CA Rebate vs. ZEV Type?

CA Rebate vs. ZEV Type?

Has anyone seen the approved list for the CA rebate for ZEV cars?

The Tesls S is listed, but in parentheses only the 85kwh batter is listed and I'm wondering why.
It seems deliberate as opposed to a mistake.

They have guidelines as to what qualifies and I'm curious if anyone else has done research on this

Also- does anyone know what category Tesla S is for ZEV? Type I, I.5, II, III, IV, or V ??

Schlermie | 18. September 2012

The other battery sizes haven't been certified yet because they're not available yet. Once they're available, they'll be certified too.

Scwins | 19. September 2012

OH! Thanks for the response!

Nick Kordich | 23. September 2012

40kWh - Type II - 100+ miles.
60kWh - Type IV - 200+ miles plus rapid charging.
85kWh - Type V - 300+ miles plus rapid charging.