Charging Near Pebble Beach

Charging Near Pebble Beach

Anyone charge up near Pebble Beach? I've checked PlugShare app and it appears there is a public charging station in Carmel on 8th -- but I'm not clear if these public stations can charge Model S. So questions are:
1) Anyone charge near the area and have a recommendation?
2) Are typical public charging stations compatible with Model S?


gimp_dad | 18. April 2013

If it says level 2 or J1772 it should work fine with your included J1772 adapter.

nora-te | 18. April 2013

One thing to watch for in public garages is the size of the EV space. The garage designers seem to think that all EVs are the size of Smart cars. On several occasions, we did not use the charger becase the spot was so small we would have gotten door nicks from the adjacent vehicles.

The garage where my husband parks the Tesla everyday for work has EV charges right at the entrance, where the ramp starts to curve. Not only are the spots in a location where several cars have been hit, the spots are also short and the Tesla sticks way out. Needless to say, we don't use those chargers.

When we go to Carmel, we stop at the Gilroy Supercharger both ways.

TiburonTesla | 18. April 2013

I used that charger in Pebble just few weeks ago. It's along the front wall of an outdoor parking lot (not a garage). Easy to park there. Worked great (about 18mph i think) and it was actually free even though it said it was going to charge for the juice. Enjoy!

hsadler | 18. April 2013

A free level 2 charger at Hayward Lumber (about 200 yds down from the Pacific Grove Gate) was installed about a month ago.

A side note - Pebble Beach will charge your car if you are staying there - 110 volt outlet.