12 Month Delay in Lower Priced Model X

12 Month Delay in Lower Priced Model X

How do people feel about Elon Musk's tweet over the weekend indicating that the lower priced Model X will not be available for 12 months? I am extremely disappointed by this. I reserved a car close to three years ago (#1,938). I do not need the 40 miles of extra range nor do I want to spend $13,000 for something I do not need. I have held on to a now 10 year old Volvo XC90 waiting for the X to be released and the thought of waiting another year is excruciating. For the first time in three years, I am actually considering buying a different car (I really like the new XC90).

Ankit Mishra | 09. Oktober 2015

Tesla has a taken a brilliant step in order to stop irrational comparisons with much lesser valued products like Honda, Toyota etc. Many of Tesla customers come from less priced cars and hence these comparisons happen. But they are tampering with coolness of Tesla as a brand. P85D got compared to 85D to death and people refused to understand that to some performance matters. I think X will send a message that expecting similarities between Honda Odessy, Toyota Sienna, Honda Fit etc will be a futile exercise now.

Ankit Mishra | 09. Oktober 2015

Hope you get your X soon.

ram1901 | 09. Oktober 2015

Like the OP, had to cancel my X reservation (18,XXX) ... too far out since my lease runs out on my Ford Cmax Energi at the end of March 2016.

Soooooo, now I'm looking at the Model S 70D . (Cold Wx pack, leather, metallic paint, auto pilot)
Watched Bjorn's review on this and was persuaded this is the way to go for those who canNOT wait.

Plenty of range for long trips using the SC network, plenty of frunk and trunk space, fold down rear seats and because it has a smaller battery it's lighter than the 85 or 90 and, of course the X but just as
agile, comfy and yes, affordable if one does not go crazy with unnecessary extras.

Spoke with the Tesla store near me and they tell me I can likely get a demo with low miles for an additional $5k discount with full warranty and the federal and state tax credits..

This solutions is the best of all worlds, at least for me.

Pungoteague_Dave | 10. Oktober 2015

@priustech "I always find PD's comments funny, such as comparing Model S autopilot to the F150 with... Wait for it... a grand total of two ultrasonic sensors and its oh so advanced 4.2" instrument panel screen. Or extolling the Prius autopilot (only radar cruise). "

I responded to your ridiculous crossposting of bad information and wrong data on the other thread, but just to be clear, my F-150 has two high-res screens, one is 8". Not as nice as my MS, but at least it works when outside cell range, unlike the Tesla. Fail. My truck has six sensors on the front, and IIRC, same in back, but could be two less. Fail. It has one more radar sender/sensor than the single one on my MS. However, both are irrelevant - what matters is how the car works - in both the F-150 and a five-year-old Prius, the TACC works way better, although not to zero, and blind spot warning is a real thing, unlike in the Tesla. Same thing for navigation on both of these examples, which are FAR superior to the Tesla example, which cannot even find destinations by category. I love my P85D, would never say the F-150 is in the same league or category at less than half the price, but the Ford certainly does do AP technology far better, at least for now.

And thanks for the mentioning the Ford TACC software recall. I won't use cruise control until having it updated (which Ford can now do OTA using their new Synch/Microsoft functionality).

rdalcanto | 10. Oktober 2015

With the high cost of R&D, the gigafactory, store expansion, superchargers, etc., and financial losses every quarter, Tesla should only sell the cars that give it the highest profit margin until they are no longer product constrained. When they need more customers, then they should offer a lower price version with a smaller profit margin. It doesn't help anyone if they go bankrupt.

Ankit Mishra | 11. Oktober 2015

Well said.

carlgo | 12. Oktober 2015

My guess about the delays:

Tesla (Musk) did not finalize the design until quite recently. Now the component suppliers finally know what to supply.

This also held up the updates to the production line(s). Didn't know what to produce actually.

Getting enough batteries for twice the production (or more probably) was not easy and won't be until the gigafactory is running. That won't be tomorrow.

In the end, the delays were necessary because they couldn't decide on what to make and couldn't make many of them anyway. Now it will take months to really start cranking out the cars already on order (expensive models) and really, with the Y model coming, why should they offer offer an "affordable" X?

threepotters | 19. November 2015

Please correct me if I am wrong.
I called Tesla and was just told that it is not possible to purchase a Signature Model X unless you reserved it years ago. I was also told that production of the non-signature Model X will not begin until next year and that delivery of the Model X to those on the wait list (I reserved 3 years ago) is not expected to happen until at least a year from now. I keep hoping BMW, Mercedes or Volvo will surprise us with an electric SUV. Until then I'll keep my nice spot on the Tesla wait list.

TonyInNH | 19. November 2015

1. You can't purchase a signature X.
2. You are correct that production of the non-signature models won't start 'til next year.
3. Deliveries to non-signature SHOULD begin in the first quarter of 2016. I'm beginning to have my doubts about that.

What you may have heard is that anyone reserving an X TODAY may have to wait at least a year before getting one.

jpboyerva | 19. November 2015

Sleepy Doc

I have to agree with you. Are you a sleep specialist Dr? Can you give me something to knock me out till my 14XXX car comes?