Tesla clarifies statements from call. Can hit targets with exsisting factory equipment

Tesla clarifies statements from call. Can hit targets with exsisting factory equipment

First time posting...saw this article

Basically states that the numbers they projected to hit in March can be done with equipment they already have.

WantMY | 9 februar 2018

So they are doing great. So just to make sure the greatness continues, they pushed delivery dates by 4 additional month!? I do not think it computes.

bayareakid2008 | 9 februar 2018

This is the same thing as the "1000" per week from the end of the year. I'm sure on their own, the other lines could produce the 2500. In reality, they are producing nowhere near that, which leads me to 1 of 2 conclusions:

1. The individuals lines' efficiency are interdependent of each other (what Musk said in the call)
2. There are other issues that are delaying production that Tesla failed to disclose (the clarification)

What are these other issues and where is the progress in solving them?

yaheya | 9 februar 2018

When will you guys stop eating Tesla dog food ? It is all garbage. Elon is a genius no doubt but I have serious concerns on his ethics. Go suck a lemon you Tesla fan boys/ gals.


ktruong4721 | 9 februar 2018

Yaheya@ you sound like Trumptard, please go back to your cave

rxlawdude | 9 februar 2018

Peace after being told (in other words) to flick off?

The desperation of the terminally impatient is epidemic.

andy.connor.e | 9 februar 2018

They did deliver about 7x more in Q4 than in Q3 right?

Coastal Cruiser. | 9 februar 2018

Welcome to the forum VegasSquid. Thank you for posting this article.

Dsmtesla | 10 februar 2018

ktroung4721 what does supporting trump have anything to do with this discussion? seriously, people will use any possible excuse to bring politics in to something... Guess what, im a trump supporter (a big one) and im a tesla fan boy too. I didnt buy my model s to be green. I bought it because i love driving it. At this point in time, every single person has the right to criticize elon. No one is denying hes an amazing innovator, but if you cant even get close to hitting a single deadline, stop making them. Thats not an attack on elons brilliance, its an attack on his over exuberance.

Pkalhan | 10 februar 2018

I don't understand why people who don't see Tesla as the greatest car maker in the world get bashed. Granted @Yaheya could have used better words. I have been on BMW's forums and their members are the same...BMWs are the Greatest cars in the world. Its funny, the only forum I have been on where forum members are at least somewhat honest about their cars is the Mercedes Benz forum.

Look, I hope Telsa succeeds in their objective and I really hope to get my car within their 3rd revised estimate but lets admit that they have quite a bit of work to do and their are a lot of reservation holders (including myself) who are rightfully upset and they are allowed to be.

Silo13 | 10 februar 2018

If Tesla has to order additional production lines now to reach 5000 cars per week, then Tesla should have known last year that 5000 cars per week is an illusion.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 10 februar 2018

Silo13: The goal is 10,000 per week at Fremont. A second line may be needed for that to happen. If Tesla can get both running at speeds that amount to 5,000 units per week combined, or more, before the end of Q2 2018,...? Serendipity.