Are there any young(er) owners out there?

Are there any young(er) owners out there?

I’m currently deployed and have had a lot of time to monitor the forums. I’ve noticed many comments such as ‘this will be my last car…ever’ or ‘I remember when I was 40!’ When I bought my first Harley and rode with some groups I experienced the same thing. I’m planning on ordering a P85D in the next 12 – 18 months after my next move and I’m wondering if I should expect “did daddy let you take his car out for a spin” comments at the SC.

I’m sure many of you are young at heart ;)

Alright, that’s all I’ve got for now…bring on the youth jokes. I’m looking forward to being part of the community.

bp1000 | 14. März 2015

I don't think you will get those comments. I have a p85d on order and I'm 31.

I bought my jaguar xfr at 29 and had some other nice cars before and nobody has ever commented.

I did have a friend similar age who sold his jaguar xfr and the bloke turned up at the door and asked if his dad was in. Funny but rare I think.

As for tesla I think there are people of all ages. Probably trends up to a higher age because of the affordability I guess.

cbshumaker | 14. März 2015

Here in Houston, I attended a Sierra Club EV show that included two Tesla S's. One of the owners was a young woman who looked like she was in her late 20's. I was shocked. She said she and her husband ran the numbers and decided the Tesla was the best buy long term. I suppose she was comparing it to high German sedans. Certainly not a Jetta TDI and Corvette that I owned before I bought my Tesla.

douglasstuckey | 14. März 2015

Danielle is 22, does that count!!

Maxxer | 14. März 2015

27 y.o.
Model X on order
been waiting for 2 years

PhillyGal | 14. März 2015

Yep, 31 and the Hubs is 30.

But here:

There are a few more links that are private thread that I can't link to or see because the car company that designed and built the best car in the world can't seem to figure out how to give both spouses access to private threads.

daiello | 14. März 2015

Hi there!
Thanks for the mention Doug! Yeah I was 22 when I placed the order but I'll be 23 once she is delivered in Sydney Australia.
How old are you hbrwhmr?

HbrwHmr | 14. März 2015

I will be 27 in May so I definitely won't be setting any records. I expect when I'm done modifying it and adding my personal taste it will be clear that someone young is inside!

The last house I bought I had my dad with me to help look as my wife was in Afghanistan. Every single person involved approached him first. Then I had to explain that I didn't need the baby treatment as it was my second house.

Glad to see there are some younger owners out there. I'll still be an oddball as I have only ever seen two on military installations.

daiello | 14. März 2015

Oh modifying? That should be interesting! Mine will be black and pretty much stock. Maybe tinted windows as the only mod. I've had enough of some of the taunts you mentioned as it is so keeping it simple for this car.

Sounds awesome and congrats! When is it delivering?

HbrwHmr | 14. März 2015

I just dumped all the money I have saved into an energy sector ETF for now. I'm currently in Afghanistan and have another two moves coming up next year after I get back so I plan to order when I know where I'll actually be moving to.

I'm going to get red, add the body kits and wheels from Unplugged Performance in black, black out all the chrome, tint, and then probably wrap and coat it. 12" Star of David on the rear window to go with my "HEBRHMR" vanity plate to seal the deal. I'm going all out - who knows when the wife will let me buy another car.

Mathew98 | 14. März 2015

@HbrwHmr - Excellent choice!

I'm perpetually 25 YO. Don't let da wife find out...

It takes a lot of hard work to accumulate enough funds to get a Tesla . It appears you've had your share of hard work starting in your teens till now. It takes patience and discipline to attain ones goals. Congrats on getting closer to the goal line.

Word of advise, get the jump seat option (you never know how many kiddies you'll accumulate over the years).

Pimp away buddy. Just make sure you allow the wife to drive it every now and then. Otherwise you'll be spending a lot of time sleeping in the car!


daiello | 14. März 2015

Fair enough that makes sense. Sounds like your car will be a stand out! (I'm still trying to work out what hebrhmr means though sorry!)

Stay safe buddy! :)

HbrwHmr | 14. März 2015

@Matthew98 Thanks, fortunately my gaudy taste dissuades her from wanting to drive my car/motorcycles but I'll let her have a few runs. How much trunk space do you lose with the jump seats? I remember sitting in old volvos I think that had the rear facing seat as a kid and having a blast.

@daiello It means Hebrew Hammer. I'm hoping to get my speed fix in the car so I'm not inclined to do it on my bikes!

Bighorn | 14. März 2015

I thought JT was the Hebrew Hammer!

P85D | 14. März 2015

Did I log into Tinder by accident again?

HbrwHmr | 14. März 2015

@G.D.H. lol, the only affair I'm having is researching and planning this car...I haven't named her yet. My Harley is already the Mistress.

NKYTA | 14. März 2015

Thank you for your service OP!

I won't speak for Ron, but I'm pretty sure the rest of us here are "young at heart", and the MS is like no other car...enjoy it and Grin!


P85D | 14. März 2015

You better watch that Harley, there's nothing worse than a jealous partner!

Kpg81 | 14. März 2015

I'm 33 and have bought 2 Tesla's in the past couple years, should have my P85D next week.

I also had my first new Ferrari at age 24.. Does that count for something? :)

P85D | 14. März 2015

@Pee85 Do you live in Helsinki?

Kenny.j | 14. März 2015

Well done to all you young guys who've managed to hit tiur goals so young. Kinda makes me wish I was a little more academic and stuck in so I could reap the rewards as you do. Unfortunately for me I think the model S will always be beyond my reach. I just hope the model 3/E will be along in the not too distant future and they turn out to be as affordable as planned. That way I may just managed to be a Tesla owner before I'm 40! In fact what a birthday present that would be :D

omega | 14. März 2015

I think the better question would have been how one managed to have a P85d at 2x yo.
Omega | 14. März 2015

My first thought was younger than what? :)

Out on the left coast, at least in the the Bay Area, young owners are not all that rare.

Anyway, thank you for your service and godspeed on your journey home.


SeattleSid | 14. März 2015

I drove my aunt's new '57 Chrysler 300 when I was 14, so there's that.

Captain_Zap | 14. März 2015

I got my Jag XJS V12 at 25. I haven't settled for less since. I was older than my years back then. Now I am younger than my years.

Mathew98 | 14. März 2015

The jump seats fold flat into the well area when not in use.

Same amount of cargo space as ones without the jump seats option.

I actually put 2 duffle bags in the foot well area while the kiddies were in the jump seats during a long trip.

shuki | 14. März 2015

I'm 40 getting my p85d on 3/24
I got it because my company had a great year and I was diagnosed with als
So this has obviously opened my eyes to life's secret
Go for it reach higher and live everyday like its your last
I'm gonna beat this so no pity!

Mathew98 | 14. März 2015

@shuki - Congrats on your new mistress.

Don't you know that 40 is the new 20?

shuki | 14. März 2015

I expect tesla to cure me

PhillyGal | 14. März 2015

@SeattleSid - Very cool to have had that experience! 2 neighbors in my immediate neighborhood have 50s cars (one Chevy, one Cadillac) so I'm fortunate enough to see them passing by often.

jajabor | 14. März 2015

I'm young..only 45 :)

Kenny.j | 14. März 2015

There's hope for me yet then :P

quinney | 14. März 2015

I'm younger than a giant sequoia.

P85D | 14. März 2015

I am 43, going on 44 in July.

laykutsu1 | 14. März 2015

38 almost 39~~
P85D came out too late.....
would have bought it 8~9 years ago if
it came out back then..not my fault..sigh..

Kbra | 14. März 2015

I'm 30 and wife is 27 with our Model S. Never gotten any of those comments. I think it's such a technology based car that it draws a lot of youth. It's mostly the "older" group that don't fully understand Tesla.

anodyne | 14. März 2015

The wife and I are 36, but people look at us like we're 12 when we are driving around in Sage, our green S85. I think Teslas make people look younger because all the grinning tightens up the face.

Brian H | 15. März 2015

Careful with that Harley. My bro'-in-law, also 68, dodged a car last weekend braking for pedestrians on the Mountain Highway (to Whistler, BC) and hit the guard rail, fortunately not going over. Smashed his hands, a shoulder, and 8 ribs front and back. Some vehicles are kinder to the young and flexible.

sbeggs | 15. März 2015

Love the name of your car.


Brian H | 15. März 2015

No idea what pedestrians were doing on that highway!

ATCRomes | 15. März 2015

Although my wife does not believe we are young (big 3-0 this summer for her), We are young-ish at 29. :)

tommix40 | 15. März 2015

I am 91, my wife is 77. We plan to have our ducks in a row by sometime next yr. Going for a test drive next Tues. 3-25.
She is as enthused as I am. We have "built" one many times in the design shop. We are going to order everything except the kid seats and the stero. At my age we figure she is going to have plenty of time to drive it so I plan to hog it as much as I can. She was in computers in her work for 45 years so she can play with the screen.
I had a 1939 Harley '61 in 1942. Rode it from Monterey, Ca. to Indianapolis & back during the summer of '42. Hwy. 66 was still a 2 lane road & not all paved. Saw 3 other bikes on the whole trip. Bought it for $350 and sold it for the same. Will post when we order. I spend hrs. ever day on the forum. Love to read all the good stuff.

tommix40 | 15. März 2015

P.S. I do hope I am considered young !

Mathew98 | 15. März 2015

@tommix40 - Try not to cruise for other younger chicks in your MS like some other unnamed owners...

Red Sage ca us | 15. März 2015

When I was 34, people thought I was still in high school... And I'm at least two feet taller than Michael J Fox... I'll turn 48 in July, and people in their early-to-mid thirties probably think they are older than I am...

DAB | 15. März 2015

I'm under 30. I never get those kind of questions about parents buying the car. Some people are interested in what I do to afford the car of course...

My wife and I have noticed we are a bit young when trying to fit into the "tesla crowd" at events - but everyone has always been kind and we always have a good time. Just don't roll up bumping dub-step... there are definitely some older owners that don't get (and don't like) that genre of music at all lol.

verbraken | 23. März 2015

Took delivery last Fall at the age of 39. I've always purchased reliable used cars and kept them way too long, so buying a new car was a new thing for me. As a woman, I get comments once in a while about what a nice car my husband bought me, but I am quick to correct them - I bought it myself, with money I earned from years of hard work and sensible living :)

Solarwind | 23. März 2015

I am impress at the number of young people that can afford the Tesla, thats great. When the wife and I were in our 20's we drove used Edsel's, still have one.

@ tommix40 ; get your car ordered! Your probably not going to get any younger. My wife and I are just 19 years your junior, we used our retirement money to buy our P85D named Bucket List. Awesome. Pissed off the kids and financial advisor.

ATCRomes | 23. März 2015


By any chance, are you a controller at Daytona?

Rocky_H | 23. März 2015

I'm impressed at the under 30's here--well done, folks. I thought I was on the younger side being 38, but I have cancer already, so that makes me feel a little old.

daiello | 23. März 2015

Thanks Rocky, 38 is young and you'll beat whatever you have i'm sure!

2 months till Tesla delivers now... come onnnnnnn why don't they have Tesla Rocket Powered Ships to deliver to their international customers...