And the accolades keep pouring in ...

And the accolades keep pouring in ...

Here is the link from Yahoo's 2013 car of the year

It says that 250 cars have been delivered and 359 (additional?) have been produced.

~ Prash.

jerry3 | 03. November 2012


The site has basically the same information but is moderated. That stops most of the inappropriate posts.

BYT | 03. November 2012

Frontline, a Public Broadcasting Station production has a great episode in the Global Warming subject and its role in politics and questioning the science. I found it well done and that's the last if that subject I will contribute.

Tiebreaker | 03. November 2012

I apologize. Under lots of stress. Back to the accolades.

Awesome car, more to come.

Brian H | 03. November 2012

Thank Canada for Sandy's power. A massive Arctic breakout fed the western edge when it made landfall, and it switched from a tropical to a winter storm, instead of fading and losing strength. Cooling is coming! Get ready for it. It's far more dangerous and expensive than the mild warming over the last 130 yrs.

Crow | 03. November 2012

Back on topic, people.

mrspaghetti | 03. November 2012

Do we know when Motortrend does their awards?

Crow | 03. November 2012

I think it's November 12th. There is no confirmation yet that the S is a candidate, at least I haven't seen it. They release the candidates in alpha order and they haven't gotten to the Ts yet.

Docrob | 03. November 2012

It's almost inconceivable that it wouldn't at least be a candidate for Motortrend.

BYT | 03. November 2012

Maybe it has to be out a whole calendar year first to be considered by MotorTrend?

Crow | 03. November 2012

I'm betting it will be a candidate. There are a lot of cars on the list and it would be a crime for the S not to be considered given how groundbreaking the car is.

Brian H | 04. November 2012

The other awards referred to the '2013' Model S, I think, so it should be on the same slate as other candidates.

Brian H | 04. November 2012

So far, it seems they've only awarded SUV of the year, to MB GL.

tomas.hutters | 04. November 2012

We are getting used to it by now, but here goes the first review in a major Danish newspaper:

The review is written by a classicist with a sound portion of skepticism towards non-ICE cars, and it is overwhelmingly positive.

As a foot note, Denmark is a very attractive market for Tesla (and for BEVs in general). The tax on ICE cars is 180% (no, it is not a typo), whereas on BEVs it is - zero. Assuming that Model S will cost ~60.000 - 80.000 EUR (40 kW - 85 kw, non-performance) in Denmark, one could get a comparison along these lines:

Model S 40 kW: 60.000 EUR
Model S 60 kW: 70.000 EUR
Opel Ampera (= Chevrolet Volt): 75.000 EUR
Model S 60 kW: 80.000 EUR
BMW 520d: 95.000 EUR
Audi A7 2.8 FSI/204 hk, multitronic, FWD: 110.000 EUR
Audi A7 3.0 TFSI/300 hk, S tronic, AWD: 150.000 EUR
BMW 550i: 180.000 EUR

Tesla dreamland!

Timo | 04. November 2012

I thought Finland has monopoly for insane car taxes. I stand corrected. Denmark is even worse. Unfortunately for me there is no tax relief for BEV:s in Finland (other than it gets the "least possible pollution" category -tax).

Timo | 04. November 2012

Followup: Considering tax savings and saved fuel with $8+/gallon gas prices Denmark really is dreamland for just about any electric car. With savings distributed over five or so years you can get Model S for a TCO of some tiny econobox.

tomas.hutters | 04. November 2012

Hi Timo, how nice to have a fellow Scandinavian around.

And yes, I think you are right - the combination of an insanely high car tax + incentives for BEVs is a killer. If one can stomach the upfront investment, the Model S TCO is so attractive in DK that many user profiles will need to look for arguments for not buying it.

It is really a pity though that you do not have any incentives.

Brian H | 04. November 2012

That Danish article has a few interesting quotes:
"this epoch-making beauty that offers so much space and
comfort that the first 50 on the Danish plates are sold to taxi companies in our four major cities." Model S taxis!!

And the statement is made that there's provision for a second battery in the same case, as a possible upgrade. "And if battery technology, over time, as expected gets better and less expensive, a second battery [can be] implanted in the battery case, which is mounted as a part of the supporting structure." Not sure if they're talking about straight replacement, previously mentioned, or an add-on. Do they have some inside info from TM Europe?

Brian H | 04. November 2012

Speaking of taxis, I've been noticing here in Vancouver, Canada that the largest cab co. (Yellow Cab) is apparently gradually converting entirely to Prii. Gas here, btw, is about $5.30/USG, $6.40 Imperial.

Volker.Berlin | 23. November 2012

The Telegraph: "Tesla Model S: the car of the future"

reitmanr | 23. November 2012

Mark E
Err one way-oops spent a bit more $ got some great tech
Err the other way and we are history

And meantime we have this great car Regardless!

Getting Amped Again | 28. November 2012

Important because of the stereotype that BEVs are only for urban commuting.

Brian H | 28. November 2012

"Content provided by Motor Trend"

BYT | 28. November 2012

There was an award mentioned from WealthTV on TMC, since the forums aren't loading for me, here is what Google turned up on it:

Brian H | 28. November 2012

"In addition to receiving the Car of the Year award, the Model S is being featured on Wealth on Wheels, the network's signature series highlighting the best in the automotive industry."

pbrulott | 10. Dezember 2012

Another one from Green car reports: TMS is 10 out of 10 and ranked best green car

pbrulott | 12. Dezember 2012

Another honor: Tesla Model S Named 2013 Reader’s Choice Car of the Year

nickjhowe | 20. Dezember 2012