App Questions

App Questions

I've seem mention of an app that shows driving history (speed, etc.). I can't find anything like that capability on my standard Tesla Android app. Am I missing something, or is there another app with that ability.

Also, does anyone know the location in the car of the temperature sensor shown on the app's climate control screen? It always seems to be a few (2-10) degrees higher than I'd expect, as if it's affected by the waste heat generated by charging.

JPPTM | 21. September 2013

MAybe you mean VisibleTesla--search over at TMC for the full info.

Yes, the in-car temp sensor seems to only bear a vague relationship to reality.

EVTripPlanner | 22. September 2013

We built a desktop app that records your Tesla activity and can do some analysis on it. We also have a "Trip Planner" that estimates energy usage for a trip (accounting for hills, weather, payload, speed, etc). Here are some links:

* web site at

* planner at
(new alpha version of 'map view' at )

* Tracker download (need to run on your computer) at

* fun example of what you can do with Tracker data (acceleration times) at

ran23455 | 14. April 2015

Meluha. net is a good one!