100,000 Signatures Reached on White House Petition...

100,000 Signatures Reached on White House Petition...

...Now we wait again for a response!

cloroxbb | 02. Juli 2013

Needed a new thread for that?

riceuguy | 02. Juli 2013

No, but lots of people on here don't check the tracking thread but probably would be happy to know it hit 100k! :-) This thread has now served that purpose and may be left to die.

JZ13 | 02. Juli 2013

Thanks for the post riceuguy!

rdalcanto | 02. Juli 2013

I never thought we would get there! Awesome!

SamO | 02. Juli 2013

@teslamotors responded via twitter:

We did it! 100,000 signatures in just 10 days. Thank you everyone who signed @whitehouse petition supporting Tesla

Nothing from Elon Musk yet . . .

tobi_ger | 02. Juli 2013

Elon's twitter message:
Woohoo, Tesla direct sales petition passed the 100k threshold! Thanks a lot to everyone that helped!!

lolachampcar | 02. Juli 2013

good move riceuguy

rch1708 | 02. Juli 2013

Fantastic (intermediate) result!

hamer | 02. Juli 2013

Work on getting extra ones. State dealer associations might claim some are invalid.

jonesxander | 02. Juli 2013

Yeah keep getting people to sign. It's not over yet!

ENGINEER | 02. Juli 2013

@hamer very true, many out-of-country enthusiasts chose to help, and I think somone wrote how the signed twice. If it reaches a much higher number by friday I'm sure it'll be overlooked.

kalel65 | 02. Juli 2013

So this is all great but what difference will it make in terms of legislation?

george210 | 02. Juli 2013

Reaching 100,00 and now having more than 101,000 signatures makes me very happy. I've gotta believe this also brings a Tesla Grin to Elon and his team.

ajkim26 | 02. Juli 2013

Go Tesla! Very happy.

mcskks22 | 02. Juli 2013

Yeeeee Haaaaw!

MCGRATH | 02. Juli 2013

kale65: start at page 22 and keep reading for a couple of pages on "old" thread.

HenryT2 | 02. Juli 2013

@riceuguy, thanks for the update. I wasn't monitoring the old thread like @cloroxbb seemed to assume everyone was.

kalel65 | 02. Juli 2013



Very helpful - another reason for having better search on this site

MCGRATH | 02. Juli 2013

OLD THREAD: "Petition to allow Tesla to sell in all States- Tracking progress". 28 pages of interesting reading.:)

RyanPamplin | 02. Juli 2013

Seems ridiculous that this is even an issue!!!

redders | 02. Juli 2013

good news

ian | 02. Juli 2013

I've been avoiding all the "Sign this petition!" Threads that have been popping up. Now I'm intrigued though. Off to read it!

Oh and yes I did sign it. ;-)


Brian H | 02. Juli 2013

102,995 @ 3:55 pm PDT

Wonder how long it will keep surging!

MCGRATH | 02. Juli 2013

103,145 6:15 pm CST
slowed down once it it 100,000.

AtlantaCourier | 02. Juli 2013

We're about 900 away from taking over the #7 position

TMS Doc | 02. Juli 2013

100,000 signatures is pretty amazing for a company that has made less than 20,000 cars.

Bryan M. | 02. Juli 2013

For those concerned I don't believe the petition will garner new legislation, however maybe it can be the start of a wake up call for the dealer associations to back off and let Tesla determine its own future. The petition is great publicity for Tesla as well and brings attention to a growing company.

cloroxbb | 02. Juli 2013

At least now, we will get a formal response from Obama. Hopefully it brings the issue more into the spotlight.

Sudre_ | 02. Juli 2013

With any luck maybe the Sherman Antitrust Act signed into law in 1890 will come up.

"The Sherman Antitrust Act (Sherman Act,[1] July 2, 1890, ch. 647, 26 Stat. 209, 15 U.S.C. §§ 1–7) is a landmark federal statute on United States competition law passed by Congress in 1890. It prohibits certain business activities that federal government regulators deem to be anticompetitive, and requires the federal government to investigate and pursue trusts, companies, and organizations suspected of being in violation."

So this is definitely something the White House can get the ball rolling on.

AmpedRealtor | 02. Juli 2013

How much do you want to bet that the prez asks for a test drive? :)

And even if he doesn't, Elon should publicly offer him one. Talk about a press coup. Time to buy stock! :)

MCGRATH | 02. Juli 2013

Re: Bloomberg News:
Editor gave me another reporter’s name and e-mail address (initials A.O.) to discuss our situation. Many, many apologies from Bloomberg. This reporter is their “Tesla” reporter. Will keep you informed of our discussion/ e-mail.

MCGRATH | 02. Juli 2013

Bubba2000 | July 2, 2013
Can we continue adding signatures? May be reach 1,000,000 over time? Is there a way to form a PAC gather $$$ from shareholders, current and car owners? Then lobby to pressure the local governments? Tesla can run the PAC. Focus those resources in decisive states? May be lobby the DOJ at the Federal level? I would rather see the DOJ spend their money to uphold interstate commerce. That why they pay taxes to the Feds.

Anybody here will connections to PAC, lobby biz? Any lawyers in the house who can advise on how to make DOJ to move?

We got to cut the car dealers to size and not let them extort the country.

MCGRATH | 02. Juli 2013

Nice to see, in Alpha order: Atlantacourier, ENGINEER, jonexander, Samo Sam and Tombi_ger. The pace of the signatures has basically stopped! We need Fresh ideas, more signatures, more people? We need help to cover signatures that may be "thrown out".

AtlantaCourier | 02. Juli 2013

About 200 to go and we take over #7 position

MCGRATH | 02. Juli 2013

Yeah! There we go! Forget the 100,000. Let's reach for the 7th place position. Tesla people are the best! :)

riceuguy | 02. Juli 2013

So, to allay some fears, since this isn't voting and the 100,000 number is arbitrary, I expect they don't do a lot of diligence on the signatures. The goal of these petitions is to simply garner a response from the administration and is not in any way tied to legislation (or even the legislative branch!).

That being said, given the administration's current push for a green energy economy, this does indeed give them an excuse to bring up a DOE loan success story while pushing for free markets and free trade without beating up on unions...a good win should they choose to leverage it!

mcx-sea | 02. Juli 2013

Tesla asked for help to obtain 100,000 signatures. They must be very happy that it happened so quickly. Let us hope that this momentum does not slow or stop, but continues to break records.

No definition was ever established as to what was/is a valid signature. Therefore there can be no invalid signatures. Even if there were such a definition, no one would have legal standing to challenge signatures until and unless this somehow ended up in a courtroom. No worry, won't happen.

Rather than charging off in all directions, we could wait until Tesla again asks for our help. Meanwhile we can all help to keep our local politicians and media about this terrific display of public opinion.

David Trushin | 02. Juli 2013

Lawrence O'Donnell is having a segment on Texas and Tesla tonite.

Dr. Bob Reinke | 02. Juli 2013

There is a distessing theme to this and much public discourse about our President. The proper address when refering to the President is: President Barack Obama or Barack Obama, President of the United States. Or do some call him simply obama because he is black or just out of political disrespect for the man, the man's race or for the office he is elected. He was elected by a majority of Americans of all races to the office of President, and the man and the office are deserving of the respect afforded to all Presidents, past and present. Thank you, Mr. President, for your consideration of our important petition. | 02. Juli 2013

+1 dr bob

MCGRATH | 02. Juli 2013

bmrealmccoy@gma... | JULY 2, 2013
For those concerned I don't believe the petition will garner new legislation, however maybe it can be the start of a wake up call for the dealer associations to back off and let Tesla determine its own future. The petition is great publicity for Tesla as well and brings attention to a growing company. | 02. Juli 2013

Lawrence O'Donnell really did a nice segment for Tesla & the petition tonight.

ppape | 02. Juli 2013

Idea: We are hosting our annual 4th of July party for family & friends. No one will be served hamburgers/hotdogs or drinks until they sign the petition. ha...

Too much??

Jackie :-)

MCGRATH | 02. Juli 2013

mcx-sea: Signatures for the petition did not happen quickly. The Petition started June 5th by K.S of Stow MA. This forum became a work force of Social Media to get the "sign the petition" word out. Read the 28 page blog "Petition to allow Tesla to sell in all States". Everyone of us shared ideas, notified everyone we knew. People in other countries signed the Petition. Tesla didn't send out the e-mail until WE had 85,000 signatures.

MCGRATH | 02. Juli 2013 Did your wift sign the Petition?

MCGRATH | 02. Juli 2013

My Bad: Wife

ppape | 02. Juli 2013

Yes, I did. My husband also signed.


MCGRATH | 02. Juli 2013

Thanks, your the Best! :)

MCGRATH | 02. Juli 2013

Oh! You forgot to give us your address of your annual 4th of July party so we can also bring our friends who have not yet signed the Petition. lol

ppape | 02. Juli 2013

Ops.....did I leave out my address? :-))))

We received the first Tesla email at 36,000 signatures received, then a second email once 85,000 received.

Great job on the petition!