Black Tesla Model S spotted in Maine

Black Tesla Model S spotted in Maine

Spotted my first Model S in southern Maine
Near Portland . Far away from a supercharger!
California plates? Road trip?
Bueller anyone?
It was so cool to see!


Robert.Boston | 07. Juni 2013

My green Model S is resident for the summer in South Bristol, but you'll see us all up and down the coast from Portland to Camden. Massachusetts EV plates.

2-Star | 07. Juni 2013

Hopefully there will be a silver P85 on Mt. Desert Island (Southwest Harbor) in a few weeks!

KWTESLA | 07. Juni 2013

Try visiting Palo Alto if you want to see Tesla Model S cars ! Where I live in Central California they are rare like Maine.

jsanok | 07. Juni 2013

I've spotted about 5 of them in my town in the last week (San Marino, CA). Must be doing well.

bsimoes | 08. Juni 2013

I have a green Model S that many people think is black. I was in Portland (first road trip) around that time with a bunch of girlfriends. There were six of us. We were actually staying in Portsmouth, NH, but we did a day drive to Maine. I left my temporary plates on for the trip, because I didn't want to stand out as an "Out of Stater" and give a reason to be pulled over!

Robs Jones | 08. Juni 2013

Hey Tom,
Not sure the dates are right, but I'm tooling around the country in a 60kw Dark Blue Model S with CA plates and drove through Portland making my way to US-1 a few days ago.

Currently in a coffee shop in Calais, Maine heading towards our neighbor up North.

This is truly a car without compromise!

All the best,
- Rob

Brian H | 08. Juni 2013

All six in the MS? POIDH!

bsimoes | 09. Juni 2013

Brian--no, one of my friends drove her mini-van because she had to leave early...she spent a lot of the trip driving alone; go figure!
Hey, I don't text...I rarely use my cell phone, so I don't know what POIDH means, and I don't want to have to go look it up. Ironically, I'm going to ask you to spell it correctly!

Bikezion | 09. Juni 2013

POIDH = pics or it didn't happen

Brian H | 09. Juni 2013

Pictures Or It Didn't Happen.

mail | 03. August 2013

In Camden, ME now with my grey Tesla... Massachusetts EV plates hoping to get enough charge to get home tomorrow :-)

markgould | 18. September 2013

GreetingS drivers! I am organizing a National Plug-In Day celebration in Portland Maine on September 29th 2013 and wanted to extend the invitation to this group.

Please join us for Maine's first-ever National Plug In Day celebration, with an event called "Maine Plugs In." We'll have Maine's largest-ever collection of electric vehicles, including Nissan LEAFs, Chevrolet Volts, a Vectricx, Ford Focus Electric, Toyota Prius Plugin, a solar-powered golf cart, and even an ERACER (1kwh battery Electrathon electric race car 2370 MPGe @ 62 mpg, 105 lb. carbon fiber monocoque).

What's missing from this list of great EVs? Sadly, we do not have any kind of Tesla representation. Can you help?

For more information about our event, see our event page at:

Please let us me if you can spare an afternoon visit to beautiful coastal southern Maine to display your own EV beauty and talk with fellow EV enthusiasts, green companies and interested event attendees. My email is

Thank you!


2-Star | 18. September 2013

@mark -- Sadly our silver P85 MS is leaving Southwest Harbor and going to Naples FL for the winter on 9/27. I wish your Plug-In Celebration had been a week earlier. Our MS arrived on 7/16 and now has over 1800 miles on it. We just love it, except for the FM reception in weak signal areas and spotty XM satellite radio reception when surrounded by trees. Have a great winter and I hope we meet next summer. My wife lived in Cape Elizabeth for many years.

markgould | 24. September 2013

Thank you, Fred. Enjoy your time in Florida, and do stop by TideSmart Global (380 Route 1, Falmouth) next time you're around. You're welcome to charge up here any time!

Best regards,