Anyone like the display shifting into "night mode"?

Anyone like the display shifting into "night mode"?

Its getting darker on my commute. So now I see the rather abrupt change the display does into night mode. I think it would be better if the day mode just went dim instead. Google map in block just looks weird.

I turned off the auto change now and just dim the display manually.

Thrak | 23. September 2013

I like the dark background better and just have mine on night mode permanently.

jbunn | 23. September 2013

I like it. It looks cool. Otherwise, you'd get a suntan sitting in front of that huge display at night without sunblock.

nickjhowe | 23. September 2013

@TeslaOR - I agree. But I tried using the daytime mode and even at 0% it is still too bright at night. If TM can recalibrate the brightness to a lower level I'd stick with day mode.

bt77057 | 24. September 2013

I like it. Except when it does this before dark. I drive west in the evenings. Contrast from bright sun in my face and black console, makes it difficult if not impossible to see anything on console or display.

unclegeek | 24. September 2013

I do wish the display had either a smooth gradient of back-light dimming or at least a few steps.. the transition is annoying.

c.bussert67 | 24. September 2013

I think it switches to dark a little too soon. I have the display settings at night they way I like it, but it's still light out when it switches, so initially I can't hardly see it. I wish there was a way to calibrate/customize when the switch happens.

Chuck Lusin | 13. Januar 2014

Since the 5.8.4 update, our cars have not been switching the display into night mode every time. I thought that I had seen this in a different thread, but could not find it.

chrigel | 13. Januar 2014

I have the same problem. In the evening the display does not turn into night mode.

Must be a sensor problem. Very annoying.

Velo1 | 13. Januar 2014

Not sure if this is common, but in daylight when I back out of the garage the nighttime display stays on for several minutes before switching to the daytime mode. Where is the sensor? I am wondering there is something I can do, other than manual setting, to get the display to recognize real-time daytime versus nighttime.

Cindy I II III | 13. Januar 2014

The part I like the most about the night mode is when it's switched back to the day mode. It's like the fleeing joy one experiences when headache stops.

@ Velo1, the delayed switch happened to me for the first time this morning.

Haeze | 13. Januar 2014

I believe in FW 5.6 they had something in the patch notes about how night-mode/day-mode switching would be more gradual and subtle.

Tanchico | 13. Januar 2014

I like dark themes for all my devices and now the same for my big device day and night. Agree with TeslaOR, maps look weird. I'd really like to set nav. to day and the rest to night.

inverts | 13. Januar 2014

I like it it as well in general, though switch to night is generally too early for my taste. But big deal. I programmed the right steering wheel button to adjust screen brightness and use that to quickly adjust the screen brightness. Works very well.

Chuck Lusin | 13. Januar 2014

Well, may be the next software release will fix this, should be out soon.

info | 13. Januar 2014

Sounds like a solution in search of a problem.

TeslaLandShark | 13. Januar 2014

I don't like the night mode. I just have my display always in day mode and turn the brightness down to just a couple percent when it gets dark outside. That works for me. | 13. Januar 2014

@Velo1 - "when I back out of the garage the nighttime display stays on for several minutes before switching to the daytime mode"

I had the identical problem. Take it into service. The light sensor is going bad. It's up behind the rear view mirror, mounted onto the windshield. Service replaced mine, and everything works perfect again.

drp | 13. Januar 2014

Mostly I don't like it.

drp | 13. Januar 2014

It switches too early in the evening and goes today mode to slowly in the morning when I drive to the office.

DallasTXModelS | 13. Januar 2014

The release notes said it would gradually dim to night display brightness from day brightness but mine just flips suddenly from day to night.

theapple | 14. Januar 2014

I love night mode. You can't get a white screen dim enough without it. The color scheme is pretty elegant, too.

TheAustin | 14. Januar 2014

I live that it switches from day mode to night mode (and back), and I like that you can adjust the dimness of each independently, and that it remembers each setting.

My one complaint is that I feel as though it switches into night mode a little too easily (i.e. It's not quite dark enough, and sometimes it switches to night mode on a cloudy day!!!)...And on the flip side, sometime it stays on night mode for too long in the morning before switching back or day mode. Based on the consistency of this issue, I would say that the function is operating correctly, but that the setting on the software that the light meter/sensor feeds is set at a light level that is a bit lighter/brighter than I would prefer before night mode kicks in/turns off.

Anyone else notice the same thing/feel the same way?

carolinagobo | 14. Januar 2014

I love the night mode I keep it all the time.