Autopilot REFUND

Autopilot REFUND

You should think about it before you buy a Tesla, especially if you like their Autopilot feature. I can tell you it is not reliable nor safe to use at all. I had an accident while I was using the AutoPark where the car couldnt detect the wall on the right side and run over it. Got a big scratch, and Tesla of course wouldnt take responsible for that, they even told me, even if I or anyone in the car using that function and died, it wouldnt be their fault. And if I decided to sue them, well, they told me to go ahead with that because they have "4 billion dollars and thousand of lawyers to serve me", quoted from the Vancouver store manager TJ. What a wonderful customer service they have there. So I called the headquarter office, after few months talking, they agreed to refund me the money for the Autopilot option. So if you have the same problem with your Autopilot, you can ask them for refund if you dont want to use that function anymore.

lilbean | 9 marts 2018

Lucky you. The refused my refund request.

Triggerplz | 9 marts 2018

How much was refunded

peterlethbridge | 9 marts 2018

We knew we were buying into a feature that is going to get better over time.

TabascoGuy | 9 marts 2018

OP Unbelievable.

mathwhiz | 9 marts 2018

Excerpted from the owner's manual:

Warning: Autopark's performance depends on the ability of the ultrasonic sensors to determine the vehicle's proximity to curbs, objects, and other vehicles.

Warning: Never depend on Autopark to find a parking space that is legal, suitable, and safe. Autopark may not always detect objects in the parking space. Always perform visual checks to confirm that a parking space is appropriate and safe.

Warning: During the parking sequence, continually check your surroundings. Be prepared to apply the brakes to avoid vehicles, pedestrians, or objects.

Limitations: The curb is constructed of material other than stone, or the curb cannot be detected.

davhud62 | 9 marts 2018

I just turned in a Tesla Model X 100 that they let me test drive overnight. The car is amazing and the and the auto pilot worked great with a few exceptions. I went though construction areas and they put up wall barriers, I took over because auto pilot was getting close. But I love the feature and it is getting better all the time. Since this was my first time having the car overnight, I was extra careful. I have a model 3 on order, but I believe the x is what I will buy, loved driving it.

MelaniaFromBrentwood | 9 marts 2018

We had an AP2 crash into a concrete pillar adjacent to a parking spot after the car violently accelerated and turned into it before anyone could have reacted, back in the early AP2 days when the software was VERY buggy. Destroyed the front passenger quarter panel and side marker and some of the trim down below. Called roadside. Within 30 minutes they had remotely reviewed the car's logs, some of the camera images, accepted responsibility. Within 30 minutes of that (it was 10:30pm!) a flat bed came and took the car. The next morning, a P85D. 2 weeks later, got the car back. Tesla Legal and Regional Service agreed to free extended service (4 year) plus the 4 year maintenance plan, in addition to having covered the repairs. Good service. In our case, it was CLEAR CUT that a software bug in AP2 had done this and they were grateful that we reported it and no one was hurt.

Silver2K | 9 marts 2018

I got my feelings hurt a few times using autopilot and Tesla did nothing for me.

carlk | 9 marts 2018

It's nice for Tesla to give refund to a customer who does not know how to use a feature he bought. I have not heard another company that is willing to do this.

Tropopause | 10 marts 2018

I agree with Carlk.

SteveMost | 10 marts 2018

EAP is great. Just use it right.
@Silver2K - sorry about that, my only complaint is that sometimes the music when in AutoPilot is so great that I don’t want to get to my destination :)

Vawlkus | 12 marts 2018

Another troll.

I say to flag with you, and be on your way!

Silver2K | 13 marts 2018

You're going to poke someone's eye out, Vawlkus!

Vawlkus | 14 marts 2018

I’ll add it to my collection. }B)

Cuttin | 14 marts 2018

Yeah. Can't fix stupid!
Learn how to use technology.

I think tesla should give you a road test and not approve you to use eap if you don't pass.

Calk. Funny one!

Cuttin | 14 marts 2018

Oh forgot to.mention. Autopilot / eap is freaking awesome. I use it daily on both highway and most of the roads with lights. I'm totally more relaxed now and get more things done on my drive.

iTin | 15 marts 2018

Thanks for this great laugh. Can nto wait to get my MX100D with EAP - now even more. :)

acef | 19 marts 2018

I'm confused. I bought enhanced autopilot, but all I see available is Autosteer -- which frankly turns itself off without a lot of warning right before roads turn sharply
Am I doing something wrong?

Uncle Paul | 20 marts 2018

Auto pilot is being developed quickly. Additional features and capabilities being added all the time.

If you purchased enhanced autopilot your car came with all the hardware already installed. Tesla has stated that if additional equipment of faster computers are necessary for full auto pilot they will upgrade you at their cost.

As the software improves, and as regulators allow, additonal self driving capabilities will be added as stated in your agreement.

acef | 21 marts 2018

thanks. It just doesn't stop at stop signs like it does in the videos on the website.

jerryk | 21 marts 2018

From what I understand, stopping at stop signs, etc is part of the self drive. Which is the option you can buy in addition to Enhanced AutoPilot (EAP), but is not currently available and may not be for a while. Today, people say EAP does fine in highway (limited access) situations.

burdogg | 21 marts 2018

as stated acef - the video on the website is for full self driving only - it is NOT enhanced autopilot.

With that - Full Self Driving can be paid for, but is not available yet. Please go read up on the website about each option, what it does, and the specifics as far as FSD not available yet... :)

SteveMost | 21 marts 2018

Acef - please be safe and DON’T Drive a Tesla until you read more about it. Misunderstandings like “ doesn’t stop at stop signs” could get you squished. Be well...

Tropopause | 21 marts 2018

I just don't understand how some folks don't know the difference between EAP and FSD.

brant | 18 marts 2019

If you think of AP as "Lane Assist", and Auto Park as "Park Assist" as the Tesla manual directs you, you will not have any problems at all, and it will be a very enjoyable experience. If you think of AP as "FSD" and Auto Park as "Self Park" you will be very disappointed, and possibly very disjointed.