CALIFORNIA Carpool Lane Sticker

CALIFORNIA Carpool Lane Sticker

I have gotten my three carpool lane stickers, but I can't bear to put the ugly big side stickers on my beautiful white S. Do you think I can get away with just the smaller back bumper sticker? I'm gonna try it!

EcLectric | 18. April 2013

At least the stickers don't show up so obviously on a white car. I couldn't stand to permanently stick them to my midnight blue Model S, so I have scotch taped the two larger stickers to the inside of the small triangular windows next to and behind the back seats. A CHP can see the stickers in the window before they can see that you are alone, and it's obvious to other drivers that you have the stickers. It has worked for me so far.

Brant | 18. April 2013

In the same boat here
The stickers have spent 3 weeks in my glove box

Mark Z | 18. April 2013

I placed all three stickers on the black lower panel. I put a slight bit of the top round of the two larger side stickers into the crack between the painted and plastic surface so that the decal number and state seal would be more visible at the bottom. The side ones are placed next to the vertical line where the plastic suddenly "curves." Photo links show all three locations.

With them in this position, a working police officer at the side of the road may not see them clearly at first glance and ask you to pull over. But as they take another look, you are good to go. (Happened at the 57 SB to 5 in Santa Ana - Three officers handing out tickets.)

One more suggestion. Cut the single strip of 3 stickers so you can place all 3 into a copy machine. Create one 8 1/2 x 11 inch page and cut out the paper copies to test placement on the vehicle. Leave the originals alone until you are happy with the results. Do not drive with the paper copies. Clean the plastic bumper before applying the originals.

pvetesla | 18. April 2013

MarkZ...They look pretty nice. You must be a meticulous kinda guy...I like that.

Can you show a wider shot of your car so we can see the overall look?


stambouli | 18. April 2013

I'm thinking that even if they pull you over, if you show them the stickers in the glove compartment you should be good to go. True, you lose some time but how often are you going to be pulled over compared to spoiling the car?

andex23 | 18. April 2013

Bought some xpel clear bra material from amazon for 6 bucks. put the sticker on the vinyl, cut the vinyl to the sticker shape and set the smaller white sticker on the back of my midnight blue P85. It can come off easily at anytime with no residue. I am kind of proud of the sticker but don't want all three ruining the look. I also think more people now look at the car with the sticker attached.

JDster | 18. April 2013

Stickers are ugly, period. I think I'd rather be stuck in traffic than stick them on my MS. Plus, I can surf the web while stuck in traffic :-)

Brian H | 18. April 2013

You could have posted those here.
<img src="URL" width="600">

qphan79 | 19. April 2013

Is it harder to remove the stickers from the black panel compared to the paint?

xradr | 19. April 2013

I had an accident (rear ended) in our honda civic hybrid that had the old yellow stickers. When I had the bumper replaced, they peeled off the yellow stickers, but they pulled off the cellophane part and the sticky part couldn't be removed from the old bumper. so, they gave me those (basically a non-stickable version of the sticker). I never put them back on the new bumper, I simply left them in the glove box. Once when I was pulled over and explained what happened to officer (showing him the stickers and original document that came with). No issues and I was on my way. We got the stickers when they came out, and drove without them for 40K miles and was pulled over just that once. So, I suspect it's going to be a rare occurrence and if you're courteous to the officer, I think it likely will be all good.

Mike C | 19. April 2013

Similar to EcLectric, I have a single small sticker on the right side rear triangle window. I asked a CHP friend of a friend, and he said he would give a verbal warning if he had pulled me over. Good enough for me.

If I HAD TO put one on the bumper, I would do it just like Mark Z did, which is as nice as I've seen them in the "correct" place. Actually, I'd try to get away with just one on the back.

rbgliny | 20. April 2013

I received mine a few weeks ago - issued in NY state. There are 2 small ones and 2 HUGE ones. No way I can graffiti my S with these -a bit over the top - 2 small stickers on the bumpers (placed in the middle of them would be sufficient....or even better - a sticker on the front and back license plates would have been sufficient.

jonslusser | 20. April 2013

I just put the little sticker on the rear bumper and keep the big ones in the glove box. I don't like how it looks but it isn't too bad. CHP can clearly see I have the sticker, but if they pull me over I'll just show them the others... if they even ask. I really don't think its an issue.

cosmomusic | 20. April 2013

All my stickers on my Signature Red are on the lower black panels. I have 11K miles mostly HWY. Never been stopped, and I do use the carpool lanes.

carlk | 20. April 2013

@andex23 You don't think that will make sticker thieves' job easier too?

info | 20. April 2013

When I got my stickers I looked at the instructions. They said "Please" place the stickers as indicated. In my opinion, when they say "please" it's not an order. The Cal. Vehicle Code says the stickers must be displayed. It doesn't specify where. I've spoken with one CHP officer (not within view of my car) and he told me that he'd stop someone who had the stickers in the window. (where mine are). All that being said, I put my stickers in the rear door windows and on the hatch. But, now that I've seen the placement in the photos, I think I may break down and do it his way.

djm12 | 22. April 2013

I place my stickers exactly where they are indicated to be placed. I learned a long time ago that police do not have a sense of humor.

Mark Z | 24. April 2013

@pvetesla; Here is the wider photo requested. Thanks to Brian H for the HTML code.

The three California HOV white stickers are for the rear of the vehicle. Ignore the front bumper instruction for the green sticker.

hademarco | 24. April 2013

@Mark Z. Your car is soooo shiny!

poolman1237 | 24. April 2013

What I did was to obtain a small roll of 3M armor shield, 4 inches wide. Stick the DMV stickers to the 3M armor shield material,cut around the stickers, and then stick the stickers to the body. The 3M material is alot easier to remove, if need too. Got mine through Amazon.

TeslaLandShark | 24. April 2013

I also ordered the 3M armor shield from Amazon, it came today. Still waiting for the HOV stickers from CA DMV. I'm thinking about just starting with the small one on the back lower right and taping the bigger ones in the small triangle windows in the back seat.

sbrizius | 26. April 2013

Will the 3M or XPEL stuff work on the bumper locations Mark Z used or does it only work on paint?

gldlcks55 | 26. April 2013

I had mine installed professionally by a tint store using the 3M product for $25. I followed the DMV placement location instructions. Mine is a dark blue MS. I'm more concerned about the removal process. As long as its done properly and neatly, it should be ok. Actually it looks like it belongs there. By the way, I drive everyday on one of the toll bridges in the Bay Area and the HOV lanes so I don't want any hassle on being pulled over. Enjoy your Badge of Honor!

gldlcks55 | 26. April 2013

Clean Air Decals will give your Tesla the "je nais se qua" look. An imperfect beauty!!

gldlcks55 | 26. April 2013

Je nais se quoi!

pebell | 26. April 2013

Je ne sais quoi

pebell | 26. April 2013

Which is french for "ugly", in this case..

skulleyb | 26. April 2013
skulleyb | 26. April 2013

Did the stickers just get extended till 2020?

TeslaLandShark | 26. April 2013

gldlcks55 - I hope you aren't the Dark Blue that I pulled in behind on 2nd street in San Francisco yesterday just as the parking patrol was issuing the car a parking ticket. If so, really sorry man!

sbrizius | 26. April 2013

Mark Z, how did you get the side stickers to fit between the crack? Can you reach around from behind the bumper?

sbrizius | 27. April 2013

Mark Z/Jon, thanks for your idea. I applied mine just like yours and I think it turned out well.

I used an old credit card to stick in the gap to make it easier to slide the top of circle in the gap. I also cut around the sticker with just a little white showing. I then peeled off the back of the sticker only about a half an inch along the top. This made it easier to hold and reposition without it sticking. Once I had it right where I wanted it, I pressed from the top down slowly peeling off the back. The two side stickers are the easiest to align because you can just follow the straight line of the top of the plastic bumper. The middle one I just eyeballed.

J Nemeth | 27. April 2013

There are not that many electric cars out there, why can`t the police just remember the handful of models and say "oh look, a TESLA, there are no gas versions of that". This sounds like another dumb government rule to ease the government workers from having to use their heads. Do motorcycles need a sticker to use the HOV lane?

TeslaLandShark | 27. April 2013

Got my stickers today and opted to tape them in the rear side triangle windows and also taped the rear one in the back window.

I think the stickers in the side windows are MORE visible than they would be on the side of the car in the recommended spots. The back one is pretty small so its not impending my rear visiblity at all. Guess I didn't need the 3M stuff after all!

Mark Z | 27. April 2013

@sbrizius; I did not reach behind the bumper! Using a credit card is a good idea if you don't scratch the paint. I may have used some of the backing material folded with the shiny side out to help push down the sticker in the hidden area. A warm day helped with the curve of the top.

Don't forget my original post above where I suggest copying the stickers to test alignment. Once the cut copies look good, then the confidence is higher for the real sticker to be applied.

Through the years I always take stickers completely off the backing and then place them back on the backing with the top half exposed. That allows easier alignment as you mentioned, but without excessive paper folded underneath.

It's fun to check where these stickers end up. Today I saw a plug=in Prius with all four green stickers on the sides, two in the front and two at the rear. They didn't read the instructions!

The whole idea with proper placement is to help the officers see them. When you watch them giving out tickets, they look for them where they should be. Above all, make sure you have the special HOV registration in the glove box if you are stopped.

Colasec | 21. Juni 2013

Can you please post the Amazon links to the Xpel and 3M products? There are a lot of options and I don't know which is the right one:

TFMethane | 21. Juni 2013

I have a black MS85, and I actually put my stickers higher up on the rear quarter panels, and just to the right of the rear license plate next to the "85"

I had a civic hybrid with the yellow stickers, and I did the same thing with them.

I want the stickers prominently displayed. It's not a Calvin-pissing-on-la-migra sticker. It's not truck nuts. It's classy and something to be proud of... something to lord over all the suckers who can't get into the carpool lane.

hamer | 21. Juni 2013

I have not tried this on my Model S as I live in a state without either HOV lanes or stickers, but if the bumper is indeed ferrous metal as opposed to some non-ferrous composite, you can buy a flexible magnetic sheet at a hobby store (like the refrigerator magnetic cards some business give out), stick your bumper sticker to it, and then let it magnetically adhere to your bumper.

Even before I got a Tesla Model S, I would never put bumper stickers on my car because I think it looks trashy, but when I bought my "Dogs Against Romney" magnet prior to the last election I put it on my Acura TL and could take it of with no damage any time I wished.

David59 | 21. Juni 2013

TFMethane +1

portia | 27. September 2013

+1 J Nemeth

yesterday I was on the 85 north of 280 in one of those horrible morning commutes, I do not have a sticker, since I don't normally commute over the hill, well, in about 1 mile stuck in traffic, i was passed by 12 Tesla Model S in the carpool lane, who were probably all wondering why I was not in it :(

WhisperingCJ | 27. September 2013

Personally I don't know why they don't simply use the same cameras they use to check your license and tax, etc are up to date and add a flag to their database to that to indicate whether it's an EV
That would be a one-off cost, and in the long term would be cheaper than issuing fugly stickers

hungry | 27. September 2013

Hidden Car pool Stickers :)
I am trying to attach a picture below

TikiMan | 27. September 2013

Yup, that's where I put mine way back in Dec 2012, and not one highway patrol officer has ever questioned it.

carlk | 27. September 2013

@kribensa That's a good idea but I'm afraid they are only interested in collecting more money instead of less when they put out the extra efforts.

Thomas N. | 27. September 2013

Saw a white Model S today with the stickers. They looked terrible. The car looked marred.

I don't commute so I may just not get them.

Bonlaw | 27. September 2013

Hate the HOV sticker. Finally capitulated and placed one of the small stickers on the lower rear right bumper.
But first mounted it on a clear plastic auto shield scrap. i then cut around the sticker then mounted the clear plastic with the sticker on top. So only thing touching the Tesla is the auto shield. Easy on and should be an easier removal if ever necessary.

ajkim26 | 27. September 2013

I refuse to put the sticker on.

Gas cars should be stickered.

TeslaF1 | 27. September 2013

I personally really don't care where they go or what color they are.... the carpool lane access is priceless

JohhnyS | 27. September 2013

I agree with TeslaF1. It is a badge of honor. I just get in the car pool lane immediately when I get on the freeway. On silver mounted down low they are less noticeable than the darker colors.

SCCRENDO | 27. September 2013

Agree with the above. Wear it as a badge of pride and wave to the traffic as you pass. Alternatively don't put on and show your car off to those stuck in traffic with you.