6000 miles and still HIGH

6000 miles and still HIGH

Yes, after a rocky start, I'm in full-on Tesla BLISS. That said, I'm going to share two minor pet peeves and one near major:

Cup holders: with lids on, it's not easy to fit TWO coffee cups (same height) next to each other.

Tunein radio: lately, it often doesn't appear on my 'Internet' list which is a shame because I just added the awesome WPKN radio from Bridgeport CT to my favorites.

Headlights: yeah, this is the near major issue; at night, I'm not getting good illumination as I make a right hand turn...I mean, it's nearly BLACK until I complete the turn and drive head on. Anyone else experiencing this?


P.S. My S will never see a car wash--I spend 10 minutes every other day cleaning her.

jat | 24. September 2013

Are you saying when you turn right, your headlights dim? Or is this about the side light which comes with the premium exterior lighting package?

mike | 24. September 2013

"side light which comes with the premium exterior lighting package"?!?!?

Are you shitting me?! Tesla, REALLY?!!?! Please don't tell me this is true.


mike | 24. September 2013

Moving this to another thread. TESLA MUST ADDRESS THIS TODAY. 'LED cornering lights' optional? I don't think so.


Thomas N. | 24. September 2013

I just received my car last week (P85). I just have the regular lighting package but did get the foglights.

We drove it up into the mountains the other night and it was pitch black. The illumination was incredible! We turned off the fogllights and it was still great but they added quite a bit of light.

When we switched to highbeams it was ridiculous how much light output there was.

These were curvy mountain roads and I noticed no difference in left or right hand turns. I couldn't see how anybody could be disappointed in the Tesla lighting unless something wasn't working correctly.

Brian H | 24. September 2013

Turning lights are optional because some might not want to pay for them. You have no right to demand they do.