4 seat config, please??

4 seat config, please??

I'd love to skip the second row but have 2 third row seats instead for a total of 4 seats.

1) Is there already a topic thread for this that I missed?
2) I'd think it would cost Tesla less so they'd happily comply at no charge. Am I a dreamer?

sp_tesla | 04. Januar 2016


Tesla should give customers option to purchase any combination of available seats!

Right now there are 3 options = 5,6,7, seats.

I have observed requests for 2 more options:

1) Skip the second row but have 2 third row seats instead for a total of 4 seats.

2) Replace 5 seats basic pkg with two 2nd row seats for a total of 4 seats.

aljjr2 | 04. Januar 2016

Can anyone go to Ford, GM, Audi, BMW, and request they modify vehicle seating? Can you get a X6, Q7, Escalade, or ML without the second row seats?

Like the Model X, these are first passenger vehicles, combined with utility to carry more than a standard car. I am sure there is a valid need to not having the second row. The Model X may not be the best alternative for that need. Tesla has already responded to more cargo space by making a two row 5 seat option. Maybe sometime down the road there will be a Tesla pickup truck. This is not that vehicle. Although from ones perspective the request may seem reasonable; however, from Tesla's (Fords, GM, Audi's, BMW's or Mercedes) perspective it is a one-off manufacture, having difficulty to engineer and build (carpet, wiring, software, structural change, not to mention relocating the FWD switches, air handling and other internals).

Red Sage ca us | 04. Januar 2016

I believe that there have been quite a few different SUVs and Minivans in the past two decades that allowed you to remove:

1) Second row seats as a unit
2) Third row seats as a unit
3) Second row seats individually
4) Second and third row seats entirely

Apparently, some would like to have similar functionality in a Tesla Motors product.

sp_tesla | 04. Januar 2016


Replacing 5 seats basic pkg with two 2nd row seats for a total of 4 seats should be very simple to execute and not nearly as difficult as you mention, they are already offer two 2nd row seats in the 6 seats pkg & use the 3rd row empty space as extra storage.

clublon | 04. Januar 2016

No seats with a 5 gallon bucket for driver to sit on? Plenty of room for hauling then. My first car, a '58 Plymouth Savoy had a 2 X 4 under the front seat to keep it from falling through the rusted out floor. That aside, I still have not decided between 6 or 7 seats. Happy to have a driver's seat that is not dragging on the ground.

aljjr2 | 04. Januar 2016

Sp-tesla. I could be wrong, but if the second row were "eliminated", what would Tesla do with the "software"? The software detects whether there is a passenger in the seat, and the seat belt buckled. As an example of the complexity is "cargo mode". When the driver request, the the Model X software checks the status of the 2nd and 3rd row seats. If vacant, then the X automatically retracts the 3rd row head rest, fold the 3rd row seats and then moves the 2nd row seats to their full forward position and tilt--maximizing the cargo space. There are also wiring and controllers for the 2nd and 3rd rows providing "feedback" to the 17" software UI to give the driver their status. The potential reason that the 5-Seat config is only available in the 2nd half of 2016 are these complications.
Please keep in mind this a software controlled vehicle.

I ordered an Audi Q7 which was to have double buckets seats (front and second row), that arrived with a second row bench. I asked the dealer to change the seat -- I was told that was impossible, since the wiring, cooling control, carpet and other items would also have to be changed. Fortunately, they had another color Q7 which had the 2+2 config.

This is the basis of my thinking. Just imagine Tesla's cost to design, manufacture and maintain stock for very limited configuration. Anything is possible, but has a cost... there may simply insufficient demand to make it feasible. Due to the complexity of the X, it is not as simple as removing a seat.

sp_tesla | 05. Januar 2016


That is very funny, made me laugh out loud.

sp_tesla | 05. Januar 2016

@aljir Fortunately, they had another Q7 which had the 2+2 config.

2+2 config X would be perfect for me.

Blueskies | 05. Januar 2016

@aljir writes- if the second row were "eliminated", what would Tesla do with the "software"?

What would be so great about software that can't accommodate something as simple as the removal of a couple seats? Why be held hostage to software?

I have back trouble, not getting any younger and I'd love to be able to stop and lay down in back and stretch out when the need arises without having to climb over second row seats that would never get used.

aljjr2 | 05. Januar 2016

Q7's came at the time 2+2 AND a folding 3rd row. Since they 2009 they only come with a 2nd Row Bench seat and folding 3rd row. Glad I got one before discontinued.