Another benefit of the Model S. Red lights!

Another benefit of the Model S. Red lights!

I see it now as an opportunity to accelerate. Of course only after checking the intersection is clear - don't want to scratch up the new car.

tgo | 10. Juni 2013

Yes, and my daughter has coined a new term for it ... called 'bolting'. It's when you accelerate very fast, but don't actually break the speed limit. I just call it fun :-)

BYT | 11. Juni 2013

Careful about the tires too! I love doing this but had to swap my tires out at 6K miles, $850 purchase for my 21" rear tires.

Reilly McHugh | 11. Juni 2013

@byt only $850 for four wheels? That's sounds like a steal to me! Where did you order them
From...I am kind of regretting ordering the 21"s but they look so much better it will be worth the biannual-annual tire replacement. My buddies C63 AMG wet through tires every 5000 miles. Def has to do with driving habits!

Bighorn | 11. Juni 2013

@Reilly McHugh
He said rear tires. So two, unless he has a dualie.

CarlE_P439 | 13. Juni 2013

I would say 'yellow lights'; there is no problem getting through the intersection before they turn red!!!

bobinfla | 13. Juni 2013

It takes away some of the temptation to stretch the yellow light. Nothing wrong with hitting the red and being the first car in line. "Bolting" to the speed limit with open road in front of you when it turns green never gets old.

Mike C | 13. Juni 2013

I thought this was just called "driving a Model S". That and getting on the freeway are the best.

sp | 13. Juni 2013


Robert22 | 13. Juni 2013

Be forewarned, "unsafe acceleration" is a ticketable offense.

HenryT2 | 13. Juni 2013

I was doing a lot of "bolting" but I was worried about fostering a stereotype. I've got a lot of Teslas in my neighborhood (Bellevue, WA - Microsoft territory). I'm afraid of the cumulative effect of thousands of Model S shooting away from every traffic light. I can imagine one day people saying "Hey, slow down! No need to 'Tesla' off with this!" "Or don't be such a 'Teslafoot'!" or something similar.

Mark Z | 14. Juni 2013

Since the Model S is extremely fast from a standing start, I find there is no need to rush. Take a second or two after the light turns green to double check both ways while starting slowly, then enjoy the rapid, safe, smooth acceleration to the speed limit. I zoom ahead so effortlessly, that it is unnecessary to jam the accelerator to the floor. Have fun, drive safely and never race against another vehicle. Let them go over the speed limit. I would deaccelerate if someone was trying to race next to me. No sense in wasting the battery or getting a ticket.

ian | 14. Juni 2013

Interesting that you say that HenryT2 as a relative of mine posted a comment on facebook about a month or so ago asking if Tesla drivers where the new BMW drivers. Yes they live in Seattle and work in Bellevue. ;-)

My thought was that if everyone could feel the acceleration of the S there would be a lot more impromptu street light drag races!

Seriously though, it appears that at least here in the Seattle area Tesla drivers are already getting a bit of a reputation.


TI Sailor | 14. Juni 2013

Although Tesla drivers might want to avoid the stereotypes usually associated with BMW drivers, it's actually not a negative for the car, or Tesla sales for that matter.

In letters to the editor or comments on other forums, most of the negative comments about Tesla seem to come from "enthusiasts" who have never driven the Model S. They've even questioned the ethics of magazine editors who have thoroughly endorsed the car, e.g., Car and Driver, Road & Track. "Bolting" is one way to show deniers the editors are right and these "enthusiasts" need to take test drives.

mallynb | 14. Juni 2013

Laws in the 5 states where we have lived require you to stop when the light turns yellow, if you can do so safely. Speeding up to run a yellow and avoid stopping is illegal. Speeding up to get through a red light is illegal. And not very bright, considering the consequences of crashing a beautiful Model S and injuring somebody coming across on the green.

kback | 14. Juni 2013

@mallynb - I'm pretty sure, and I think the thread above has asssumed, that TeslaOR meant that he likes red lights because of the acceleration that he can do AFTER the light turns green. Comments above seem predicated on the asssumption that one has stopped at the red light, not raced through it. I agree with you, it would be incredibly stupid and hazardous to race through red lights simply because you have a new, fast Model S.

Brian H | 14. Juni 2013

One even slows on late greens in hopes of being stopped by a yellow so he can be first in line waiting for the red to turn green!

tvntesla | 14. Juni 2013

I now avoid fast acceleration to not attract haters. I used to do bolting a lot, but many times some crazy guys tried catching up when I am at the speed limit then tailgated me or challenged me into racing. I ignored them but some just cut me in front and did some other stupid stuffs. When they drive Audi or BMW or Mustang they want to be the best and don't want anyone else to put them to shame. I don't want to have to deal with these low class drivers. Mercedes drivers are more considerable in my experience :)

Shakespeare | 14. Juni 2013
HenryT2 | 15. Juni 2013

One of the things I love about the Tesla that I had some initial qualms about is the lack of engine roar. I thought I'd miss it. But though I enjoy the sound of a powerful engine, but when accompanied by rapid acceleration in public streets, I immediately think "D-bag!" I hope that the quiet acceleration of the S at least reduces our d-bag quotient.

NICE | 15. Juni 2013

Be a safe driver and anticipate the road conditions. Avoid driving in a cluster, it blocks your visibility and maneuverability.

If the green light is stale the it will turn yellow soon.

If the light is yellow it will turn red soon.
Decelerate and be prepared to stop.

If the light is red it will turn green soon.
Be prepared to Accelerate

When the light turns green.
Let other cars enter the intersection first.
Accelerate and Avoid the cluster.

Mike C | 15. Juni 2013

I agree Henry, I think the lack of noise pollution really cuts back on the d-bag factor, cause you're not being obnoxious trying to get everyone to look at least that's what I tell myself in order to not feel like a d-bag as I zoom off with my Tesla grin...

HenryT2 | 15. Juni 2013

Yes, I think the lack of obnoxious engine roar does cut down on the d-bag factor, but I'm afraid the Tesla grin might put some back!


(Hey, someone has to create a special emoticon for TESLAGRIN)

Brian H | 15. Juni 2013


Captain Ducman | 16. Juni 2013

Robert22 | JUNE 13, 2013 NEW
Be forewarned, "unsafe acceleration" is a ticketable offense.

I got one of these on my Ducati 998, female officer said (after I took my helmet off) "I was expecting someone younger..." I was 32 at the time. Open road, limited access and never broke the speed limit, "BOLTED". Irresistible torque on tap cost me a ticket.