Solar panel cost, powerwall and install cost, pre-construction cost (reroof)

Solar panel cost, powerwall and install cost, pre-construction cost (reroof)

Are they all eligible for the 30% federal tax credit? | 24 marts 2018

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acegreat1 | 24 marts 2018

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gary.ferris1337 | 25 marts 2018

I was reading today that this will vary significantly on a state-by-state basis unless the government implements something on a federal level. But if you are looking at it from a savings perspective, it's still a mixed bag according to some sources.

I was reading ( an article that said how a Forbes columnist did some math:

"The viability of Tesla's Powerwall as a long-term money-saver has been called into question by certain analysts, including Forbes columnist Christopher Helman, who did a little math to break down the electrical mileage of the 10 kWh model:

"1,000 watts of current to your home for 10 hours," (Helman)."

At this point, I am unsure where it's going to go. I hope this helps the financial part of the question.

acegreat1 | 26 marts 2018

I know the panels and the powerwall plus the installation are eligible for the 30%. From the fed. I wanted to know if the reroof would also? If it was all bundled in together in the loan. Thanks

acegreat1 | 26 marts 2018

I know the panels and the powerwall plus the installation are eligible for the 30%. From the fed. I wanted to know if the reroof would also? If it was all bundled in together in the loan. Thanks

deweyvt03 | 26 marts 2018

You can write whatever you want on your tax form. The question is whether you will be audited and what the penalty would be for being inaccurate in your reporting. See more info from the IRS at

Even if you got all the work done at the same time, and funded by one single home equity loan, you will still be providing the dollars from the work invoices. Tesla sent me two separate invoices for the Solar Install and the Wall Charger install, even though it was all done at the same time by the same electrician. Probably for this specific reason.

acegreat1 | 27 marts 2018

Dew Thank you for sharing how tesla handled your situation. They will probably do the same thing for me

jeniferconnorsmk | 23 oktober 2018

The installed cost of solar panels was between $7-$9 per watt: A 5 kW system would cost around $25,000-$35,000. more read check it

zubinanary | 3 november 2018

@Jennifer: That seems pretty high for a solar install. I was able to get 10 panels (3.25 Kw system) installed for around $4.25 per watt. That was for the Tesl/Panasonic 325 watt panels + the Solar Edge inverter (3500HD). Powerwalls are extra and above and beyond that price point, but then again as a early adopter of the Powerwall, our local company gave me a $9200 rebate back for spending $13500 on Quantity 2 Powerwalls.

PFP | 5 november 2018

From what I understand, a Re Roof would not be part of the Tax Credit. just the Solar and PW.

PFP | 5 november 2018

@ Jenniferconnorsmk: I am installing 305w panels from Tesla (Chinese panels) and they are $3.20/watt. The new Tesla/Panasonic Panels made at Giga 2 are $3.35/watt installed.
I have a signed contract as of last week and we are about to schedule (in Texas)

dakotaleest77 | 6 november 2018

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amandamorgan280 | 12 november 2018

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Mediumed | 9 december 2018

The roof is definitely not covered. I don't think the powerwall is covered either. Does anybody know?

ooliviagreen | 26 marts 2019

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sammycollins055 | 2 september 2019

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gregbrew | 6 september 2019

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info | 10 september 2019

I wonder how much will be the price of a Solar Panel System in México. Would they have a reseller program?

vgenelyk | 7 oktober 2019

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