2018.12 update info.

2018.12 update info.

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18.12 Release Notes:

Model 3: Steering wheel button updates For your convenience, we've updated the functions of the scroll buttons on the steering wheel. The right scroll button now lets you quickly adjust Traffic-Aware Cruise Control settings. To increase or decrease the set cruising speed, roll the right button up or down. To adjust the follow distance between you and the vehicle ahead, press the right button to the left or right. You can still adjust these settings from the touchscreen and press down on the button to activate voice commands.

The left scroll button now lets you adjust your Model 3 side mirrors and steering wheel. Start by tapping the Controls icon on the bottom left corner of the touchscreen and then tap Quick Controls > Adjustments

To adjust the mirrors, tap Mirrors and select the LEFTor RIGHT mirror icon. Then, scroll the left button up or down, or press it left or right.

To adjust the steering wheel, tap Steering Wheel and scroll the left button up or down, or press it left or right.

Model S/X: North America Only Introducing new Navigation (Beta)

Whether you’re on your daily commute or heading out to a new destination, you can rely on Navigation to give you the fastest route and provide more accurate estimated arrival times. It will route you around traffic jams and guide you through complex maneuvers when required.

If traffic conditions change and there’s an alternate route that will save time, Navigation will automatically reroute you. As with the previous system, you can control how aggressively Navigation does this: just indicate how much time an alternate route should save by adjusting the setting in CONTROLS > Settings > Apps > Maps > Navigation > RE-ROUTE IF IT SAVES MORE THAN

Navigation prevents you from missing turns by giving you a clearer view of upcoming maneuvers. More responsive guidance prepares you for complicated intersections or multi-lane interchanges. Each turn and highway exit that you should take is clearly labeled in blue, whereas cross-streets or highway exits that you will pass are labeled in black, to help you monitor your progress along the way. In addition, guidance and labels match real-world road and highway signs wherever possible.

As you get closer to a maneuver, the instrument panel view will zoom in to provide greater clarity and, if necessary, will highlight the lane (or lanes) that you should be using. This makes it easier to see how close you are to the turn, the cross streets that you’ll pass, and which direction to take.

We welcome feedback about the new Navigation Send email to, or press the voice commands button on the right side of the steering wheel and say "Note," followed by your comments

Carl Thompson | 29 marts 2018

Awesome! Hopefully it'll already be on my car when I get it this evening!

And hopefully the right scroll wheel thing also works with regular cruise control (no EAP).

rdavis | 29 marts 2018

Interesting... like the adds for the Model 3... although the side view mirror adjustment has always been this way so not sure what is "new" about it.

Looks like the Model 3 already has the updated Navigation system... bummer, was hoping for the ability to add way-points so you can change the auto selected routing... or have multiple stop trips planned...

djharrington | 29 marts 2018

Nice timing on this update! I'm picking my car up from service tomorrow so I had enough notice to get it pushed beforehand.

Carl Thompson | 29 marts 2018


They appear to have changed the side mirror and steering wheel adjustments such that they all are done on the left scroll wheel instead of using both scroll wheels.

I'd guess this was done to lessen the chance of people thinking they were in mirror-adjust mode and accidentally adjusting their cruise speed into the back of a bus! So now steering wheel and mirrors adjustments are _only_ done on the left scroll wheel and cruise control adjustments are _only_ done on the right. That should eliminate some confusion for people.

rdavis | 29 marts 2018

ahhh... got it.

djharrington | 29 marts 2018

Counted my blessings too soon. Looks like too limited of a initial release for M3. The techs don't even know about it yet for M3.

diegoPasadena | 29 marts 2018

@ Carl Thompson - Have you found a way to "resume speed" with the regular cruise control? I haven't. I also called Tesla, and the poor guy chased the answer internally for a couple of hours before calling back without an answer. Might they actually have accidentally left that function off in the regular cruise control?

Carl Thompson | 29 marts 2018


I never use the resume speed feature on any car's cruise control. I always just adjust speed manually back to where I want it so not having a resume doesn't bother me.

damien666 | 29 marts 2018

first video I found .com/watch?v=tOjf_4cTzVo

vmulla | 29 marts 2018

@rdavis, I understood it as both left and right mirrors are adjusted using the left scroll wheel, user needs to specify which mirror to control on the touch screen.

vmulla | 29 marts 2018

Does this mean M3 will eventually get new navigation, or does it already have the new navigation software?

rdavis | 29 marts 2018


I believe from earlier articles I read the M3 already has the updated maps. I was hoping that they add some functionality when they released the update for the S/X... but doesn't appear so.

EVRider | 29 marts 2018

The Model 3 manual says pulling down the steering wheel stalk will either resume the previous set speed or the current speed, whichever is greater. Does it work differently for standard cruise control?

diegoPasadena | 29 marts 2018

@ EVRider - Yes, that doesn't work with standard cruise control. It just sets the speed at whatever it currently is.

EVRider | 29 marts 2018

@diego: Just to confirm, are you going slower than the previous set speed when you try to resume?

Cactusone | 29 marts 2018

Just talked to a tech at Tesla..10.5 got pulled because of door handle issues.

12.0 fixes door handle issues and the updates as noted above. It “just” got the tech’s I talked to at the Scottsdale location don’t even have it on their laptops yet. Looks like I have to wait for it to be pushed over the air..

djharrington | 29 marts 2018

Thanks for that info, cactus! Here's hoping that the Littleton techs get the update before I leave there tomorrow morning. I really want to play with the scroll-wheel speed heading down I-25!

Haggy | 29 marts 2018

This doesn't make a lot of sense. The mirror/steering wheel functionality overrides whatever else the controls do, and only while in the appropriate mode. Do they think that we need to be able to adjust TACC speed and following distance while adjusting mirrors? If anything, this could cause somebody to inadvertently change the setting while looking at the mirror, seeing nothing happening, as the car creeps closer to another. The right scroll wheel should have the new functionality as the default while TACC is active. It should have the former functionality while other adjustments are active. In all likelihood, when somebody goes to adjust a mirror or the steering wheel, the right scroll wheel will do nothing, since it's unlikely that the person will be driving along on the highway.

I'm I supposed to set up a meeting with everybody who might drive the car and let them know about a change that might affect them? It's one thing to add functionality. It's another to take things away for no reason.

mcwilliams120 | 2 april 2018

I myself don't notice anything different or new.

GCM3 | 2 april 2018

Well, I got a notification on my phone about an update while my car was in shop. I thought it is 2018.12 but I do not see it when I picked up the car today. There is no update on screen either. I am wondering it is pulled back for some reason.

awhiting | 3 april 2018

Does anybody have the 2018.12 update? I do not. Also, did anybody get the new navigation system? Not I.

GCM3 | 3 april 2018

I think I have the new nav system coming with 201810.5. it automatically zooms in when you reach the intersection. Then, zooms out afterwards. I have not noticed anything else.

mbouchti57 | 4 april 2018

It sounds like few Model 3's received the 2018.12 update according to Tesla Firmware Upgrade Tracker.

Did anyone receive it in this forum? If you did could you please share.

grubertm | 5 april 2018

I wonder if Tesla is actually pushing this to Model 3s. Anxiously waiting for the TACC scroll wheel improvement...

Haggy | 5 april 2018

I got it on the Model S, and the release notes show nothing that would be relevant for the Model 3. It did allow the car to update the navigation system on its own within the next day or two. The navigator in the Model S now sounds like the one in the Model 3 and the dashboard display maps now look more like the ones on the Model 3 in terms of how they have the pop-ups for street names. I haven't used it enough to see if there's any big difference, but so far it seems as if it's a matter of the Model S/X catching up with the Model 3. I have no idea whether routing is better, but I think it's more a matter of an equal footing on a platform that gives them room to build on, instead of being stuck with constraints from another company.

stevenmaifert | 7 april 2018

@Carl Thompson - Just installed the update in my non-EAP M3 and went for a test drive. The right scroll wheel does adjust the set speed for the traditional CC. One roll click equals 1 mph change. Interesting also that the release notes make no mention of adjusting the following distance like they do on an EAP enabled M3. No "resume" feature yet, but I don't think that would be too hard to create if they get around to it.

EVRider | 7 april 2018

@stevenmaifert: Following distance isn't applicable to non-adaptive cruise control.

stevenmaifert | 7 april 2018

@EVRider - I know that. My reason for mentioning is in my 5+ years of ownership, I've never seen release notes tailored to a specific configuration. Usually they will say something like not all features available on all cars depending on hardware configuration.

EVRider | 7 april 2018

Maybe they’re getting better about release notes. We can only hope...

badaman | 7 april 2018

Side mirrors no longer unfold until door opened. Walk up, open the handle/door then mirrors unfold. | 15 oktober 2018

I think I have the new nav system coming with 201810.5. download magisk it automatically zooms in when you reach the intersection. Then, zooms out afterwards. clash of clans mod apk I have not noticed anything else.

jimglas | 26 februar 2019

Is this the troll thread?

lbowroom | 14 marts 2019

Mirror controls have always been left scroll wheel only

gmr6415 | 17 april 2019

@melih, you can check at

That's a sampling of Tesla owners based on whoever has signed up for their service. This morning they are showing 42 model 3s from their users have received 2019.12.

EVRider | 17 april 2019

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jjgunn | 26 april 2019

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jimglas | 2 maj 2019

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