Black Paint or metallic

Black Paint or metallic

Exterior panit question, been doing som searching but my question is still:
Black paint or a mettalic color.¨

Is the standard black a good choice or should you go for a metallic?

I'm not questioning the color itself, but will the non-metatlic be good?
Why does not Tesla provide metallic black?

J.T. | 09. Oktober 2013

I'm in the food business and people will always ask if I like something that we sell as if they're going to like something just because I like it. All I can tell them is what's popular. But when I want to have a little fun I go through this exercise which I have adjusted for paint colors.

Think about your favorite flavor of ice cream. Now, I'm talking about what your favorite is, not what my favorite is.

IF,, and that's a big "if" your favorite flavor is vanilla then the black is right for you. However, if you prefer rocky road, rum raisin, cherry vanilla, or peanut butter cup you should definitely go for the blue or the brown.

If you prefer your ice cream with a chocolate dipped waffle cone it's MC Red all the way.

As for the metallic black, Tesla does not provide it because they do not wish to offer it at this time.

Whatever color you pick, chances are you'll love it. Chances are that you'll see a different color on the road and like that more, as well.

Enjoy the process.

Wrief | 09. Oktober 2013

I would suggest you go and take a look at colors in person. The website does not do the colors justice.Now I'm hungry. I'm going to get some rocky road and wait for my blue model s :)

Mathew98 | 09. Oktober 2013

@JT - I question your expertise in ice cream flavor vs color analysis. I like vanilla ice cream yet ordered the MC red.

I guess you can call me fruity with my unusual color selection due to my fondness for vanilla ice cream...

BTW, my MC red still holds up pretty good despite the rain storm in NYC a couple of days ago. Those pesky dirt circles (from the rain) aren't as noticeable unless you're standing within a foot of the car. I guess it's due for a wash after a month of driving in the filthy road dust.

PaceyWhitter | 09. Oktober 2013

You say you like vanilla, you didn't say it was your favorite flavor. Most people like vanilla, I believe it might have the highest sales of any ice cream, but to have that as your favorite flavor says something about your tastes.

J.T. | 09. Oktober 2013

@Mathew98 How do you wash your car in the city? And, more importantly, Haagen Dasz or Ben & Jerry?

carlk | 09. Oktober 2013

Does any car maker offer black (or pure white) metallic paint? There could be a reason we don't see many of them, or any of them. Metallic reflection may just disrupts the pureness of these colors.

carlk | 09. Oktober 2013

Just want to add you could get blue metallic which can look very close to black in the shades.

Mathew98 | 09. Oktober 2013

@JT - Haagen Dazs.

I use Chemical Guys max sud shampoo + foam gun in my drive way. Let the heavy soap bubbles lift the dirt away with no scratches. I applied Opticoat on the car previously and dust/dirt really come off easily.

pimp-boy | 09. Oktober 2013

If you have lots of time to clean your car, get black. That's what I do unfortunately. Having metallic in the paint help hides a little of the "surface" scratches and such... I didn't care to pay for the extra option of the other colors. I prefer white or pearl white... easier to hide scratches and easier to maintain. But stupid me, I went with black. Looks beautiful if in glass like condition, but it doesn't last long with this soft Tesla paint.

nolancn | 09. Oktober 2013

Ditto Mathew98.
Expert detail followed with opticoat. Black is then easy to keep clean with method outlined by Mathew98 and sympathetic 2 bucket wash method every 1-2 weeks. Car looks like black ICE.

church70 | 10. Oktober 2013

If you like black get it I love black cars and i love my black ms
24.000 KM later still love it

Thomas N. | 10. Oktober 2013

My BMW was Metallic Black.

church70 | 10. Oktober 2013

P.S if you like bad ass cars get black

MrB | 10. Oktober 2013

My baby is a black P85 with black and carbon fiber trim interior. Simply said the car looks bad. I've parked it next to just about any other color Model S and personally I really think it looks best in black on black. And I was seriously considering the blue or the green, but having seen them in those colors I prefer the black.

That said, it's hot here in the summer and when you park the car outside it gets 130+ degrees in the car if you park it outside without the ac running.

And washing the car is a pain. You see everything on the black paint. If you want the car to shine like a mirror, Be prepared to pay a good detailing shop $400-$600 (about the different in price to getting a metallic paint) to buff out hairline scratches and orange peel from the paint and apply a good sealant. You'll need to wash the car more than once a week if you want to keep it clean, since it gets dirty just by driving a few blocks.

The gunmetal gray would be the only other option I'd consider as well as the red (though they call it arrest me red for a reason).
Both of those are easier to keep looking decent.

Brian H | 11. Oktober 2013

Arrest me red ... urban legend.