Broder's response

Broder's response

Nelson T. | 15. Februar 2013

fritzland - There is a team of people over at the Teslamotors Club doing just that this weekend.


roseland67 | 15. Februar 2013

Must be Bad advice from Tesla reps,
Otherwise he would be wrong,
And that's just not possible

GeirT | 15. Februar 2013

@ Nelson T.

"Tour de Broder" and "Hey, don't Broder me!"

sergiyz | 15. Februar 2013

Tesla reps often know less about the car than owners.
It's a problem that Tesla needs to fix.
I'd love to see phone transcripts since he claims he had several calls (12?) with them.
It would be nice to know what exactly he's been told when the car was showing 32 miles of range after he disconnected it from the charger.
He was able to drive 51 miles with that, that's still surprising.
But if it's between the car and the tesla rep, I'd pick the car.
Definitely trust my car even more now.

Brian H | 15. Februar 2013

The rep must have believed the low rating was bogus and would vanish when the battery warmed (which would also return regen). Hence the "precondition" advice. Same watts would have been used to warm it in motion, if just battery power was used. IMO, charging, even at 120V, would have shown the true miles and warmed over an hour or so. That number should have then been real, and believed.

DarrellH | 26. Februar 2013

I keep hearing about bad advice from Tesla reps. I don't buy it. I know some of the reps involved and I am more inclined to believe they gave him good advice but he heard what they said through his own filter. The logs certainly show that. He did the wrong thing because he wanted a story. Glad he got caught in his own fabrications.

s_curve | 26. Februar 2013

For Broder to have the thoughts that he even claimed himself in this response, he would have to be a 100%, USDA prime, smooth-brained Moron. Yeah, with the capital 'M'.

I write this, not to insult, but to make the point that I don't believe that he or anyone else at the NYT is that stupid.

His response simply reflects the place where one lands when one first seeks to purposefully deceive...gets busted...gets called out on it...then tries desperately to cover up tracks that are now encased in cement.

A sad face-saving manuever that typically comes from folks whose egos are larger than their sense of integrity.

skymaster | 26. Februar 2013

This review was only a minor set-back. The NYT did not buy a Tesla Model S, they just did a bogus review. What will be important, is the feedback from people who actually buy a Model S. This feedback has been overwhelmingly positive in the first few months of production. (The plant has only started to ramp up in the last two months!)

This car is a game-changing machine and the excitement will grow as the weeks go by.

I just got my "Delivery" button tonite. I can't wait to share the "Tesla Grin" with others.

Brian H | 27. Februar 2013

He doesn't know the facts but trusts Broder, takes him at his word in preference to that rat, Musk. Who shoulda kept his trap shut and taken his lumps.


GeirT | 27. Februar 2013

@ nickniketown - please, don't you get it? You are not wanted here. Bye, bye!

BarryQ | 27. Februar 2013

Bye bye nickniketown