Active Air Suspension

Active Air Suspension

Curious to hear people's opinions/experiences as to how important you think the active air suspension option is? If I don't very often drive on bumpy roads, is it still of much value??

nickjhowe | 01. August 2013

Use to search the forum. This has been discussed extensively.

Net-net - some people like it; others are happy with standard. Ride is probably slightly better with air. If you have a difficult entry to your driveway, or load the car up with weight in the back then air is v. useful.

blisSfullee | 01. August 2013

IT is also very useful to raise the car's front bumper to clear most parking curbs. It also helps when washing.

kafahsholtz | 01. August 2013

Our experience is the same as Blis Sfullee. We have lots of steep driveways in our neighborhood, and raising the car up (however high it goes) really helps out. My wife (who nows professes 'ownership' of the car) has only scraped the front end once. Also helps with parking if the curb is high..

HenryT2 | 01. August 2013

I just had a loaner for the first time that had the active air whereas my 60 (40) doesn't. I noticed a significant reduction in road noise. In my car, I start to notice it around 30mph and by 45 or so, I think it would have been as loud as an IC engine. With the active on the car I was driving, I didn't notice any at all until about 45, and then the wind noise was always louder.

The ride seemed a LITTLE smoother as well. But unless my experience was atypical, I would have paid extra for the quieter ride though not for the other things that the active air supposedly gives you.

KendallPB | 02. August 2013

I'm always the odd man out. I got it primarily for the improved aerodynamics on the highway, thus increased range. (Every little bit helps. ;-) I got it secondarily for speed bumps, etc., but haven't really needed it. I don't need it for my driveway, though it is a small hill. I think I've manually used it only a couple of times--not sure I needed it either time. But like I said, I got it primarily for the improved aerodynamics/milage. I don't have a standard suspension to compare it to, so I don't know if it's a smoother ride, but supposedly it is, so I guess I like that? ;-)

David70 | 03. August 2013

I've had several people comment that it was a smoother ride than they'd been used to going over roads they had driven on.

I got it because of all the rough roads in my area, and too tall curbs. I usually raise it to the highest setting when coming up to a curb. So far, it's never bottomed out or scraped.

JaneW | 03. August 2013

Smoother ride, automatically lower over 55 mph is more aerodynamic on the highway, extra high is great off-road. Excellent.

wasaupe | 03. August 2013

I have used it often. It makes it easier for people to get in and out of the car.