Can't get in my car...

Can't get in my car...

Drivers door handle broken :( service center ordering new one but I had to call 3 times and then. All again to check in on it. Now I have to drive the car to service center for a full day of installation while they offered me "a great rate on a rental car". Pretty disappointed with service and hoping this is not the long term approach for all servicing. For now - rolling down all the windows to get in....

Anyone else having better service experiences?

sbrizius | 31. Januar 2013

Had the same problem with my driver door handle when I received the car. The service center replaced the handle the very next day. It only took about an hour while I went to lunch.

roccosima | 31. Januar 2013

According to the official response from GB re:what's covered under warranty service

- INCLUDED: If your service is estimated to take over four hours, and is being done at one of our Tesla Service Centers, we provide a Loaner Car at no additional charge. A Loaner Car is not provided for Tesla Ranger Service.

prash.saka | 31. Januar 2013

Yea, why were you charged for a rental car?

hfcolvin | 31. Januar 2013

Hopefully that "great rate" on the rental is zero.

IMO not being able to get in your car, or having to crawl through the window, deserves the full royal treatment.

CarlE_P439 | 31. Januar 2013

I had the same problem with the driver's door on my car. My "local" service center sent me instructions for a "hard reset" (basically just taking out two fuses for 5 minutes). And now it works fine. Happy to send this along if it would be useful to anyone.

jchangyy | 31. Januar 2013

@ofertel...which service center did you take your car to? as others have said, they should have given you a "free" loaner.

ofertel | 02. Februar 2013

West la. Dropping it off on Monday so will try to call them and find out about loaner. Not to mention I had to call 3 times to set up my appointment and when I called/emailed ownership none ever got back to me. I really hope servicing is easy going forward