Battery was running low......

Battery was running low......

First let me preface by saying I have had my MSP for 3-4 weeks and love it. Made a trip out to the north fork of Long Island, wine country, and underestimated the total mileage involved. Mind you, it was sunday night and heading back to New Jersey. Range was dropping........and dropping. Stopped at a Chargepoint station, 4 MP/H didn't help. So off we go trying to get back. Using Recargo, try to locate another place to get some juice. On a Sunday night, it just ain't gonna happen! Called Tesla Help and they suggest another Tesla owner by the name of Dan. It's now close to 10PM and I am somewhat reticent about calling, but call I did. My wife and I were welcomed with open arms, treated as if he had know us for some time. Charged up the MSP. Spent an hour with Dan, made a new friend and ultimately made it home. Learned two things....plan for the trip, and I am going to become part of Plugshare. So, if you ever find yourself in a sticky situation and in northern NJ, we'll leave the lights on for you and you can top off on my 240/40 ! My sincere thanks Dan.

hamer | 23. September 2013

@mumanoff: Where in Northern NJ?

hfcolvin | 23. September 2013

That's great Tesla was able to direct you to help. Props to Dan in Jersey. Did Tesla pick his name off Plugshare? I'm sure many people would be uncomfortable with Tesla handing out contacts from their database.

Lesson learned on trip planning. Any drive over about 90 miles from home, I check out on a map first and scroll through Plugshare if I'll be pushing limits on range. Also use you map of choice on your home PC as the Model S map doesn't always give you optimal route.

mumanoff | 23. September 2013

Hi @hamer, in Tenafly. Could not agree more. By the way Dan is in Garden City NY.

jat | 23. September 2013

Chargepoint had only 120V? I haven't seen any 120V commercial chargers.

mumanoff | 23. September 2013

Was not able to use their adapter. Used the outlet that is in the column with my Tesla cable.

TeslaDude69 | 23. September 2013

Didn't know about plugshare. Just put my business location up with HPWC from solar in Secaucus.

AmpedRealtor | 23. September 2013

Everyone with HPWC please publish yourselves on You do not have to make your address, phone number or email address public and can move the location dot to be approximate if you have privacy concerns. I published my HPWC on Plugshare. I am in Buckeye, AZ - first town you're going to hit east of Blythe on your way to Phoenix. I am about 30 miles west of Phoenix.

A network of HPWCs can prove to be invaluable to those who don't have easy access to a supercharger. Earlyretirement, in another thread, is trying to put together a HPWC Exchange of sorts. Here, have a read... It's a good thread!

jbunn | 23. September 2013


So you used the L1 port (110 V) instead of the L2 port (220) on the Chargepoint. L2 would have gotten you about 17 miles per hour. You should have received three adapters with the car. Two are intended for use with the mobile charger. One of them is not for the Tesla mobile charger, but is the J1772 adapter for the Chargepoint L2 chargers.

Are you saying you can't find your J1772 adapter in your charging bag? It looks like this.

Even if you don't keep the mobile charger in your car, make sure you keep the J1772 adapter in your car at all times. It's your adapter to all the non-Tesla commercial charging stations. Let us know if you can't find it.

mikefa | 23. September 2013 is correct - all Chargepoint stations will take the J1772 adapter... 17-18 miles per 1-hours charge using the J1772 adapter is pretty typical.

mumanoff | 23. September 2013

Thank you all. HPWC network is great idea.

mumanoff | 23. September 2013

On second thought, would probably be much less expensive if Tesla offered to provide HPWCs to those interested on condition that you would agree to being part of a network. This would certainly enhance the travel experience. Thoughts?

Peter7 | 24. September 2013


That is great that Tesla helped hook you up with a place to charge.

As to 20/20 hindsight:

I'm very surprised that since you were in Garden City, that they did not direct you to the Roosevelt Field store. Even after hours the chargers in the parking garage are available (24/7). That would connect you up to an HPWC at 80A (if you have twin chargers). This is true for almost every store (and all mall stores in the MD/PA/NJ/NY area) and a good fast charging resource to keep in mind.

Enjoy your car!


bonaire | 24. September 2013

Use - use the filter option and select HPWC to find owners sharing their electricity.

Also - if you are willing to share your charging station for this type of situation, then add to the Plugshare network.