40's Need a Fix

40's Need a Fix

Lots of folks who've waited faithfully for a long time, and committed to an MVPA for a 40kWh car, and now are justifiably hurt to hear production is delayed again, while noob 85's get their cars quickly.

This gripe is legitimate - TM has made business decisions that have the effect of stringing along 40KW reservation holders. (Even if that wasn't the intent).

I think TM needs to mend fences with them. Here is my suggestion:

If you have a 40KW reservation and signed an MVPA, TM will refund your money on request, but grandfather in your option to purchase at the original price when the 40 starts production.

This would be a good faith gesture to credit supporters who've loaned them money. I think it would fix the problem and reaffirm folks' faith in the company's decency.

What do all of you think?

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Mark K | 30. März 2013

Well said, and a fair summary, Epic Combover.

While I don't believe TM set out to disappoint 40 buyers, what is needed now is better communication, and a good faith gesture to set it right.

Once your car has been delivered, there has to be a reason to feel that trusting TM for years with your money was worth it. Without that, they'd lose the hearts of those 40 buyers who gave TM their faith.

The guys who run TM are pioneers. They don't always get it right at first, but in the end they do. I think they'll ultimately come through here too.

djm12 | 30. März 2013

I'm 99% sure that the production schedule for the 40 cannot be accelerated. The supply chain for it, including most importantly battery assembly, is locked into contractual agreements. I'm sure that Tesla does know the exact earliest possible date that the 40s will be rolling off the line. However, any number of things may cause production to slip, so Tesla is hesitant to announce a firm date.

I've been through this with new BMW models as well. (for instance, I'm still waiting for the firm availability date for the i3) And need we mention the iPhone? Apple doesn't generally make any product announcements until a few weeks before the item is available to buy.

The sad truth is that when the 40s are available, a person that reserved this month may get their car only 4-6 weeks after one of the early pioneers that reserved over a year ago. When I get my Red in a few months, the same rule will apply. Standing in a long line just doesn't offer much privilege in the big scheme of things, but without all of your cash deposits, Telsa may not have survived. You have our eternal gratitude!

Brian H | 30. März 2013

It's obviously a problem to make a car that's only 50% less limited than the EV competition.

murraypetera | 31. März 2013
Brian H | 31. März 2013

An Audi hybrid? Wrong forum.

Ron5 | 31. März 2013

There. Fixed that for ya.

spentan | 31. März 2013

40s aren't going into production (if anyone hasn't read the blog already).

pilotSteve | 31. März 2013

well, 40's: you just got "a fix". Wow. Way to go Tesla IMO.

Mark K | 31. März 2013

This is a stunning announcement.

Based on the press release tonight, Elon did a stand-up job of resolving this imbroglio in a single decisive move.

40's get an outstanding deal.

40's get the bigger 60 pack, (and apparently SuperCharger wiring), and can software upgrade to full 60 spec for the difference in price at some future date of their choosing.

This also means that deliveries will speed up considerably, since 60's are already in production.

All in all, a spectacular reciprocation for the trust we've extended to the company.

40's should be very pleased indeed.

A remarkably happy resolution of the bumps in the road to change the world. TM's sincereity about this mission is inarguably manifest in this decision.


negarholger | 31. März 2013

That is what I call pampering. You get a better car then ordered and have the option to upgrade later to 60kWh and SC. Well done TM.

eAdopter | 31. März 2013

@mbergman You should have checked your calendar. It wasn't a 4/1 joke. ;)

For other 40's buyers who have waited with me, stop into a Tesla showroom again before your car is scheduled for delivery. It's a great way to re-energize your spirits after such a long wait. If you talk to the right people and ask the right questions, you may discover a few more unexpected surprises no one is mentioning yet.

For 60's buyers, enjoy the free superchargers. TM didn't forget you and you probably don't need an 85.

For 85's, well, you're already driving the best cars on earth, with access to superchargers, many months earlier than the rest of us. Thank you for leading the way and supporting TM.

I hope to see you all on the road. Happy Trails!


negarholger | 31. März 2013

@eAdopter - SC is not free for 60 kWh. Still have to buy the option.

Papafox | 31. März 2013

Wow, the best possible solution. This 40kwh reservation holder is delighted!

mbergman | 01. April 2013

eAdopter, I'm impressed.

First time I've been pleased with anything I've heard from Tesla in a very long time.

rebeccap88 | 01. April 2013

+1,000 TESLA! I think this thread can now be closed. We got our fix :)

brett.padgett | 01. April 2013

@sftesla: did you give them this idea (from your post on 2/22/13)?

sftesla | 01. April 2013

Ha ha! I was just thinking the same thing. In any case, I'm glad it worked out for all the 40s.

Vevans2 | 01. April 2013

This is great news

DTsea | 01. April 2013

How's that for an incentive to stick with the plan!

Despite our hypercynical modern culture- most industrial corporations DO WANT TO PLEASE THE CUSTOMER. I work for one. It kills me to see the negatives in the press. Great job TMC with a clever win-win resolution!

murraypetera | 01. April 2013

Nice job Tesla. This was the correct move. You have restored much lost faith and trust.

larryh | 01. April 2013

Are we sure this is not a prank? I did not get any email from Tesla.

Someone could have hacked the tesla web site, I suppose.

Would be good if true. Even if you don't buy the fix to get 60, you should have increased battery longevity.

brett.padgett | 01. April 2013

@larryh: yes, Tesla sent out a press release e-mail as well. Plus, I think Elon tweeted about it.

georgevet | 01. April 2013

Boom! This is great news. Very happy to learn that I will have the option to upgrade to 60kWh and supercharging when I can afford to do so!

Thank you Elon, and the Tesla Team! Feels like I won the lottery :)

larryh | 01. April 2013

And, just now, I did in fact get the email.

I will not be upgrading since I drive 6 miles a day but with 2 trips to wine country per year at about 80 miles.

Alright, were is my damn car!

(And how do I get rid of my Lexus GS300?)

larryh | 01. April 2013

were => where

vincent1001 | 01. April 2013

Upgrade cost is $1,500 more compared with doing it before production including SC. It's $11,000 to get 60 kWh range and $2,500 to activate SC.

Mark K | 01. April 2013

Tesla totally came through in the end. They are earning the trust we put in them.

Wait till you see tomorrow's announcement. I think Supercharging is about to get a whole lot better.

cmeyers | 01. April 2013

Something to consider perhaps?

I never thought I would use the range of the 60 since I have other vehicles for long range trips. On the other hand I do like saving money on a future upgrade if I can make use of it more often.

If I wait though, will it really cost me an extra $1k for an upgrade?

Consider this, in California your tax and registration fees are based on the cars sale price. That means that every year my registration is going to be less because the car cost $10k less to start. So when do you break even? I don't know but it makes me feel better thinking about paying less taxes.

Can I get an amen to less taxes!

jjs | 01. April 2013