2014 Model S

2014 Model S

I've had my $5000 deposit down since March but I'm waited to see what changes will be in the 2014 S Model. Rumours of AWD and rotating side mirrors have been heard.

Does anyone here know anything??


bradslee | 14. September 2013

TM, unlike traditional automakers, does not introduce MS year model. There is really no 2012, 2013 or 2014 MS model. There is only one model: Model S. MS is constantly being upgraded via remote software upgrades and by adding new hardware options to the same model. Certainly you can wait for those "desirable" options being introduced and available but be reminded that MS price has been also constantly increased from time to time.

SamO | 14. September 2013

I'd look for side mirror cameras since they are pushing forward on with them on the Model X.

AWD is still some time away. My guess is that they will have a retrofit for the side camera mirrors but not for the AWD.

JPPTM | 15. September 2013

Mirror cameras? Are you waiting for the USDOT to make such a radical change in the next few months??? Do you know that the location, layout and color palette of the warning icons at the top of the center console/dashboard were dictated by the USDOT. Even though this is a full display and information/messages could have been delivered in a better way, TM had to lay out the icons as if there were still individual lamps/bulbs. Dream on.....

tsonnans | 15. September 2013

thanks guys

not mirror cameras but the folding side mirrors that many luxury cars have had for years

GDH | 15. September 2013

Wouldn't mirror cameras be BLIS (Blind Spot System) like my Volvo?

AWD would be sweet. But I highly doubt as well it will be next year, maybe later next year but not anytime soon.

jcryer | 15. September 2013

I went through the same dilemma since it was getting toward the end of the year. What I was told was that they do not plan to introduce new items around a calendar year, but continually find upgrades that can be added to the MS as they are ready to add them. The only thing that will probably change will be the pricing and it will go up if their backlog stays strong. I am supposed to receive my MS on Thursday September 19th.

SamO | 15. September 2013


They already have the technology in the Model X Alpha. When the X comes out, if they are allowed to use the cameras, they will likely make them available in the newest MS. Maybe not end of 2014, but ~2015.

Docrob | 15. September 2013

Agree with others, periodic software and hardware upgrades are entirely independent of model year, they are released as they are ready to be released. We had a fairly major release recently with the parking sensors which I guess you could call the "2013/2014 model". I wouldn't expect major hardware upgrades for at least 6 months now but you can never be sure with Tesla. In the end the old adage "don't let the perfet be the enemy of the good" holds true, you could wait forever for every potential upgrade or you can bite the bullet and get the car, most upgrades are software and you will get them regardless, if a hardware upgrade comes along you simply MUST have you can almost always get it retro fitted.

runonmd1 | 15. September 2013

As to Docrob, I'm not sure that that holds for guide lines for the back-up camera, though I might be wrong.

That that capability, along with automatic folding outside mirrors, lane departure/blind spot warning, a fold-down rear seat center console with cup holders...need I go not included in such an advanced car at its price point is rather baffling to me.

Just my dos centavos...


T3SLA | 15. September 2013

The model year is in the VIN:
Decoding VIN for model s.

According to the link, 10th digit. C = 2012, D = 2013

Gizmotoy | 15. September 2013

I went on a test drive today and asked this question. The response was that no changes were expected other than continued software updates, and they'd switch the model year designator 1/1/2014.

So depending on how much you trust their store reps, that's what is planned.

JPPTM | 15. September 2013

SamoSam--the problem is not the technology, it is the USDOT and whether thay will allow cameras and not mirrors.

SamO | 15. September 2013

No argument. The X originally had them. Then the next X had mirrors. Now we're back to cameras and Tesla MUST have had reason to make the switch. I think they expect they'll make it into production. They need to shave the CoD 5%.

Brian H | 16. September 2013

That's regulatory requirement. Unlike any other maker, TM just rolls that designation over at calendar year end for cars being completed. There's no other significance.

The mirrors fold manually. They tilt for reverse. But autofold is not on: the motor thickens the stem too much for aerodynamics.

Kaboom | 16. September 2013

SO will the 1/1/2014 designation be set upon when i take delivery of the car, or is it set based on when they commence production?

Since i am looking to push my delivery to early january i was seriously hoping that it would be considered a 2014 car.

Brian H | 17. September 2013

Neither. When it comes off the line, or rather is scheduled to.

Kaboom | 17. September 2013

So how much longer after it comes off the line would i roughly take delivery? 2 weeks? 2 months? days?

Gizmotoy | 17. September 2013

@Kaboom: Depends on where you're located and how long it takes to get to you from the factory. If you're picking it up at the factory I wouldn't expect very long at all. If it ships to the east coast or Europe, who knows.

EVMD | 17. September 2013

Can someone tell me what is the big deal with folding mirrors? I had it in my BMW, never used I don't see the point, in fact my mirrors saved me of getting dings/dents in parking lots. If you live in Rome I would agree you need it.

GDH | 17. September 2013

My new Volvo has automatic folding mirrors and love them. When out they stick out and can he hit by cars and bicyclists. I think it's a great option and adaptive cruise control would be sweet too.

Tesla should just buy mu car and copy it with there own version. My car has everything every car should have, especially comfy seats.

tylerhen | 17. September 2013

Also, with how wide the back of the car is, you don't save much at all with folding the mirrors. The back of the car is almost as wide as they mirrors are extended.

jbunn | 17. September 2013


If you're waiting from March to next year just for folding mirrors, you're missing out on being able to drive the car for 10 months. And you still won't get folding mirrors. As Tylerhen pointed out, the back is about the width of the mirrors. Think of the mirrors as an early warning system that tells you before you do some major damage.

I am reminded of what Warren Miller always told us. "If you don't do it now, you'll be one year older when you do."

Brian H | 17. September 2013

The aero drag penalty for putting folding motors in the stems is too great.