasn't active rain at that time but the wipers wiped off the day's rain on the windshield and they wiped off the water that sprayed up from the hood of the car while I drove.

It wasn't clear to me which was setting 1 vs 2 because the settings on the stalk were represented by dots of different gap sizes.