Model 3 Owners and Referrals: what now?

Model 3 Owners and Referrals: what now?

Any thoughts on whether the referral program will be opened up to Tesla newbies?

EVRider | 22 februar 2018

It seems unlikely Tesla will offer any incentives to buy a Model 3 until supply exceeds demand. I suppose they could let Model 3 owners give referrals for S/X purchases, but then again, maybe not.

boodasmurph | 22 februar 2018

I think once the 3 is truly out in the wild and more ubiqutous, and the huddled masses see what an incredibly awesome car it is, Tesla won't need the referral program to generate new sales.

Ultimately, it will end, as will NEW lifetime supercharging. The incentive just won't be needed, it's just a question of when.

At some point, supercharging will have to become revenue neutral.