Canadian Supercharges so ever slow in constructing!

Canadian Supercharges so ever slow in constructing!

Why is the 401 corridor taking forever to construct the SC network?
It is one of the world's busiest corridors between Detroit and Montreal and all we have now are two stations. One in Toronto, which is great, but not handy if travelling on the 401 either direction, and one in Cornwall, near Montreal, which isn't close enough to do a Toronto -Cornwall run properly.
Meanwhile, we see SC stations opening every week in the US in areas that don't really need them.
Come on Tesla, we need them in Kingston and London, On, now!

babstude | 24. Oktober 2014

super busy highway but i think SC builds are based on how many teslii are sold in the area - maybe per capita the number of cars are low compared to other corridors in the states ?

vgarbutt | 25. Oktober 2014

Speaking as a Canadian, that's not fast enough. Tesla will have roadblocks to selling the model 3 here if the supercharger density is not good enough. I think they are making a mistake by virtually ignoring the Canadian market.

Red Sage ca us | 25. Oktober 2014

2015 and 2016 will see the proliferation of Superchargers increase well beyond today's total in preparation for the arrival of the Generation III vehicles.

Brian H | 25. Oktober 2014

I blame lugubrious and lackadaisical bureaucracy, masters of make-work.

apsley | 25. Oktober 2014

In terms of greenhouse gas emissions, China is number one, the US is number two, and the European Union is number three. Canada is number ten. So in terms of helping the environment, they are probably doing the right thing.

Brian H | 25. Oktober 2014

Irrelevant. Number of owners and number of hoops.

vgarbutt | 26. Oktober 2014

Im glad your not running the supercharger team Brian.

vgarbutt | 26. Oktober 2014

Tesla will be putting superchargers in the USA all over, regardless of how many cars they sell in what state, because the goal is to create a robust network USA wide.

Not that that's anything to cry about!! But i wish the goal was continent wide at least, and included Canada.

Grey Model S85 | 28. Oktober 2014

Tesla sells more Teslas in the Toronto area than probably most of the States period!
Yet we see no progress on the SC network here.
As it is, it is virtually useless as one cannot go from Toronto to the next SC location in Cornwall unless it is a hot summer day and you drive 45 mph all the way. 70 kph.
Squamish, north of Vancouver, has one but is impractical for people in the lower mainland unless they are going to Whistler. I see a SC is under construction in Hope, B.C. as part of the eventual network to southern Alberta but until that network is finished, you are beyond Hope! LOL!

chohans | 28. Oktober 2014


After 2014 there are NO plans to expand in Canada.

What exactly is the big deal? Just doing a fun exercise, it requires a bit of cable connected to the grid and a bit of plastic called a TSC station and bit of land area (some cheap real estate) about the size of half a garage. Throw in some solar array and Battery storage to augment the grid and recoup initial costs. What's the total then? I'd say about $20k per station. You could even do away with land costs by doing a deal with restaurants and shops in the area to bring traffic to their business's. That means the total cost of ALL SC station in Canada by 2015 is only $160K!!!

That's just a little more than the cost of one P85D.

I might be WAY OFF, so please chime in. I'd love hear other views.

Tstolz | 28. Oktober 2014

I think I read they cost closer to $250,000 each!

TytanX_ | 28. Oktober 2014

Yes chohans, you are way off. Probably by a factor of at least 10.

chohans | 28. Oktober 2014

Tstolz, TytanX, actually I meant to say $20K per single outlet. That's why I estimated the size of half a garage in my original post. So yes, a 10 port station would be 10 times that.....$200K. And of course the total cost of all canadian stations will be $1.6million. I just forgot to multiply by the number of outlets per station. My bad.

Still this is quite cheap, wouldn't you say?

vgarbutt | 29. Oktober 2014

Ya, Tesla doesn't really care about Canada. Its easy enough to figure that out. I have postulated a few times here that we have to do it ourselves if we want supercharging in Canada.

How we can do that is the question, not the excuse. Whether the gov. Gets involved or Sun Country Highway, or one or more of our millionaires, or crowd funding or tesla clubs. Lets just get it done eh?

Brian H | 29. Oktober 2014

As Canucks, we both know the problem: lots of land, not so many people. Result, lots of SCs with low volume use once you get away from the Big Three cities, with a side spur into Alberta. Which is exactly what Tesla is building.

Tstolz | 29. Oktober 2014

Anyone heard anything re the Red Deer and Canmore, Alberta supercharger builds? They are supposed to be in this year according to the Supercharger site. I just ordered a P85D and could really use these!!

duckjybe | 03. November 2014

Given the fact that Toronto is NA's 4th largest city next to Mexico City, New York and L.A., the market deserves more Superchargers! Someone posted over at TMC that Kingston may have started but no confirmation.

DTsea | 03. November 2014

Chicago is bigger than toronto.

Red Sage ca us | 04. November 2014

Please do not overlook the Sun Country Highway system of chrging stations across Canada. Not as fast as Superchargers, but free of charge, and currently more plentiful. They can allow travel across Canada with a Model S or Tesla Roadster.

Ktowntslafan | 04. November 2014

Kingston confirmed-construction has begun.

See pics and updates here:

vgarbutt | 07. November 2014

Superchargers are what we are talking about, not sun country chargers, but yes they do have a big network and are all free. Yeah. Just not as fast.

Tom P. | 09. November 2014

I test drove a Model S in Toronto last January... want one, of course! Living in Thunder Bay, ON, it is impractical for me to own a Tesla when it will be my only car. No SuperChargers within 1,600 km. limits me to local driving only... no convenient traveling possible (just very slow Sun Country charging). I don't think I will be getting a Tesla in my lifetime (62 now) unless I move to a large centre.

babstude | 09. November 2014

Tom i am hopeful that the entire transcanada will be powered up some day! Lets cross fingers. if the model e becomes as popular as they are predicting it has to happen....

msubasic | 09. November 2014

Tesla super chargers are planned for Canmore and Red Deer. Based in what I've read at the Tesla Motors Club Forums, persists have been granted for both sites. Canmore will be up first, and Red Deer is next.

I believe they are committed to Canada. I'm in Calgary, just ordered a Model S for FEB/MAR2015 delivery. This will be our second EV. Our first a Nissan Leaf, just saw 64000KM. I figure we will be driving double or triple with the Tesla, AMD the super chargers here will be used a lot.

MX Pete@QC.Canada | 16. November 2014

Drummondville, QC SC site construction has started Saturday Nov 15th

Hoping it will be online soon.

DTsea | 16. November 2014

Hpjtv, I was referring to metro area which is more relevant.

On that scale

Toronto area is number 8. Behind philly and Houston and just ahead of WADC.

vgarbutt | 16. November 2014

Regardless of what is printed here, the money shot is the planned Canadian superchargers for Canada for 2015 page on Teslas site. Sales will be slow in most of Canada without the SC infrastructure. Tesla doesnt plan on selling too many in Canada if you look at its infrastructure plans.

Given that the website states it will be building superchargers in "parts of Canada", we canuks need to stop waiting for Tesla to do us on its own and put pressure on them or build them ourselves.

hpjtv | 16. November 2014

@DTsea the list you provided is for 2010. Toronto has over taken some of those cities already in the past 4 years.

hpjtv | 16. November 2014

@DTsea ahh...nevermind, you said metro area. You are correct.

Brian H | 16. November 2014

Note the Drummondville, PQ site had been held up by a decision to integrate L2, CHAdeMO, & SAE outlets -- pay-per-charge -- with the free SC station. If it were just up to TM, it would have been long since complete. Now they're in a rush to finish with all elements that involve excavation ASAP, as the ground freeze is nearing. It might make it for Xmas.

DTsea | 12. Dezember 2014

The toronto newspaper report that only 1500 Model S have been sold in canada would suggest, based on $2000 per car and $250k per supercharger, that the 14 current SC active or planned are more than a full allocation.... so until a lot more Model S are sold dont expect a ton more SC in Canada, probably.

Of course the paper might have it all wet. Dont have a link.... was in another forum post.

hpjtv | 12. Dezember 2014

Hope Supercharger now open. 6 Stalls. 830-840 Fraser Ave. Hope, BC V0X 1L0.

Red Sage ca us | 12. Dezember 2014

I think that one Supercharger per 150 cars is decent. Allows for over 18,000 charges at up to 60 kWh. The trick though, is location, location, location...

Brian H | 12. Dezember 2014

Same old, same old. Canada's ~36 million-odd are clustered in a few areas separated by MidWest+ size gaps that would require dozens of SCs to span.

DTsea | 12. Dezember 2014

One per 150 is 10 and 14 are installed or in construction/permit, so canada is ahead of the game.

SamO | 13. Dezember 2014


1500 was a quote from Jerome at the Montreal showroom opening. So yes Canada has more than its fair share based on sales.

DTsea | 13. Dezember 2014

Clearly onc eyou can go anywhere i guess you dont need more.... but maybe the canadian owners can get some perspective from these numbers.

Brian H | 13. Dezember 2014

Chicken and egg problem, of course. Long distances are the rule in Canada, needing high speeds to traverse. Norwegians drive slowly for short distances.

Brian H | 14. Dezember 2014

The differences are that Norwegians don't dare exceed that limit (huge fines and license suspensions), and generally go 5-10 kph under it. Canadians go 10-20 kph over theirs.

And all of Europe would fit in Ontario.

Red Sage ca us | 14. Dezember 2014

I think that the ultimate goal will be to allow anyone in North America (yes, even Mexico, some day) to drive wherever they like using Superchargers. The return of the Great American Road Trip is eminent, brought to you by Tesla Motors. That's why I like the idea of Tesla Depot locations spread throughout the US and Canada, dedicated to serving the needs of electric vehicles.

carlgo | 14. Dezember 2014

There are over 120,000 gas stations in the US despite the fact that gas cars have long ranges. They are in every town and city, along every route, at every destination. Because of home charging somewhat fewer Superchargers will be needed, but their distribution and accessibility will have to be similar.

Brian H | 15. Dezember 2014

Yes, but Bjørn says no-one dares. Except him. He mentions getting nailed once.

Yeah, Ontario does equal over 3 Germanys or 8 UKs, though. A lot of it is black fly country, though. (Until you've run or cycled down a street trailed by a 6' opaque cone chasing you, you haven't lived dangerously!)

Benz | 15. Dezember 2014

Start of construction at the Kingston, Canada Supercharger site was on November 3rd, 2014. Should go live in Q1 2014, right?

mysimplename | 15. Dezember 2014

So, the Kingston SC has been finished now for two weeks and why is it not working?
This is ridiculous!
I'm sending my 3 hour lunch bill from the Best Western to Ontario Hydro!

ian | 15. Dezember 2014

@Benz - That would be quite the accomplishment! I didn't know Superchargers allowed for time travel too! Sweet! ;-)

vgarbutt | 16. Dezember 2014

I just found powerstream, a canadian company building level 2 and level 3 superchargers mainly for leaf but also with chademo ability. Look to powerstreamtv on youtube, and even is working on the ability to power your home with your leaf in emergencies. Wow it seems others are making up the lack of support for evs by Tesla, when you also have suncountryhighway as well in canada.

DTsea | 16. Dezember 2014

Vgarbutt those arent superchargers.

vgarbutt | 16. Dezember 2014

oh, so what is level 3?

hpjtv | 16. Dezember 2014

pretty close to a supercharger but I think Tesla reserves that terminology. The level 3 is just a fast DC charger and can actually be faster (up to 600VDC and 400 amps or 240 kW) than the Tesla supercharger.