charging in san diego ?

charging in san diego ?

Hello everybody , My wife and I are going to drive are new tesla to San Diego this weekend and wondered if any of you new were to charge down there , Thanks Kevin

ggr | 29. September 2010

I have a NEMA 15-40 you can borrow, depending on the time. There's also a fast charger at my work that might be available. Please contact me directly ( There are also other people around here who might be able to help. Diego Villamizar (858) 337-8121 is the San Diego Tesla Rep, and might also be able to help.

kevin Babineau | 29. September 2010

Thank you so much , the hotel says they will help us . But we know how that goes . Will just need a enough charge to get home . Thank you once again and will be in touch ,Kevin

ChadS | 01. Oktober 2010

Hotel La Jolla at the Shores has a 14-50, and a semi-special rate for Tesla owners. KOA has a bunch of them.

kevin Babineau | 03. Oktober 2010

The Hotel marriott bay marina also will give you a 50 amp plug , they were great to us

Rrroger | 04. Dezember 2010

At this stage of EV use, what are the costs for using the hotel charging hookups? At the estimated 30 to 60 KWHr needed to top off at night, could the real cost be less than $10.00 per night ? ?

Vawlkus | 06. Dezember 2010

Most of the annecodtal searching I've done pegs it at the $5 to $10 dollar estimates, but I've yet to find a garuanteed rate.