Aftermarket Sound system

Aftermarket Sound system

Has anyone here installed an aftermarket sound system in their MS?

I've always been into very high-end audio. In ICE cars this is pretty easy to install. I've seen it done on Tesla's but who here has actually done it? Any tips/info?
I'm curious to how much someone has pushed it- in terms of how big (watts) of a system they put in.

FYI- the Tesla Ultra High Fidelity sound doesn't count ;)

Teslaguy | 27 april 2018

You will want to check out Reus in Orange County ca. Very professional and knows Tesla well. He also offers an upgrade path when you change cars.

jstpierre | 27 april 2018

I am interested as well !

bishoppeak | 27 april 2018

+1 for Reus. Had Cliff install the 2.5 upgrade in my garage, very pleased. | 27 april 2018

I've installed upgraded speakers, a sub and sub-amp. It's not the easiest project, but for anyone that's done auto-work before, it's not much different than other cars. I wrote it up here:

avesraggiana | 27 april 2018

Speaking of which, what brand is our so called Ultra High Fidelity Sound system? I'm sure I've heard better sound coming out of a Kia rental car.

avesraggiana | 27 april 2018

I'll take back some of what I said. The Ultra High Fidelity Sound system in my mum's soon to be totaled Model X IS very nice. Full, clear sound throughout the cabin.

The UHFS system in my dad's Model S on the other hand, not so impressive at all.

Boonedocks | 27 april 2018

If you just bought the standard sound system and you have the $$ then Reus +1 as others have said. I have had both and prefer the UHFS over the standard and an upgrade ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

kash8089 | 27 april 2018

Does Tesla offer UHFS upgrade after delivery?

Bill_75D | 27 april 2018


cleanhp | 27 april 2018

I've been curious about the Light Harmonic solution, has anyone installed it?

The full set 12P has been delayed for several months and keeps moving back so I wonder if they are having supply issues. The speakers look much beefier. | 27 april 2018

@avesraggiana - The sound quality is highly dependant on the source material - using the USB with non-lossy files like FLAC produce the best results. Using XM radio is the worst (very high lossy compression). Also check if "Dolby Surround" is turned on. It used to be really awful, but was just improved in the last month (2018.12 or so). The new Dolby Surround works far better than before, but only if the fader is centered. If the fader is set to towards the rear, I found the quality dropped dramatically.

TaoJones | 28 april 2018

I’ve had Reus systems in both Ss (Reus v2.5 in the 85 on top of the base audio package, Reus v3.0 in the 90 on top of the premium audio package), and consider the effort to be dollars well spent.

As noted above, Cliff and Kyle are consummate professionals who have gone above and beyond on multiple occasions.

I don’t consider myself an audiophile, but I do listen to music in as close a state as possible to that which the artist intended and mastered. That means electrostatic earphones (IEMs) when not driving, and Reus Audio with an SSD full of FLAC files for the road.

I don’t know how many here remember CDs *polite cough* and the v-word, burn for those who do, remember one of the first digitally mastered (DDD) CDs? It was Dire Straits’ Brothers in Arms. At about the 1-minute mark of Money for Nothing, the drums just popped. People would turn around wondering where the extra layers of sound came from.

That’s what you get with high-end audio - an experience that you didn’t even know was there with the streaming variant thereof. Caveats excluded for the sake of brevity.

Don’t feel like spending $4-5K on top of $2500 blind? No worries. Before ordering yer next chariot, go to your local/regional owners club’s next couple of events, armed with a USB stick of your favorite FLAC or similar audio files. Ask if you can sit in a couple of cars that do and do not have the Reus upgrade(s), and hear for yourself.

For bonus points, do some A/B testing with yer USB stick by having FLAC and MP3 192kbps or similar (approximating standard streaming - not Tidal, and not 320kbps) variants of 3-4 of your favorite tracks.

Good luck. Oh, and contact Reus for a price sheet pdf. One way to leverage volume if you’re not local to SoCal or up for a road trip is to participate in a local club’s group buy - that way travel costs can be split while Cliff installs multiple systems over the course of a single trip.

TaoJones | 28 april 2018

Gah. “but”, not “burn” in the above.

How about a gofundme page for Tesla to upgrade their forumware with an edit function, eh?

Sure - right after we get EAP functionality. Hohoho. What, too soon?

robertoguerrerojr | 28 april 2018

does anyone know how much aftermarket parts (amps) you might be able to isntall without damaging anything?
I love high end audio and love it loud! wondering how much a MS can really handle?

Normally ICE cars have alternators that can pump out power and you can supplement that with additional batteries. not sure how it works in these cars though.

Uncle Paul | 30 april 2018

You will not need additional batteries in a Tesla, but you will loose some range with high amp amps.

First step to better sound is a better source. Sat radio is pretty compressed, and no matter how much power or bigger speakers will give you a true audiophile sound.

Same path as with ICE vehicles. Have a good source, add a sub woofer, add better speakers, add more power, upgrade the head unit. Then you get into larger cables, vibration dampening materials etc.

As a side note, the standard sound system in my X sounds much better than even the premium sound in the S. (not sure what is done differently there)

Sefar | 1 maj 2018

I did the lightharmonic door speakers and that made a world of difference! I didn't do the subwoofer yet as I don't notice the bass response being weak.

I just posted to the forum about upgrading speakers- if you do it yourself, and it is very easy, get new door clips. Evidently those are single use in our cars as the tolerances and pressure are high.

xc_adrian | 1 maj 2018

T Sportline does a lot of fully customized Teslas inside and out with custom audios. They have a package/system set up for the S already.

Eryx | 1 maj 2018

That package from tsportline seems awesome, but a bit expensive no? I'd like to upgrade my Model S' sound system, but $10,500 sounds a bit high.

fkhera | 3 oktober 2019

We did a really nice after market audio system all details here :