The advantages of using forum vs. this one

The advantages of using forum vs. this one

Unfortunately, Tesla's own forum/discussion does NOT allow:
* email notifications on posts
* configuration of how threads are viewed
* private messages
* enhanced profiles
* easy searching ( helps, but since Tesla reorganized the forums most of the Google links are broken)

It seems that teslamotorsclub is "more traveled" and I'm beginning to see why. There is now way for me to know when someone is responding directly to me in a thread, so I often don't respond.

jat | 03. April 2013

I found it hard to find useful threads in TMC, so I mostly spend my time here. Ironically, it may be because it is more traveled.

DouglasR | 03. April 2013

I just find TMC too much to cover and read.

Robert22 | 03. April 2013

+1 DouglasR

Perhaps after I retire...

rodhoffman | 04. April 2013

I find this forum most usefull overall and links to TMC for details like acceess to the 12V battery in the nose. I would consider this forum for general topics and Tesla announcement comments and the TMC for details about car use and maintenance - not unlike other "user-owner" forums.

Rod in Evergreen, CO

Captain_Zap | 04. April 2013

I think that the greatest advantage of TMC is its huge brain trust full of experts and historians with a wide variety of expertise and experience.

TMC is the place to go when looking for more detailed information, insight and tips. It is well organized so that more complete information is easily found.

I think that Telsa monitors TMC more than this forum. (That is just speculation from my experiences and observation.)

BYT | 04. April 2013 access!! | 04. April 2013

I like both - somewhat different views, but TM Club delays posts from 1-24 hours (at least for me) since they are heavily moderated (not entirely bad). Photos are far easier to deal with at TM Club.

I'm not sure about how much Telsa Motors monitors either forums, as I don't see anyone ever chirp in from them.

Longhorn92 | 04. April 2013

@Frank2, here are all of George Blankenship's posts on TMC:

He has also posted on this forum, but no easy way to search.

Captain_Zap | 04. April 2013

I've recieved PM's from Tesla at TMC.

Brian H | 04. April 2013

Only noobs' posts are held back on TMC till you're up to a half dozen or so.

KendallPB | 05. April 2013

I much prefer TMC's forums for, well, having actual forum features. Tesla's forums are so rudimentary. Also, TMC has the Model S broken into one main and several sub-forms, making it easier to monitor just the type of things you're looking for.

Also many folks at TMC (most?) are owners or reservation holders; the rest seem to be actually interested--no trolling to speak of, unlike here. No doubt the moderation-for-new-folks helps with that a lot. But to me that keeps the signal-to-noise ratio on the correct side (more signal, less noise), which makes it a lot better. Also they merge duplicate threads, unlike here where anything new winds up with a dozen threads. TMC feels more like a community. Etc. I could go on and on.

But that's just my preference/take on it; I monitor this forum, too, just don't participate nearly as much (some of that's the non-functionality here).

nickjhowe | 06. April 2013

This forum seems like "home" to me. Been around here for so long. Am on here at least once a day; I go over to TMC roughly once a week. At the moment the volume of posts here means I can read every one. No way to do that over at TMC. I generally use TMC for research, or to follow specific threads.

Robert22 | 06. April 2013

I don't know, still reminds me of The Movie Channel....

rmitchum | 07. April 2013

As one who often "grays out" every thread in both forums each week, (is my OCD showing?) I'll insist each has their merits. Here, like the MS, the lack of "features" may be a feature. . . SIMPLICITY. While all of the color over at TMC can be enticing, the page load times with the requisite ad rigamarole can weight down the joy. . . now back to lurking.

joe | 15. April 2013

BYT | APRIL 4, 2013 access!!
+1 | 15. April 2013

@Brian H "Only noobs' posts are held back on TMC till you're up to a half dozen or so."

Unfortunately it's not true, I have 84 posts there and every post is delayed until a moderator approves it. Perhaps you need 100 posts to get past that. Annoying, but perhaps it keeps down the spam. At least they usually approve posts within 24 hours and sometimes within a hour.

The one thing that's great about both sites is the total lack of spam.