Beware ChargePoint's new CT4000 worth your while - NOT

Beware ChargePoint's new CT4000 worth your while - NOT

ChargePoint is promoting a new station that "Doubles the number of parking spaces served by allowing for two charging ports to share one single circuit." This lame idea inflates the statistical count in shear numbers of installed chargers, but each car only gets half the power. Note that it can be wired with two separate circuits, but I doubt many purchasers are going to be savvy enough to choose the higher cost option of pulling two circuits.

GeekEV | 11. Dezember 2013

> ...each car only gets half the power.

That depends on the cars and the circuit. Let assume both a 2011 and 2013 LEAF SL are attempting to charge at the same time and the station is on a 240V 50A circuit. Allowing for the standard 80% breaker rating, that gives you a 40A or 9.6kW of charge capacity. Since the 2011 LEAF can only charge at 3.3kW, that leaves 6.3kW for the 2013 LEAF. That's pretty near full power for both cars.

You're also assuming both cars start charging at the same time and are at the same state of charge - which likely won't be the case. Assuming both cars can draw the same power, yes, they will be effectively half until one of them finishes, at which point the second car will get the remaining power.

Joshua Burstyn | 14. Dezember 2013

Yes I yelled at Chargepoint for this type of BS. Additionally their stations are often N/A unless you are a Mercedes customer or a Toyota customer, depending on the location. (They're not marked as "restricted" in their Smartphone app...) On another occasion the clearly-labeled Chargepoint station was N/A unless you signed a waiver from the mall where it was located. (You're in more danger walking through the parking lot than plugging in an EV... no need for a waiver unless you're merely greenwashing and want to show off your affiliation with Mercedes who clearly sponsored the station... there was a big MB poster overtop.)

I have yet to get a reply from Chargepoint about my letter to them about the above.

Very angry.

Joshua Burstyn | 14. Dezember 2013

Additionally the mall required you to use their pass. Why put Chargepoint on the station if I can't use my Chargepoint card. I paid for it.

I am extremely disappointed with Chargepoint.