14-50 NEMA Charger Stops Working

14-50 NEMA Charger Stops Working

I hired a Tesla-certified electrician to install a 14-50 NEMA charging outlet about 20 months ago. Now it stops working. The electrician doesn't reply to my request to take a look at the charging outlet.
Has any of you who have the same charging outlet run into this problem?

reed_lewis | 10 januar 2018

If you have a volt meter, measure the voltage using this picture.

If it is correct, then the car adapter is not working correctly. If it is incorrect, then the outlet is bad.

But could it be as simple as a breaker that has tripped in your electric box?

oragne lovre | 10 januar 2018

I checked my electric box and the breaker didn't trip.
I'll buy a volt meter to measure the voltage outlet as you recommend.

leskchan | 10 januar 2018

You can also check your Tesla charger against the 120v outlet using the included 120 adapter.

reed_lewis | 10 januar 2018

@leskchan - You are correct! I would try that first. Plug the 120V adapter into a 120V outlet and see if the car charges.

If so then it is most likely the outlet. If not, then it is the charger. Also I would rule out the car by plugging the car into a publically available charger (either Tesla or J-1772 with the adapter). This way you can make sure the car is charging correctly.

But what is the light ring around the plug on the car showing?

Uncle Paul | 10 januar 2018

Tesla will test your charging cable for free to eliminate the possibility that it might be the problem,

Also check to see that the breaker has not tripped in your electrical box. Happens sometimes and can be mitigated by turning down your charging rate a bit on your display pane.

oragne lovre | 11 januar 2018

I've plugged in the 120V adapter and the car is charging. It is likely that my Tesla outlet is bad.

Tarla's Driver | 11 januar 2018

That sounds like it's 99% your 14-50 outlet. If you're comfortable doing so, turn of the circuit, open up the outlet, and see if a connection is loose. If there's nothing obvious, buy a replacement at your local hardware store (or online) and swap it out. If you're not comfortable doing that, call an electrician.

SCCRENDO | 11 januar 2018

The other problem could be the the connector/adaptor. If it is not seated correctly it won’t work. The older ones burnt out. The new ones are better. Try push it in snugly. If you know another owner nearby plug into their NEMA with your UMC or borrow their UMC to test your NEMA