2 articles with excellent info business potential Powerwall-block

2 articles with excellent info business potential Powerwall-block


We need a forum for energy storage.

The following two articles have some excellent information on the business potential of the Powerwall-block.

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Jcollins | 03. Mai 2015

Excellent articles. In a recent conversation with someone at the Southern company in Alabama, the company seems to fully recognize the game changing potential of distributed power and see their role as the coordinator of this distribution. Whether we like the big power companies or not, the truth is they are the best equipped to manager this conversion, especially as affordable storage evolves.

BTW, The Southern Company currently owns at least 2 Tesla Model S sedans and three Tesla Roadsters that they use in conjunction with presentations to the engineering schools here in the the state (one in Green- for Green Blazers of UAB, one in Red- for the Crimson Tide of UAT, and one in Orange-for the War Eagles of Auburn.) For those of you not living in Alabama, the Crimson Tide people hate, I mean HATE to be called UAT. As a Ga Tech grad, I think it funny.