Are there two "trunks" in the S? If so, questions on spacing.

Are there two "trunks" in the S? If so, questions on spacing.

Correct me if I am wrong, but there are two trunks in the MS right? A trunk and a bonnet? or a trunk and a "frunk" as I feel I have read.

If this is the case I am curious how much space those back seats have? It seems so tight back there. But if they have two trunks, and the back being very spacious, I assume they would allot enough room to the back seats?

info | 17. Juli 2014

Back seats are for kids. Limos are a viable option.

erandall38 | 17. Juli 2014

Are the seats standard in every car?

If not, seems like there is quite a bit of space. I understand it would be silly to have to models made differently based on if it would have the seat package (if this is even an add on). But seems like rear seats that were able to move back a bit would be a convenient option.

To the other questions, how is the space in the back seats, and if you can compare to your last car that might help?

The Tesla seems so big I feel like you can compare it to a 7 series? I have a 5 series and although not great, the space in the back is very sufficient. If it was similar to a 5, I would be very happy about my upcoming purchase. But not something that would deter me!

torst1 | 17. Juli 2014

As you will see plenty legrooms for kids:

Here is the frunk:

So even with 7 people in the car you can still run to the store.

torst1 | 17. Juli 2014

I would say that back seat (not third row) has as much legroom as the BMW and S class. Plus the floor is flat.

As you see from the pics even the 3rd row (this 3rd row is optional when you order) have good legroom.

You can fit your groceries in the frunk and even a bag or two in the trunk even with kids back there.

erandall38 | 17. Juli 2014

Whoops, sorry I should probably clarify. When I say back seats, I am referring to the "middle" row seats. No kids here. I am just curious as I feel some space might be wasted with two trunks and such a large back one. Would enjoy a bit more space in the "middle" row of seats. But then again, I am not to familiar with how tight it is (only photos). So curious how you guys have found the space?

Thanks for the pics

erandall38 | 17. Juli 2014

Thanks Torst, sorry did not see your second post, only the pictures. So you can ignore my clarification above. You don't happen to have any photos of the "middle" row with people sitting do you?

Captain_Zap | 17. Juli 2014

It has a front trunk we call the frunk.

If you don't use the 3rd row child seats, it has a huge cargo area because it is a hatchback. There is no trunk that is separate from the passenger cabin to the rear. There is enough room for two to sleep on an air mattress with the rear seats down.

It even has a basement. There is a footwell for those that use kid seats. If you don't use the extra seats, there is a cover for a basement that is about 10"x18"x39" and it will hold LOTS of 12 packs of beverages. I just wish Tesla offered a cooler insert or fish well.

There are other miscellaneous storage areas for tools, charging accessories, etc.

I've hauled my set of 21" wheels and tires in the back with room to spare.

torst1 | 17. Juli 2014

Don't know by experience because I have always been in the front row.
I haven't yet put in my order, but from what I've seen in RL legroom appears to be plenty. Even for long people. Reading reviews I can not remember a single reviewer complaining about lack of space in the middle seats.

Mireille '&... | 17. Juli 2014

The 2nd row seats are comfortable; it's great having the flat floor & seat. Available leg room really depends on how far back the front seats are adjusted. Pano roof provides more head room w/ the center position being the best seating for a tall person. Because of the roof slant, you couldn't really have the 2nd row further back.

Captain_Zap | 17. Juli 2014

Don't forget that there is no transmission hump, so it is easy to stretch out and be comfy.

michael1800 | 17. Juli 2014

I sit in the second row from time to time. I'm sorry I can't provide photos, but I can say it is neither cramped nor exceptionally spacious for an average-sized person. It seems to be a perfect medium.

BrassGuy | 17. Juli 2014

The second row seats have plenty of room. I will admit that I'm about 5'-6”, and none of my family are particularly tall. That stated, the second row seems cavernous to me, and I have sat there on rare occasions. Also I make it a point to tell a third passenger they should sit in the center position. It is comfortable without any floor lump, and the visibility is great there.

I concur that there is not a lot of head room for taller people back there, and yes the sunroof would add a couple of inches.

JAD | 17. Juli 2014

The second row is significantly bigger than a five series. Similar to a seven series.

ir | 17. Juli 2014

The second row is reasonably comfortable by modest western standards. My wife 5'0" and children are happy, but I find the pointed headrests hit me uncomfortably in the neck 5'9". If it were not for the panoramic roof, it might also be a little low due to the extreme slope in the back.

It is not limousine luxurious, although it is a common complaint from Chinese customers accustomed to being chauffeured. Tesla has hinted that they are looking into a longer version for people who buy it for show and not the thrill of driving it! (hard to believe!)

torst1 | 17. Juli 2014

The Asian market just love their extended versions. China is big buyers for all long models from BMW. I think I once saw a pic even on a 3 series with longer wheelbase factory made for Asia.

So if Tesla wanna get in front of long wheel based luxury saloons the only way is to make a slightly longer version. Even though it does not make any sense from a drivers point of view. Even more weight and longer wheel base will not make a long version any more nimble around tight bends.

sberman | 17. Juli 2014

Elliott, this comes from Tesla's Model S spec sheet. The "rear" row means the middle row as described above, not the optional child seats:

Head room: 38.8" front, 35.3" rear
Leg room: 42.7" front, 35.4" rear
Shoulder room: 57.7" front, 55.0" rear
Hip room: 55.0" front, 54.7" rear

AndyHSoCa | 17. Juli 2014

I am 6'2", and found the back seat spacious enough, as long as the front seats aren't pushed all the way back. The front seats are so roomy, it isn't necessary to push the seats all the way back for me to be plenty comfortable. Headroom in the back is better with the pano roof, as others have said.

Grinnin'.VA | 18. Juli 2014

@torst1 | JULY 17, 2014"

"... from what I've seen in RL legroom appears to be plenty. Even for long people. Reading reviews I can not remember a single reviewer complaining about lack of space in the middle seats."

@AndyHSoCa | JULY 17, 2014:

"I am 6'2", and found the back seat spacious enough, as long as the front seats aren't pushed all the way back."

I'm 6'1". I found the headroom of the middle seats quite inadequate for me.
That's not a concern because I expect to spend most of my time in the driver's seat grinnin'.

Ron :)

Captain_Zap | 18. Juli 2014

@ir - I watched an interview where either Elon or JB said that the Chinese version was designed to have a different style rear seat altogether. They said it was more of a "bench" type. I read that to mean that it wasn't designed to be like our three seater even though it could be used that way.

Has anyone seen one?

erandall38 | 18. Juli 2014

What a bunch of great replies. Thanks guys, really glad I joined the forum.

Comparing to my 5 specs, the S is only slightly smaller. Not enough to be concerned about, especially since I won't be back there much.

Just got approval for financing today, little more research, then purchase!

ScottyNeutron | 18. Juli 2014

My biggest complaints regarding the rear seats are the limited head room for taller passengers, and even more importantly, how close the seat cushion is to the floor of the vehicle.

erandall38 | 21. Juli 2014

Just wanted to update on my OP that started the thread.

I went in for a test drive today and sat int he back seat of a couple MS.

The MS most definitley has plenty of space for the average sized passenger. When looking at specs, the BMW 5S has more space in the 2nd row on paper. But there is no way my BMW 5S has more space than the MS I was in today.

Not sure if it is because the 1st row is so spacious and so the seats are pushed up, maybe how they measure it. But the MS felt like it had much more leg room (my biggest concern) as well as knee room. As stated above, the head room is a bit tight.

sberman | 21. Juli 2014

The lack of that center "hump" in the rear floor probably helps.

erandall38 | 21. Juli 2014

Lack of hump definitely helps with that 2nd row middle seat. But even the side seats have much more leg room/knee room than in my 535 from what I can tell. Very impressed and happy about it.... for my passengers!

Captain_Zap | 21. Juli 2014

Thanks for the feedback, erandall38!

It is good to hear the perspective of someone who has concerns and then investigates further.