Solar requirements for Tesla Powerwalls

Solar requirements for Tesla Powerwalls

Hi. I'm having trouble getting Tesla to respond to me. I'm in Ecuador. But, seriously want to outfit my homes with PowerWalls and Solar.

I need to do a cost analysis. I figure I need 3 or 4 Powerwalls, attached to my main house to keep it's 5 air conditioners, 3 refrigerators and music studio functioning in all circumstances. I need to know how many solar panels I would require to remain off grid. I have plenty of room on a flat roof above.

It is sunny just about every day for at least part of the day.

Could someone just give me a ballpark run down of how many panels would be required and what the cost would be for the 4 powerwalls and associated panels?

It would be much appreciated.

Thanks, in advance.


MorrisonHiker | 8 februar 2018

Do you know what your daily or monthly kWh usage is?

Teslafarmer | 9 februar 2018

Here in Oregon, 2 powerwalls are to be installed in March for 12,500 American dollars. So 4 would be at least double that and Ecuador? Don’t know about that.