Best vanity plates?

Best vanity plates?

can you guys post your custom plates and state?

EternalChampion | 22. November 2014


tmwstw | 22. November 2014

Eagerly awaiting a black P85D to be tagged BTTMOBIL.

BigBlueLou | 22. November 2014

Reserved in OH - 3L3CTRC

Tstolz | 22. November 2014

E GO in Alberta

charlie.wood | 24. November 2014


SolpowrAZ | 24. November 2014


genedr @ny-us | 24. November 2014
Pilotworks | 24. November 2014

Just saw nice a tribute plate in SoCal: ELONROX

Gasnot | 24. November 2014

Just received my plates in NJ

Electric Joe | 31. März 2015

Michigan has an easy way to check for available plates. (Google "plate it your way michigan") I've been having fun coming up with some good ones. Sometimes the most esoteric are particularly fun, so my current fav is 18650, which is the type of Li-ion cell Tesla uses.

18650 (the type of cells Tesla uses)
SHHHH (quiet!)
SORRYBP (not actually sorry)
ASK ME (about my car!)
DONTASK (stupid questions about my car!)

sonofomar | 31. März 2015

AURINKO is ours. SOLAR wasn't available.

grimusford | 07. April 2015

I saw "Pastgas" in vegas...I got xx666xx because my p85d is a BEAST!!

AoneOne | 07. April 2015
Blu Zap | 08. April 2015

/Users/tom/Desktop/IMG_0187 T.jpg

jafitzden | 13. April 2015
Solarwind | 13. April 2015

BCTLIST first choice BKT LIST unavailable in MT

Brian H | 14. April 2015


PhillyGal | 14. April 2015

We just got NoM0Gas :)

Opinions needed:
I'm planning on ordering a Tesla/Electric Car inspired vanity plate for my Hyundai because the good ones are running out fast and I WILL have a Tesla as my own daily driver some day as well.

1 - Is that stupid?
2 - Is is still stupid if my licence plate frame currently says "My other car is a Tesla"
3 - Can it be Tesla specific or is that too weird and just reference ev/no gas?

LostInPA | 14. April 2015

You should get a license plate frame for your Tesla with... "My other car is a Hyundai".

arldent3300 | 14. April 2015


marty | 14. April 2015

P85+ KS 0260N4

If I only had a P85D I could go with 0260n32

Oilless | 14. April 2015


sswartzon | 14. April 2015

California: GAS SUKZ

CaboJim | 14. April 2015


justrick | 14. April 2015

I'm thinking. COALPWR

Diabolic | 14. April 2015


idcr | 14. April 2015

EV P85D (Florida)

jgsuperstar29 | 14. April 2015

RYO RPDO (Rayo Rapido is Spanish for "Lightning Fast" - CA White P85D)

jafitzden | 15. April 2015

@Brian H - Thanks for your kindness in reposting my pic!

barrykmd | 16. April 2015

Jeff - You beat me to it. That was my second choice in CO. Got choice 3 approved, GBYEGAS, and waiting for the plate (regular, not designer)

Captain_Zap | 16. April 2015


We all did that while waiting for our cars. My first choice was available when I ordered, but it was gone about a month later. Cars were not even delivered yet! That was our only means of reserving a plate. Some states have an easier method.

LostInPA | 16. April 2015

I loved the irony when some guy in a white P85+ with vanity plate "SINGAS" pulled up to the gas stall next to my non-vanity plated Chevy Volt and then proceeded to fill a 5 gallon gas container (most likely lawn mower). What was I doing at the gas station? ...I too needed gas for my mower, but was too self concerned about gassing up in my S85.

My preference for vanity plates would exclude anything without the words "GAS" or "PLUG". Although I did find the plate "PASSNGAS" extremely delightful. ;-)

Captain_Zap | 16. April 2015

Many of the PASSNGAS plates were selected by anesthesiologists and gastroenterologists. Double entendre.

josephkane | 17. April 2015


dougharvey | 17. April 2015


rhbohl | 18. April 2015

(Almost every other one I tried was already taken.)

Acquaintance's Tesla: BYE ICE

teslamonterey | 18. April 2015


trixiew | 18. April 2015


Several people who know I'm a doctor have said to me, "I didn't know you were an anesthesiologist".

For the love of Pete, I hate explaining a joke.

grimusford | 18. April 2015

F GAS still available in AZ!!

Stosh99 | 18. April 2015


turbo85D | 19. April 2015


curtflys | 19. April 2015

BYE 1203
CA (for those who don't know, look at the hazmat sign on a gasoline truck next time you pass a gas station...

Grinnin'.VA | 20. April 2015

Mine is GO TSLA in Virginia.

It includes a promo link to "".

srumpf | 06. August 2015

Just registered mine. I went to The University of Cincinnati so I got the C paw logo license plate and got HARGED so when you look at it all it spells CHARGED. Ill post a pic when it comes in.

KennyB@US-FL | 06. August 2015

Mine's not that exciting:


PhillyGal | 06. August 2015

TSLA GAL now proudly accompanies the "My other car is a TESLA" plate frame on my bright blue Hyundai.

Leaf drivers must think I'm nuts when I give them thumbs ups.

Nantang | 06. August 2015

I want to get "CHARGE", but it's not available.

dleidy | 06. August 2015

State of Texas rejected mine as "inappropriate"


bonnie | 06. August 2015