About the front end...from the horses mouth

About the front end...from the horses mouth

There's been a lot of discussion about the not-so-good looking front end in the alpha video. I swung by the Tesla dealership today to check out the Model S prototype and was able to get out a few details from the rep regarding that. Here's what I was told:

- No, the production car will not have that big ugly plastic thing on the front.
- The grill will be wider on the production model (vs. the original prototype) to give increased cooling.
- A lot of the modifications to the front end were made for increased aerodynamic performance.
- The "T" will be moved from the grill to the hood.

Some other things I'd been wondering about:

- The "Signature" series, with all the included options, will run between $75k - $80k
- There are currently approximately 500 "Signature" models already reserved.
- The 300 mile and 230 mile options will eat up some of both the front and rear cargo room. I asked if the 300 mile option would still be able to accommodate the rear facing jumper seats the rep wasn't sure but said he believed so.
- The doors handles use proximity sensors, so you don't have to touch the handle for it to extend out.
- Regarding options, I wasn't able to get specifics, just that all options normally available for cars in this class will be available for the Model S.
- The "beta" should be available for viewing in the Fall

Leofingal | 12. März 2011

Interesting if true. That implies additional battery packs for the extended range options, though this goes against the common speculation.

Douglas3 | 12. März 2011

No that makes sense. Tesla said that the 230 and 300 mile packs would have more cells than the 160 pack, so they will need more volume.

Tim10 | 13. März 2011

Interesting comments thanks for sharing and looking forward to the beta!

Also I believe (hope) the comment about the larger packs taking up front and rear cargo room is a missunderstanding on the part of the sales rep. Based on assumptions and cell counts it seems like ~8000 cells (assumed and stated by Tesla) that make up the 230 and 300 mile pack should fit under the car in the battery we have been shown.

Klaus | 13. März 2011

Exactly Timo, additional battery packs under the hood and in the trunk goes against everything the Tesla engineers have been working on, i.e. a single, easily removeable battery pack. The 160 mile pack just has some dead space whereas the other two completely fill the pack.

Timo | 13. März 2011

I'm not Tim10. That's different person that has a nick that looks like my name. I'm guessing that his name is Tim and that 10 is just something he added to that nick.

Peak Oil bruin | 13. März 2011

Your 500 Signature reservation number is overstated according to other discussion data provided on this site:

S 119/208 (February 28, 2011)*

S 0 (March 10, 2011)**

S 55 (January 18, 2011)***

S = Signature Series (Model S)

Douglas3 | 13. März 2011

I know of at least 4 Canadians who switched to Signature, but none have their reservation numbers yet.

Straight Shooter | 15. März 2011

I'm one of them Canadians that upgraded too. I was told I'd have my Signature number by 12noon EST on Wed Mar 16th.

Douglas3 | 15. März 2011

That's a very specific time! I was told I'd have my number "within 72 hours". Assuming that didn't include the weekend, I should have got mine approximately 22 minutes ago. ;-)

I'll be watching at 12 noon EST tomorrow...

ColinBowern | 17. März 2011

I stepped up to the Signature model and it stuck with the same number with an S in front of it - S #123

zestychicken | 17. März 2011

I sure hope they don't move the T to the hood. The top part of the grill is very unique and cool. It's evocative - like being at the tip of the spear, or at the vanguard:

The flat look (especially with the rubber grill guard) is just very ordinary.

Not that it would change my buying decision...

ColinBowern | 17. März 2011

Other things I learned from Dan at Tesla about the Signature series is that he expected:

- The Signature edition to land somewhere between 80-90k
- It would be well equipment with all of the features everyone can agree on, not some of the more "polarizing" features like a sun roof or sport packages
- For options you can look at the BMW 5 Series to get a sense of what to expect

I'm pretty pumped about it but I'm still not 100% sure I'll end up sticking with the Signature or go for the 230 mile with the options I want. Lots of time though as Dan mentioned that options for production will be chosen summer of 2012.

Brian H | 17. März 2011

Re: the thread title: if you take news about the front end from the horse's mouth, from where will you get your news about the back end?


VolkerP | 18. März 2011

they will come from some kind of... errrm... fruit... that is usually processed by sparrows.

msiano17 | 20. März 2011


I do believe I read in Tesla's most recent newsletter that the T logo would indeed be place on the hood

The black nose will not be a part of the final production car but the T will still be on the hood

Tom A | 21. März 2011

Yeah, I don't buy the battery stuff, either. It's all underneath the floor between the front and rear axles. Anything else runs backwards to Tesla's design goals and related statements.

trevorlsciact | 04. Mai 2011

That battery comment makes little sense, especially since Tesla have said that the battery can be swapped for a larger size.

Michael S | 06. Mai 2011

I am signature series res holder #99. I have had my reservsation for a year. I too am REALLY unhappy with the "face" of the Alpha version. I already own a roadster and if they end up 1.) screwing up the front ends looks or 2.) try to charge me more than the $70,000 (after rebate) they told me it would cost, then i might just stick with my Roadster.

As far as batteries, all signature series models will have the full 300 mile battery pack (or so I was told).

Brian H | 07. Mai 2011

Here's your chance! The Active Topics link, upper right, currently offers a webdialog with von Holzhausen:

MidEngine4Life | 14. Mai 2011

Glad to hear that big plastic grille cover wont be there. It was one of my biggest complaints about the alpha.

cytek | 15. Mai 2011

I also think the back end design with tail light looks too much like a Hyundai Genesis Coupe. you can compare the images on Google tonotice similarities. I hope Tesla redesign the back end as well with luxury Euro style clear lens to distinguish itself from mainstream designs like Hyundai. Just a thought and my 2 cents.