Upgrade Battery from S60 to S75

Upgrade Battery from S60 to S75

Has any one upgraded to S75 from S60. I'm considering it but I was wondering if someone else went trough and if so what is the improvement you have noted? Power? Mileages? none.

Thank you!

reed_lewis | 23 januar 2018

The only increase is the range.

reed_lewis | 23 januar 2018

....Unless you get the car uncorked (if your car is eligible) then you get faster acceleration.

TeslaKenFL | 23 januar 2018

I am looking at this option also. It has two benefits: a range increase of approximately 40-50 miles and if your car was built in late 2016, then you can get your car "uncorked" at the service center, which will give you approximately 1 additional second in driving 0-60. From the videos, it appears that the unlock will happen in less than 3 minutes. I have also heard, but have not confirmed, that if you take your car to get serviced, Tesla will change your 60 tag on the back of your car to a 75 tag.

Bill_75D | 23 januar 2018

Tesla does change the car badge from 60 to 75.
Uncorking seems to be just for the D version.

TeslaKenFL | 24 januar 2018

The next question, but I suspect I know the answer, is whether Tesla will further decrease the price of the upgrade. From what I have read, it was originally approximately $10,000 and later dropped to approximately $5,000. Now it is at $2,000. I would hate to pay $2,000 only to learn that the price drops to $500 soon thereafter. :)

ckcland2 | 24 januar 2018

I just upgraded in October, was worth it for me. It was a bonus when I got it uncorked. IMHO I don't think the price to upgrade will drop any further.

rmnelson | 24 januar 2018

I upgraded my 60D when the price dropped to $2000. My worry was not that the price might go lower, but that Tesla might stop making it available at all. With no data to back me up I've assumed that the car is likely worth more as a 75D than as a 60D, and I wanted to lock that value in. When it was a 60 I charged to 100% for travel, now I limit my charge to 90%. So for me there was at most a mile or two additional range.

Subsequently I had the car uncorked when a Ranger dropped by to change the failing 12V. I don't drive hard, but again decided that I wanted to lock that option in while it was available rather than trying to explain why I hadn't accepted a free performance enhancement if they stop offering it before I sell the car.

wharlos | 24 januar 2018

I have a 2016 60D Sept. upgraded in April 2017 with little over 12000 miles at the time of upgrade. Have never seen 259 miles, highest was 255 once. Have tried to fill it to 100 % a couple of times but getting to 100% takes a long time. Have 24,300 at the present time. I charge to 220 rated miles (which was 100% when it was a 60D). I live in southern MN where the last 3 months temperature wise has been below normal which makes hard to get a normal indication of how the vehicle performs. I do charge daily (garaged), which a 220 outlet getting 23 mph when temperatures are above 40 degrees. It has been taking 1.5-1.75 hrs to charge to the 220 rates miles due to the warming of the battery. I don't think I'll see 259 or 255 as there has been some indication that the 75D battery makeup is not up to quality of the 85 of the years past. Having the extra battery mileage has giving me more confidence driving longer distances. It would be interesting to see all the people that have has the 60D upgrade what type of additional mileage each is getting. Having it to do again at the $2000 price, I would do it.

ppatel | 24 januar 2018

I just put a deposit on a 2014 60 with AP1 last week. Expected delivery is second week February. Waiting for DS to call with next steps. I am definitely interested in the upgrade to 75. How do I go about doing that. Been on these forums for a while but this is my first post, Excited and can't wait to get the delivery soon.

Uncle Paul | 24 januar 2018

While you are waiting for the price to drop further, it is even possible that Tesla will cancel the upgrade, or even raise the price.

At $2,000 for both the extra range and enhanced performance it is a true automotive bargain.

Most likely will get all of it back, or more, when you sell the car. | 24 januar 2018

The 2014 60 would not qualify for the upgrade, the upgrade is only for 60, when Tesla reintroduces it in 2016. TMC had many owners stating they are not getting as many miles as they thought they would also the charge rate taper at the end, which mean to realize 75 range it would take much longer to charge.

reed_lewis | 25 januar 2018

Consider yourself lucky. I upgraded my 60D to 75D in March of 2017 at $7000 exactly 29 days before the price dropped to $2000. I got nothing back from Tesla for that. ;(

I would upgrade if you need the added range. If you never need it, then there is no reason to do so. But the price will most certainly not drop below the $2K it costs now.

Tessa75D | 26 januar 2018

Got 256 with upgrade back when 2k Price was first announced now get to 250 if I let the car sit charging for like an hour even when it says 100% as It does not say complete yet...if I don’t I’ll get about 248 no sweat awesome car! 26k miles 2016 75d

DAVID | 29 januar 2018

Had one tire blow out and it was a real problem. Took Tesla service about 1.5 hrs to bring a spare to put on my
S60. I found out the 245/45R19 is not a stock item for many tire centers. Luckily Sam's got it for me next day. When I inspected the 4 tires on the car, I found out 3 out of 4 were peeling unusually and the tires Tesla placed on the car were the cheapest Goodyear available and they do not have any mileage guarantee.. I had only 16000 miles on the car. That was upsetting why Tesla did that. The car did not have a spare and they did not put on a better tire.

jbish | 5 februar 2018

According to Tesla, the upgrade can be purchased through the mobile app. The Apple mobile app. There's no option to upgrade on the android app. I've been trying to upgrade for a while, but Tesla keeps referring me to the Apple app which I don't have. ☹

reed_lewis | 6 februar 2018

@DAVID - I think you are posting in the wrong thread!

TeslaKenFL | 6 februar 2018

I upgraded from 60 to 75 last night. The best part is that part of the email I received read, "Once the firmware update is complete you may request updated rear vehicle badging from your nearest service center." So yes, you can also update the badge on the back of the car.

TeslaKenFL | 7 februar 2018

I fully charged my newly minted 75 (from 60) last night at a supercharger and the computer reads a range of 230 miles. Is this normal?

DCTeslaEnthusiast | 7 februar 2018

I did it for the 2k back in May 2017. Basically, it's the best 2k investment if you plan on driving long distances! It pays for itself in time of supercharging for long distance trip I think if you plan to take 3-5 long 500+ mile trips per year over a few year period.

The other thing is you just upgraded the car to a 75(d*) which I'm sure increases value - even if it's slight increase.

2k was a no brainer for me considering at the time I bought it would've been an extra 10k for the 75 battery increase!! | 7 februar 2018

@TeslaKenFL, that's normal as there is battery degradation so you will not get 249 miles.

borngolfer | 8 februar 2018

I upgraded my 2016 70D to 75D for $2k via online and the update was completed in an hour. I needed the increased range, albeit a small incremental, to give me the comfort of being able to make it between chargers. I dropped in to the service centre sometime later to change the rear badge. I am not aware of the "uncork" feature so I will have to ask the service consultant the next time I am there.

The challenge is the car registration with the government is still a 70D. No other cars have the model change after registration. I am not sure if they would agree to change the registration to reflect the true value of the upgraded car.

Robotpedlr | 10 februar 2018

Keep in mind (as one person said above) Tesla recommends you don’t charge beyond 90% for normal use which is 67.5kw on a 75. If you have the 60 you can always charge to 100% because the amount above that is locked out anyway and protects your battery. So minimal gain withe the exception of a road trip when you charge the 75 to 100% ( just before you leave) to avoid battery damage. But $2k is pretty reasonable. Heck I paid $3k for FSD which gets you nothing today. Lol

tes-s | 10 februar 2018

I don't think any after-purchase upgrades affect the registration. If an ICE came with a 3L or 4L engine, and you replaced the engine, would the registration change?

SeaDoc | 11 februar 2018

Best $2000 I ever spent... Not only has it increased my range, but also my options to uncork my S... 1 second faster to 4.2 seconds 0-60 is better than my previous Porsches... Where else can you buy I car and have it improve over time, for nearly free?... DO IT!!! or don't complain when this option goes away... And it could...

pablo | 15 juli 2018

Is this something that is still available. I called Tesla and they checked my vin and told me my car is elegible for the upgrade but no one seems to know how to actually get the upgrade. It doesn’t show on my app or Tesla account. Has anyone done this recently? And how much did you pay? going from 70d to 75d.


Uncle Paul | 15 juli 2018

A year or so ago there was a terrible storm coming to Florida. Tesla generously remotely temporarialy upgraded all the eligible 60 vehicles to 75 to allow them the extra range to evacuate to safer areas. Thought this was a tremendous thing for Tesla to do.

If I was my car I would upgrade in a heartbeat to gain access to your full battery capability as well as perhaps getting the uncorking that makes the car much more powerful.

For owners that never travel outside their current range, the benefit might not be all that big a deal, but many timees I have charged up to 100% in my 75X before starting out on a long trip, or overnight at my motel.

The longer you wait, the more chance that Tesla will cancel that option. They are super busy these days.

tes-s | 15 juli 2018

@pablo - I was not aware they produced 70s that were software-limited 75s. I thought only the second generation of 60s had software limited batteries.

Rocky_H | 17 juli 2018

@tes-s, Yeah, when they brought out the software limited versions, they did offer both of those reduced sizes of 70 or 60.

Silver2K | 17 juli 2018

Last year the dropped the upgrade cost.

70-75 is a $500 upgrade
60-75 is a $2k upgrade

Silver2K | 17 juli 2018



The option should be in your "my Tesla" account page under manage option.

robbgobert | 15 oktober 2018

my account is saying it costs $4,000. How do I get it for 2,000?

robbgobert | 15 oktober 2018

my account is saying it costs $4,000. How do I get it for 2,000?

garywbuckland | 15 oktober 2018

There is no mention of an option upgrade for my 2015 70D. Is it safe to assume that my Tesla is not eligible for the upgrade?

Rocky_H | 15 oktober 2018

2015 were actual 70kWh batteries. They are not software locked.

garywbuckland | 15 oktober 2018

Thank you Rocky.
Just finding my way in these Forums.

Rocky_H | 15 oktober 2018

Yeah, that's kind of an obscure question that isn't asked much.
For finding a lot of other stuff, here's a thread that's always kept on the first or second page of the Model S section that shows tons of things about how to use this forum and a lot of frequently asked questions:

chris.hall | 20 november 2018

I have attempted to upgrade via manage when I sign in. The option is available. But when I select it does nothing. I asked at the service centre. They said the vehicle is eligible but had to be done online. Has anyone upgraded, if so how????

MelaniaFromBrentwood | 20 november 2018

If you are near the fire zones in northern or southern California, your car has been automatically upgraded temporarily to be 75. If that is the case, you cannot add that feature until mid December when that feature falls off on your battery is returned to a 60! I suppose if you turn off mobile access from your car, and remove the Sim card, they have no way to restore it back to a 60!

luisravens | 5 marts 2019

Hi I am new here, I have a 2014 60. I was wondering if I could upgrade to the 75 battery? just purchased the car over the weekend. thank you | 5 marts 2019

@luisravens - Sorry to say, no. Only 2016+ Model S60 could be software upgraded to a 75. Your pack is a true 60 kW pack. More details here:

DANIEL.YATES | 1 maj 2019

I tried to get this upgrade on my refreshed September 2016 s60, and the service center in Agoura Hills CA told me it was not available any more, with no explanation at all. Very dissipated, as it was purchased with the option, and I only get about 200 miles on a full charge. Any color on this? Thanks

DANIEL.YATES | 1 maj 2019

I tried to get this upgrade on my refreshed September 2016 s60, and the service center in Agoura Hills CA told me it was not available any more, with no explanation at all. Very dissipated, as it was purchased with the option, and I only get about 200 miles on a full charge. Any color on this? Thanks

BarryQ | 1 maj 2019


akikiki | 1 maj 2019

No Green

Mathew98 | 2 maj 2019

"Take the red pill and see how far this rabbit hole goes."

- Morpheus

Yimmeya | 9 september 2019

My 2016 MS was temporarily upgraded from 60 to 70kw due to storms last year and was never switched back. I'm not complaining but has anyone else experienced this. Im nervous at every update that they are going to switch me back! Wondering if all 60s were upgraded permanemtly... a girl can dream right!?

Yimmeya | 9 september 2019

Correct updated to 75kw

kyuyeunkim | 10 september 2019

I was just told by Tesla customer service that they cannot upgrade 60 to 75's anymore and it requires a hardware upgrade???? Is this correct?

manuelroth1 | 18 september 2019
Do you still have a link to the upgrade page url by any chance?

Just bought an S60 from 12/2016 with 75kWh batt and AP1 hardware but see no way of unlocking both on the newly designed page now :(

Ownership transfer just completed today after 6weeks... | 18 september 2019

@rothman - Sorry no. In the past, when something like this is dropped the page is 404ed right away.

All hope is not lost. I'd visit a service center and ask about the upgrade. I suspect they can do it for you. It might require an appointment to get it done, but I'd just walk in and ask to confirm the cost and availability.