Wohoo! big day today!!

Wohoo! big day today!!

Non owners were invited to configure today. Here is the WSJ article if you were wondering:

https://www.wsj. com/articles/tesla-begins-taking-model-3-orders-from-first-time-reservation-holders-1519318801

burdogg | 22 februar 2018

Little late to the party - already have non-owners posting :)

andy.connor.e | 22 februar 2018

Big day today, now you get to configure and wait.

jordanrichard | 22 februar 2018

"Big day today, now you get to configure and wait" and now let the real torture begin.......

SCCRENDO | 22 februar 2018

Congratulations to the new invitees. Personally I am excited because as the non-owners become owners we will have less non-owners to bitch and moan about not getting invited to configure.