Regenerative Braking Limited

Regenerative Braking Limited

Anyone else get this warning? Know what it means? It doesn’t display all the time. When it does is usually goes away quickly.

Mike UpNorth_ | 1 december 2018


Good to know on the swipe. I was not aware....the nag of the notification gets annoying sometimes - I will start to swipe!

LoveMyM3 | 27 marts 2019

I have seen this warning in the past if you are charged over 90% or a particularly cold day. Lately since the last upgrade to 2019.5.15 I get this warning even on a 60 degrees day at 70% charge. Sometimes no such warning on the way to work in the morning (cooler and higher charge level) but get it on the way back when it is warmer. Not sure what is causing that. I did a power off and start again for it to disappear. Any ideas guys?

Magic 8 Ball | 27 marts 2019

Yup, on .5.15 and have been getting the warning when starting out lately (soaked in high 50F ambient). I also did reboot and it comes back. I don't feel any difference in the regen so I assume a future update will make it go away. My warning usually goes away after about 10 minutes if not sooner and does not always show up.

Bighorn | 27 marts 2019

Threshold has always been high 50s, so 60 in the morning suggests a cold soak below that.

smcfa3 | 17 oktober 2019

I've had a significant dotted line on the left for quite a while now and notice considerably less regen. I got the message the other morning which went away, but the dotted line never did. This with a (roughly) two thirds full battery and after a full half hour commute to work. Any suggestions? Do I need to call service? Seems weird.

bloheac | 17 oktober 2019

I called CS and been told it is normal, although I feel a bit disturbing when you get to close from the car in front of you only anticipating the car would decelerate by itself. And same thing, 40 minutes drive after a level 1 charge at 85%, 55F outside.
I drove a Volt for 6 years and the regen has always been there, hot or cold so it is a bit of a transition, and I will probably jump on the brakes a couple of times before getting used to it.
Still, I find it weird and sometimes unsafe.

bloheac | 17 oktober 2019

In fact, I feel like I won’t have regen braking for the next 6-7 months (living in Canada), which at some point would limit the range further as well.
From an engineer point of view, wouldn’t have it been simpler to always have the same deceleration and electronically recharge it or not depending on the battery pack temperature or SOC, if at all possible?