Can't save favorite URL's in browser: v. 5.0

Can't save favorite URL's in browser: v. 5.0

I have a new (less than 1 week old) Model S 60 without tech. Love the car.

I have mixed feelings about the web browser. On the one hand, it is a powerful temptation while driving that creates obvious safety concerns. As a matter of discipline, I turn it off while driving.

But while stuck in traffic at stop lights, that's another story. It is very useful to, for instance, pull up weather maps, read the news, etc. Currently, in order to see a website, I have to type in the URL. When I click the "save to favorites" icon, the URL doesn't save, and in order to look at the site again, I have to take the time to type in the URL all over again.

I have software v. 5.0 in my car. Has anyone else noticed the same problem? Any solution planned? Is Tesla aware of this?

christurbeville | 24. September 2013

Have you rebooted the main screen? Mine did that one time and a reboot fixed it. Hold down the two scroll wheels until the screen blanks. You can do this while driving but parked is probably less disconcerting:)

Windsurfer | 24. September 2013

thanks for the tip. BTW, in one of these forums someone mentioned that Tesla has hidden some little tricks in the software. For instance, if you pressed a certain combination of icons and/or buttons you can get a picture of a (?your) Tesla driving away from the factory. Do you know how to do that?

christurbeville | 24. September 2013

Yes in the T screen (the one with your VIN you get when you press the top middle T) hold down the model number (P85 in my case) for about 20-30 sec and it'll drive away and have the Tesla folks all around a MS. Try to search this forum for these things.

unclegeek | 24. September 2013

I just did a bunch of volkerizing and couldn't find any more Easter eggs.
Well there the screenshot one that you can't get to the pictures.. and the service screens that no one knows the code for.. what else is there of interest??? (I didn't know about the T screen, drive away animation.)