19" Model S Wheels and Tires for $1,400 - 50 miles

19" Model S Wheels and Tires for $1,400 - 50 miles

I have a set of 19" Wheels and Tires with 50 miles for sale @ $1,400. I've swapped these out for after market 20's, so the 19" wheels do not include the TPM sensors. Prior posts indicate Tesla charges $2,300 for the set.
I live in SF Bay Area and would prefer pick up, if possible, but am willing to ship if the buyer picks up the shipping cost. Feel free to contact me @

Thanks, John

f-tal | 06. April 2013

If you don't mind, could you post what after market 20" wheels you went with?

Alex K | 06. April 2013

Yes, what aftermarket wheels and what tires and their width/size? Oh, and do they scrape when turning the steering wheel turn-to-turn...

Seraph | 06. April 2013

John - TMPS sell for $500 for a set of four so your price is about equal to brand new wheel set from Tesla. Check out the TMC forum, with TPMS these 19" wheel sets are selling for about $1000. And many have sold for less.

jsnyder | 08. April 2013

Thanks for the replies. Seraph, in response to your update, I'll lower the cost to $1,400/obo and see how things turn out. I talked with a TM service rep today and apparently a 19" wheel/tire will fit in the Front Trunk as a spare. If I don't sell them, maybe I'll need to buy 3 more cars and start my own taxi service!

Alex and big maple, I went with the Black BBS CH-R (20") shown on Tire Rack with the Michelin Super Sport 255/40/20. It was a toss-up between the black's and titanium but chose the former because I wanted a bit more of an aggressive look against the gray. I like the way it turned out. The only thing I may have changed was looking for rim with a bit more off set for the rears so the tires stuck/stick out a wee bit more. Not doing so affords normal tire rotations, likely cost a little less and might be more in form with my demographic in a couple of years! The fronts do rub in reverse at about 80% throw. The culprits are the vents in the wheel well. It may also happen when moving forward (don't hear a thing), but the downward angle of the vents bite (slightly) on the tire in reverse. Not ideal, but very little wear on the vent and none on the tire so I'm fine with taking my time on making any mods so there's total clearance. Below is a pic of the new wheels on the car with the suspension lowered completely.

DouglasR | 08. April 2013

@jsnyder -- The service rep's statement about the 19" wheel/tire fitting in the frunk runs counter to MANY other reports. I would check it out to be sure.

jsnyder | 08. April 2013

Yeah, I saw those reports also. I'll check it before I ship them out and post the experience.